Gap Gift Card Balance Check | 100% Verified Method to check balance

You must have come here to solve your doubts regarding the Gap gift card. Well let me tell you, you are at the perfect place really. Here, we will tell you more, along with the above stated topic, we will also tell you how you can check your Gap gift card balance.

If you think it is really hard doing the same, let me clear it away. It is really easy and hence you should not worry. I have made the steps simpler by explaining them in detail. But before we go onto the main paragraph, let us know more about the company; Gap.



Gap Logo

Now, Gap, whose actual name is The gap Inc., is an American based worldwide clothing and accessories retailer. On the 21st of August in 1969, Gap was founded. Gap has two founders, who are Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher and they founded it in San Francisco, California, The United States of America. Bob Fisher is the company’s current chairman. Along with him, Art Peck is the current President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Gap Inc. In the next paragraph, you will get to know more about the Gap gift card and how you can check your Gap gift card balance.

Currently, Gap is headquartered in the same location where it was founded, that is in San Francisco, California, in The United States of America. Gap has a total of 11 people currently on its board of directors. To know more about The Gap Inc., you can go on their official website. In case you want to go there, we have provided the link here. The link to their official website is

Gap Gift Card

Gap Gift Card

Here, you will know more about the Gap Gift Card. These gift cards are super easy to carry around. These are very useful in all aspects. Did you know that you can actually mail the Gap gift cards? Not only this, if you mail a gift card, not only will the delivery be absolutely free, but it will also be delivered within 3-4 days from the purchase. Now that is something exciting!

Now, many of you will ask about the benefits of having a gift card from Gap. Here we will tell you about their benefits. But before we tell you about them, please note that we will tell you how you can check your Gap gift card balance in the next paragraph. Hence, read on to know about the benefits of these gift cards that Gap offers. There are lots of benefits if you get a gift card like;

  • A gift card can be bought along with all your purchases.
  • One of the best things is that there are absolutely nos shipping charges on gift cards.
  • Along with these, there are no expiry dates on these gift cards and also there is no fee required to purchase these.
  • Finally, these cards can be redeemed, not only in the stores but also online.

Hence we can conclude that these gift cards are absolutely worthy to buy. Please read on and we will tell you how you can check your Gap gift card balance.

Gap Gift Card Balance

Now, you can easily check your Gap gift card balance. It is not a really big task to check the same. It can mainly be done either in-store, online or by calling them up. Read on to know more about all the three methods.

Gap Gift Card Balance in-store

The first step in this method is to locate the Gap store, nearest to you. Once you do, please reach there and ask for the customer help desk. There they will help you to check your balance. You will simply need to give them some details related to your gift card. They will then soon be able to tell you your balance.

Gap Gift Card Balance online

Gap Gift Card Balance

In order to check your Gap gift card balance online, head to this link As and when you scroll down on this link, you will see a ‘check gift card balance’ option. You simply need to click on that, which will result in a window being opened. In this window, enter the details that they need. Enter your 16-digit card number in the first box, followed by your 4-digit PIN number in the second box. Then you will need to prove that you are a human by filling the reCaptcha. Once you do that, click on ‘check balance’. Your Gap gift card balance will soon flash on your computer or laptop screen, based on whatever you are using.

Gap Gift Card Balance through the phone

You need to call on (800) 427-7895 in order to check your Gap gift card balance through the phone. When you call on it, you will be greeted by a recorded voice mostly. You will need to enter in your details by simply punching in the dial pad. Once you do that, you will be able to check your balance.

Gap eGift Cards

There are two types of gift cards. The first is the traditional gift card, and the other is the electronic gift card, which is long for eGift cards. These are the virtual type of gift cards and hence don’t need to be physically carried around. The best thing is that you do not have to actually carry them around. Now, they can also be emailed, which is a really good feature of these eGift cards. You can email these gift cards through your email ID. And the good part is that they will be delivered extremely fast and the other person will be able to already use these gift cards within hours of emailing it.


I really hope you liked this article that I have written here. This article was purely based on the Gap gift card, and along with it how you can check your Gap gift card balance. I guess you understood everything and that your doubts are cleared. If you still have any doubts, you can comment down below and let me know what I can add in this article. I will try to work on that as soon as possible. If you have no doubts left, then I will assume that you found the article helpful. So if you did, please tell us by commenting down below. Also, you can share this page around with the people you want to. Thank you for reading the full article and that too, so patiently.

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