Goodwill Return Policy Explained

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Here we will see each and everything regarding the Goodwill Return Policy and the entire procedure to return your products and items.

Although the return policy is extremely easy to understand, still to be on open grounds, we have covered almost every step and every rule regarding returns, refunds, and exchange of items. Items include clothing of daily wear.

This section covers every ounce of the Goodwill Return Policy.

As the name suggests, Goodwill, the company stands tall to the goodwill and good being of customers and people. Started as a non-profit organization, it soon grew into a service provider giant. It focuses on providing jobs to people with disabilities and those who cannot afford to have a better life.

Additionally, Goodwill not only sells clothing but also spreads smiles across thousands of faces.

Understanding the Goodwill Return Policy

Unlike the return policies of other companies, Goodwill Return Policies are very straightforward. The main goal behind this return policy is to educate people about the procedure and the terms and conditions linked with this company.

Not happy with some of your products? Moving out somewhere and want to clean your closet or cellar?Not happy with a recent purchase? 🙁 Is there something regarding the quality of a product that troubles you?

If you are facing such type of issues, then you have come to the correct page 🙂 Kindly read on and get all the information you need.

If you are facing any problems such as the size, color, or quality of a product, then you can return the same within 10 days from the date of purchase.

Goodwill Covid-9 Updates

Goodwill stores were highly worried about their customers and the employees. So, as per the government guidelines they closed up the store for some time. Then afterward they opened the store by following the rules and regulations of the state. Here are some of the precautionary steps that the store has taken.

  • Masks and gloves are made compulsory.
  • Proper sanitization of the store is done.
  • All the employee and the one arrives theirs have to sanitize their hands before entering the store.
  • Temperature checks for the employees is done.

Everything about Goodwill Return Policy

Goodwill issues an in-store credit for all the clothing and other items. You can return the items or clothing within 10 days.

The original receipt and price tag should be attached. The price tag is necessary while returning a product. Furthermore, the product or clothing should be in its original form and unwashed.

Goodwill also offers price adjustments. But this is not followed in the case before purchasing an item or product. In short, you cannot ask for a price adjustment before purchasing a particular item.

In addition to price adjustment, at Goodwill, the sales prices are effective on the day of sale only. Day of special sale is considered good enough to get your hands on a particular product with discounted prices.

If the ticket or tag of a product is missing or ruined, Goodwill may not issue an in-store credit. Talking about credits, all the credits are completely non-transferable. You cannot share these credits with your connections or friends as the credits reflect in your account.

Furthermore, the store authorities may require you to produce your ID whenever an in-store credit is issued or redeemed. These IDs may be anything from a state-issued driver’s license or your personal SSN number.

In the absence of your valid ID or photo ID proof, Goodwill will not issue you the in-store credit. A valid ID is very important when you redeem your in-store credit.

Understanding Goodwill gift cards

Goodwill gift cards are a damn good idea your purchases definitely help to support the greater good of Goodwill’s mission. Click here to find an entire list of Goodwill Store and donations centers across the territory.

Whenever you make a purchase with your gift card, the cash memo or receipt of that particular purchase will reflect the remaining balance. You cannot redeem these special cards for cash.

In case you lose or misplace or your gift card, Goodwill does not replace the same without proof of your valid purchase. In any situation you feel you are running into trouble, just contact the customer support executive.

Customer support executives are happy to help and provide you with all the information you need. You can easily check for the remaining balance on your receipt. Gift cards have a lifespan of 12 months of purchase.

Ways to return the products

Goodwill is pretty straightforward and maintains the return procedure in the easiest way. Just walk into a store and return your item or product you wish to. 🙂

Goodwill loves to assist the customers and greets their problems and issues with a smile. There is no online store to return your merchandise.

You are required to walk into a Goodwill store and make the return and let the customer support executives and team members help you with your return.

Just make sure you keep these in mind before returning a particular product:

  • The product(s) should be in good condition with tags attached
  • Gently used merchandise may be considered for returns
  • Goodwill accepts only unwashed merchandise to make sure that the tags remain intact
  • Carry with you a valid ID

Departmental returns

Goodwill has a super huge collection of items including clothing, furniture, and household items of daily use. Grab the item that interests you. You may not find that item again and there are no second chances on the day or super sale.

Returning furniture to a Goodwill Store

Goodwill offers a wide load of furniture including gently used:

  • Sofa Sets
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Study desks for students and workers

These items can be returned at a store easily. You need to keep in mind the condition of these products.

For example, a table or a chair showing obvious signs of extreme usage such as torn fabric, broken edges, and cracked glass in the case of tables cannot be returned.

Returning clothing and apparels to Goodwill

Have you ever visited a Goodwill store before? You might be just shocked to see the ambiance and the way the entire store is organized. To return clothing or apparels just follow the basic steps:

  • Carry with you the merchandise you want to return
  • Make sure the tags are still attached
  • The goods or clothing should be unwashed
  • You will receive an in-store credit at the time of purchase
  • Your valid ID will help to smooth the whole process

Household items of daily use

Without a doubt, Goodwill offers you a wide selection of household items. These items range from items of daily use ranging from gently used blankets, lamp sets, drinking glasses, utensils, flower vases, makeup mirrors, pillows, and the long list goes on.

The procedure to return them is the same as returning any other product or merchandise. Just keep in mind that Goodwill will not accept any returns in the case of items that show obvious damages, signs of wear and tear, and broken products.


What is the customer care number?

You can contact the customer support executive at 1-888-353-6400. The store is open from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

When can I return an item I do not like?

You can return an item to the store within 10 days provided the quality of the product is the same at the time of purchase.

How do I locate a store near me?

Locating a Goodwill store is easy. Click on this link and follow the steps.

Can I return torn clothes?

Goodwill accepts only gently or mildly used clothes and other forms of merchandise with tags attached.

Summing things up

This post contains all the information regarding Goodwill Return Policy, return procedure, and refunds. We have covered almost each and every aspect of the Goodwill Store.

Please feel free to explore some more global store and their return policies such as Dell, Petco, Walmart, Walgreens, TJ Max, Bloomingdales, and many more.

Want to return a product? Want to donate goods to the Goodwill store? We welcome you to share your shopping experience and kindly comment in the comment section below. Let others benefit from your experience and comments.

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