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So if you are the one interested in shopping more. But you think to go on with cards and not cash. Then yes you get an option provided by the HDFC bank to issue a gift card instead of cash. Already having one? then wants to know about the Gift card Balance. So you have come to the perfect article to know about the HDFC gift card balance check you got from your friends and family. Also, learn how to issue an HDFC gift card and much more about it. Read the article further to have a quick review of the HDFC bank.

About the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC)

HDFC logoHDFC is an Indian financial and banking company that is one of the most preferred banks in India. The company has got its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. HDFC is India’s largest bank in the private sector and also the first bank in the capitalization of India. It was established 24 years ago in the year 1994. It has a total revenue of 95,456 crores rupees. The managing director of HDFC bank is Aditya Puri. To know more about the Gift cards read the article further.

HDFC Gift Card

HDFC gift cardSo if you are the one to decide what to gift your friend and family on special events. Then Gift card could be the best option available in the market to gift. The gift card is something that has already got a fixed amount of money inside it. Also, it is known by the name of “Plastic Money”.An HDFC Gift card also works the same as a Debit card or Credit card.HDFC provides you a variety of gift cards such as:

  • Open-loop Gift card – This type of gift cards can be used anywhere. That is you can use them in any sort of transaction
  • Closed-loop Gift card – This type of gift card cannot be used anywhere you want. They can be used only on selected branches and locations.
  • Reloadable Gift card – This type of gift card can be filled with money till the date of expiration as many times you want the Gift card to be loaded.
  • Non-Reloadable Gift card – This gift cards cannot be filled with money again once all the prepaid money is used by the customer. In some cases, you can convert non-reloadable gift card to reloadable.

So here is a brief description of the Gift cards that are available on the HDFC bank. Read further to know about the HDFC gift card balance check. To know more about Gift cards click here.

Steps about HDFC gift card balance Check

HDFC gift card Balance checkSo if you want to know the balance of the HDFC gift card then you can follow the steps given below to get yourself helped. following are the steps you can follow to know the balance of your HDFC gift card :

  1. You can check the balance of your Gift cards on any HDFC ATM’s.
  2. Using your gift card number and the PIN to know the balance.
  3. Ask the restaurants and Shopkeepers to check the Gift card balance if they are okay with it.
  4. Also, you can get to the Bank and ask them to check the gift card balance if any issues.

So the above steps must have cleared all your doubts related to the HDFC gift card balance check. Still, if you face any problems related to the HDFC gift card then you can contact the helplines of HDFC bank or could go for the customer care department at any bank branch.

How to issue and HDFC gift card?

To issue a new Gift card at HDFC you will have to fill the form that would be provided by the bank. In that, you need to enter the amount and fill the demand draft and cheque of the amount that is to be loaded on the card and get your gift card.

In the form, you will need to enter the following details :

  1. Name and Address of the Buyer and the recipient.
  2. The amount that is to be loaded on the Gift card.
  3. Account details if the existing customers.
  4. Details of the Cheque or the Demand Draft.

A non-customer will also have to submit a filled Know Your Customer (KYC) form, identity proof, and address proof.

After the bank gets the form and the payment of the required amount, it issues a Prepaid Gift Card in the name of the receiver. The bank also generates a PIN, which is then sent to the receiver. The PIN enables the Prepaid Gift Cardholder to use the card and also check the balance on the card. The card is activated as soon as the money bank credits the money.

You can also use the NetBanking portal to issue a Gift card, for that you might need the user id and password of the NetBanking Account that is being used. So by now, you might have cleared all your doubts related to the Gift card and how to issue a Gift card.


From this article, you must have cleared all your doubts related to the HDFC Gift cards. In this article, we have covered all the topics from the introduction of the Bank until the types of the gift card and how to issue a gift card from the HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation).

We have also provided the exact links to get more information about the HDFC gift cards so that there are no issues about the wrong link redirection. But still, if you have any problems related to the HDFC gift card balance check article and wants us to cover some topic then please mention it in the Comment Box.

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