Etsy Return Policy And What It Enlists

Buying and selling products on is very easy and profitable. It offers great discounts for buyers. For sellers, it gives the product maximum market exposure through its resources. But, what if we buy something that does not fulfill our expectations? For that, we have an Etsy return policy.

Etsy’s return policy allows its customers to return or exchange the purchased product if they are not happy with what they received. This article discusses in-depth all that the website’s return policy states.

What does Etsy return policy state?

The Etsy return policy is rather complex when all things are considered. The thing that is straight is the time period for customers to return. You will have 180 days in total to return your product. There are two categories in Etsy’s return policy, for buyers and for sellers. There are certain points to consider while buying from the website.

For Buyers

If you are a buyer on Etsy, then the following is the procedure to return a product to the website.

  • Log in to your Etsy account from the website or app.
  • Click on ‘You’ at the top right corner of the page.
  • Find ‘Purchases and Reviews’ in it and click on it.
  • Search for the order that you wish to return or exchange and click on the ‘Contact the shop’ button next to it. If you are using the application then the button will appear once you click on the order and scroll down.
  • Tell the seller that you wish to return the order by typing your message in the textbox and then click on ‘Send’.

Once you hit the send button, the seller will be notified of your message so they can respond to you.

For Sellers

Of course, the sellers would not be returning the product to anyone. This category simply states that each and every seller in the marketplace will have their own refund policy.

While purchasing any product on the website, the buyer can review the seller’s Shipping and returns policy from their listing page. This will allow the buyer to understand what conditions the seller has put forth for the return of that product. And if you have any questions about it, it is best to put it across the seller itself so that you get the best answer to your question.

There can be instances that one shop’s return policy does not match another’s. So to be sure what the specific shop’s policy entails, it is always better to check it before buying the product or item.

What to do with unaccepted returns?

If in any case, the seller does not approve your return then you can open the case with Etsy itself. There are a few simple steps that you can follow to do so.

  • Visit the online shopping website and click on ‘You’ on the top right corner.
  • Choose ‘Purchases and reviews’ from the list.

Etsy open a case

  • If the time period to file a case is proper then you will find the options ‘I haven’t received this item’ or ‘Item isn’t as described. Click on it.
  • Choose how you want them to solve your problem.
  • Write down all the remaining details about your order in the textbox provided below.
  • And then click on ‘Submit’.

That being said, if you have any other concerns then you will have to contact the shop itself.

Requirements to be able to open a case.

In order to be able to open a case with Etsy, you will need to have the following;

  • An Etsy account. Without this, you cannot apply for opening a case for Etsy returns.
  • If you have purchased an item using a guest account then,  create an Etsy account and link your order to your account by simply finding your email receipt and following the sign-up link provided in the email. Your purchase order will automatically be linked to your Etsy account.
  • Your guest email and account email must be the same for this to work.

With the above-given measures, you should be able to open a case under Etsy’s return policy if your seller refuses to accept your return.

When can you open a case?

After all, has been said and done, you are eligible to open a case in only two situations which are given below.

  • One, when you have placed an order and have already paid for it but haven’t received its delivery yet. This is what the website calls a ‘Non-delivery case’.
  • And two, when you have received a product or an item that is different from the photos and description that the seller has posted on the page while buying. A ‘Not-as-described’ case, as Etsy calls it.

Apart from this, if the buyer or customer has any different query, then they will have to contact the shop.

Once you open a case, the seller has exactly three days to resolve the issue, or you as a customer can escalate the case, after which, Etsy will mediate the case. You can do it by clicking on ‘Cases’ in the ‘Purchases and reviews’ section in your Etsy account and then selecting ‘Escalate’.

Etsy’s help for an escalated case

How does Etsy help in mediating the case between you and the seller? Simple really, Etsy works along with you and the seller both and tries to gather all the information regarding the order upon which the case has been opened.

The return policy of Etsy states that the buyer or customer needs to provide all the information it asks regarding the order. That will include measurements, photos, receipts, third-party evaluations, and everything else that can help it solve your case. After that, whatever decision Etsy makes cannot be changed as it is the final one.

When can you close an open case?

There are certain instances when the case is considered closed. They are,

Etsy Cases

  • When the buyer chooses to close the case,
  • The seller shows proof of shipment or delivery in a Non-delivery case.
  • The seller delivers the product in a Non-delivery case
  • When you receive the full refund or refund according to the shop policy,
  • Or when the product comes under Seller Protection Policy.

As a customer, you can close a case by choosing ‘Cases’ under the Purchases and Reviews section of your account. You will need to select the case that you wish to close and then click on ‘Close’.

How does the Etsy refund policy work?

After the issue has been resolved, Etsy will refund you if, either the transaction is done using Etsy payments or the seller doesn’t qualify for Seller Protection Policy. If in case, the item isn’t as described then the seller must refund the product cost along with the original shipping and return shipping cost.

It takes around 180 days for Etsy to process and refund your return from the date of the transaction but if you had made the payment using PayPal, then you will have to request your refund using PayPal only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days we have for returning the product?

You will have 180 days in total to return your product.

What are the requirements to be able to open a case?

An Etsy account is the most important thing you will require.

When can you open a case?

You can either open a case if you have ordered and not received it back. or received the product different from the image shown.

How can we get the refund back?

If you had made the payment using PayPal, then you will have to request your refund using PayPal only. You can get it in the way you have ordered.


Etsy, being an online marketplace, allows the sellers and the customers to resolve their issues among themselves. But when the need arises, it also intervenes to make sure the deal is made fairly.

And to do this, Etsy’s return policy states many clauses to eradicate any fraudulent exchanges. Have you ever returned any product to Etsy? Share your experience with us. Planning to buy something from Marks and Spencer’s, check out its return policy before you decide to buy.

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