New Balance Return Policy Expanded

Not satisfied with New Balance purchased product? No need to bother at all. New Balance Return Policy has made it easy for you to return any product you are not pleased with. Read further to know by which method can you return your product according to New Balance Return Policy.

About New Balance Return Policy

New Balance Store

New Balance Return Policy is different for every country. Return your product within 30 days of the purchase date if you are not satisfied. Worn Products are not accepted. Return your product in original condition.

In this post, we’ve tried giving you detail about every country in which New Balance Stores are located. Choose your country and the way to return or exchange your product.


Want to exchange a New Balance? Rather than exchanging, you can place a new order that will give you more options in colors, will be more itemized, and select your size.

New Balance Exchange Policy is described in the below section.

The idea behind placing a new order is that you return your product, place a new order and by then get the refund for the previous order you return.

For instance, you want to exchange your sports shoes. You order shoes, you receive them, but they are not of your size. Now, you will exchange it. But what if, you don’t get the same color? Or you like some uniqueness in others? So why not new?


  • To place a new order online visit or call on (800) 595-9138. If you place an order on call ensure that you get the size correct and the color that you want.
  • Also, make sure that if any discounts or credits you have previously left you get them during placing this new order.
  • As mentioned before, this new order will be separate from the last one, so please be ready with your payment information.
  • Once you complete your order, ship the previously received product. To know the process Go to the By mail option in the same post.
  • The product purchased Online through promotion discounts that are applied and distributed across all eligible products in your purchase. If you return a portion of your purchase a portion of the discount will be lost.

New Balance Covid-19 Update

As per the government guidance, they closed their stores until the next report. Now, they are open with all the precautions. As they welcome the customers, here are some necessary steps taken care of by them.

  • Increasing store cleaning
  • Social distancing is maintained
  • Marks and gloves are provided to associates
  • A limited number of shoppers are allowed at a time
  • The return policy has been extended.
  • Abbreviating store hours to clean and stock

New Balance Return Policy for different Regions

Returns and Exchange information about the countries in detail.


There are some points that the customers of South Africa should be aware of while returning the product:

Order Refusal on Delivery: The customer is allowed to refuse the delivery after inspecting the product received. Then, they will receive a full refund.

Not happy with the product: You can return your product within the 30 day returns policy. Make sure you return the product in an Original Condition with the Original Receipt.


New Balance reserves the right to update or change the return policy from time to time. New Balance will post a notice through the service at least 7 days prior to the effective date of such changes.

In Asia, New Balance is in 8 countries

India, China Mainland, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, and Russia.

Let’s go through the New Balance Return Policy for Asia.

Return Policy

Return Policy is described here, Make sure you follow all the points to make your return hassle-free.Return Policy

  • At the time of receipt, check the product properly. If you see the damage you can refuse to take the product.
  • The merchandise that you purchase from the retail outlet must be returned to the same outlet from which you purchased the product. You cannot MAIL the product.
  • You must return the product within 15 days of purchase from the new
  • The product will be accepted if it is in the original form.
  • The product should not be torn from anywhere if any damage found the refund amount will be reduced.
  • All the refunds will be provided in the Original Payment method.
  •  After the returns are processed, it may take up to 7-25 days to refund the amount.
  • Returns will not be refused by New Balance, only if you open the product packaging. However, you must fulfill the return criteria for retaining and returning the package.
  • If you want to return the Gift, call Customer Service Number 400-890-2887.
  • Purchasing the product online where promotional discounts were applied to the product. If you return those products, you may lose some of the discount amounts.


You can replace your product that you are not pleased with. Here’s what you have to do to start the exchange process.Exchange

    • Follow the return process given above.
    • Order the products you want to buy, the color and size you need.
    • Make sure you use the discounts/points that are applicable for your purchase.
    • You’ll have to provide the payment information, as new orders are treated as separate orders.

Non-Accepted Returns

In some cases, you need to be careful before returning the product. There are products that are nonacceptable if:

  1. Missing Original Label, tag.
  2. Items if washed, worn, or damaged due to personal reasons.
  3. Missing Gifts or Accessories that you received with the product.
  4. If you return after the given time, your returns will be rejected.


You may receive the refund within 7 days, once the product is received by the Return Department. For Online Refund, you will receive in the Original Payment method


New Balance is widely spread in Europe. And the New Balance Return Policy is the same for almost all countries. The Policy is as mentioned. Along with the countries.

Europe has many many stores of New Balance, so returning your product will not be an issue for you.

Products must be returned under the same conditions as when you received them and must not have been worn (items will not be accepted).

For the U.K. and other countries in Europe

Countries Such as Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Espana, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Osterreich, Slovenia, Turkey, Hellas, and Ykpaiha have New Balance Stores.

Return Process

How to Return

Not satisfied with the product purchased from No worries, you are free to return the product with 30 days of purchase. That too free of cost. Here is the process to return the product.

All the items returned must not be worn otherwise returns will be rejected. Products that were received in a different package, must be returned separately.

  1. Pack the product in the Original Package so that they are protected.
  2. Affix the UPS label on the package that is pre-stamped. For orders received in multiple packages, the label must be affixed differently.
  3. Track your product.
  4. If you do not have a return label, you can contact the Customer service team to e-mail you a new return label.
  5. Drop the product at the UPS point near you within 30 days or you want you can schedule the pickup.
  6. Once the product is received by the Return Department, it will be processed within 5-10 days.

Returns after 30 days are not acceptable and if the product seems to be defective it will be rejected.

Other Returns

There are many ways to purchase the products, so for that, the return method and condition will also vary. See the following way of returns.


New Balance does not trade its products.

Rather than exchanging the goods, it is recommended to return your product and get a refund and place a new order instead. For that, you can:

1. Place a new order online that you want.
2. Follow the return process to return the original product for a refund.

NB1 Returns

New Balance Return Policy has mentioned the returns named as NB1 returns. NB1 products are those which are made on the special request by you. These products are customized.

So NB1 products are not acceptable for refund or exchange. If you feel like to know another solution you can contact the Customer Service Team.

The products purchased from the store can be returned to the store only. The products purchased from cannot be returned or exchanged at New Balance retailers or stores.

Returning the Gift

To return the product that was gifted to you, you need to provide the buyer’s name, address, and contact number to ease the refund process.

The product received as a gift that you want to return for that the refund will be given to the original payment method used during purchase.

Football Returns

The products that are personalized will not be accepted in return. Such as the Player’s outfit that is made by the order cannot be returned. If you still have any doubts you can call at 0800 802 1057 to contact the Customer Service Team.

Latin America

Countries Like America Central, Brasil, Argentina, the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela have New Balance Stores.

For Brasil

For Brasil the New Balance Return Policy is below.

Before returning any product for an exchange or refund you must call on 3003-7779 or email at [email protected] the customer service team informed about the returns.

Some more points to keep in mind while accepting the New Balance Product and these points will help you to return the product.

  • Before buying the product you must check the detail about the technical data and description of the product.
  • Save the Original Invoice while you receive the product.
  • All make sure that you don’t delete the transactional e-mails of the purchase as a guarantee.
  • Keep all the items safely received along with the product, such as the Original Packaging, Manuals, other accessories. Because in the case of exchange these items will be asked.
  • While receiving the product, check all the items properly, also check the invoice. You must not accept the sealed wax product.
  • If you find any problem like the seal is already broken, breakdown, any item missing, or divergence between note and contents, you can refuse the delivery. And do not sign the left-hander.
  • Immediately contact the customer service by calling or you can e-mail informing the reason for the refusal.
  • Because once you receive the product the responsibility is all yours, in case of gifts the third party is responsible.

Return if You are Not Pleased

New Balance Return Policy provides you 7 days to return your product if you are not happy with it, that is 7 days after you receive the product at the place of delivery.

  • Firstly, you have to contact the Customer Service Number at 3003-7779 or email New Balance. Giving details about the order number, the form of payment used during purchase and also mention the reason for returns.
  • After the processing will be done you’ll be informed about the procedure to follow.
  • Pack the product properly and it must be in its Original Packaging.
  • Preserved very carefully so that damages can’t occur to the product.
  • The Original Label attached to the outer side of the return package. That is in the 1st line of the Original Invoice.
  • New Balance holds the right to refuse or reject your returns.
  • In such a case, the return shipping charges will be on you.
  • The product, if returned in the new condition, the refund will be full, after processing the receipt and the product.

Exchange Your Product

New Balance Exchange Policy allows you to exchange the product. But instead, you can return the product for refunds and order a new one. Still here’s a method to exchange your product.

Exchange Policy

  • Follow the above steps to return the product.
  • In the case of an exchange for the first time, the shipping charges will be on you.
  • You will receive a postcode to send the product for an exchange that too free of cost.
  •  If you do not receive the code, in that case, you can schedule a pickup at the delivery address if possible.
  • To make another exchange of the same order, the shipping charges are on you.
  • The previous product must be returned, along with the original coupon or the 1st line of the invoice.
  • Also, it must be in its original packaging, and in perfect condition.
  • Now between the product received and the new product, the return procedure will be told to you.
  • After the approval of the returns, the value paid for the product will be reversed and you can purchase a new product.

NOTE: By any chance, New Balance finds any divergence, signs of misuse, bad faith, absence of the Original Receipt,  accessories, manuals, or any other item that accompanies the original packaging are identified. You will be responsible for this. If this happens then the entire return process will be canceled without any refunds provided.

Middle East

Israel is the only country in which you can buy the New Balance Products.

The New Balance Return Policy for the Middle East is the same as others. If you still have any questions regarding your returns, you can call on 03-6992200.

North America

The New Balance Return Policy for Canada, Mexico, and the USA is as follows.

Take a look at Canada & Mexico Returns

New Balance Return Policy is the same as all. Still, go through some important points to make your work easy to return the product. Take a Look:

  • The product must be in its original, unused condition.
  • If the merchandise may show signs of torn and damage. The same conditions apply to reduced price items.
  • Return your product within 15 days of the date of delivery.
  • The product must be in a new condition to claim a full refund.
  • You can schedule a pickup to make your return simple and cheaper.
  • Call at 080-66084007 for Mexico and at (888) 832-7084 for Canada.
  • Mail the package from any reputed courier agencies to the shipping store and the address will be mentioned on the invoice.
  • Track your product.


New Balance Refund is usually completed in 7 to 25 working days after receiving and processing the quality check of your returned package.

Need help with a return for Canada returns?

Call our Customer Care team at (888) 832-7084  for Canada and 080-66084007 for Mexico.

For the USA

New Balance Return Policy has mentioned some of the rules for the USA products that you want to return for an exchange or refund.

Return Your Product

New Balance Return Policy is as above. New Balance has mentioned the steps to return the product for the purchase made from the USA stores or online. Somehow if you feel that you are not satisfied with the product you received.

Follow the steps to return the product to New Balance.

  1. The returns from Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, other U.S. territories, or an APO/FPO address, you can click on the UPS return label, to claim for a prepaid UPS return label.
  2. Follow the instructions written above the Label to print out your pre-paid UPS shipping label
  3. Rest is the same as for the other countries.

For any further inquiry contact Customer Care at (800) 595-9138.

Gift Card

Gift Card


Refunds will be made on the original card used during purchase if the product was purchased with a gift card.

If you purchased via eGift and want to return the product a new eGift will be issued to you and will be mailed to you.

An eGift card will be issued as a credit that can be used on Otherwise, the refund will be credited to the original form of payment that you used for the purchase.

Products purchased at a retail store should be returned to the New Balance store.


There are 2 countries in which you will be able to find New Balance Store and their Rules to Return are mentioned.

Australia & New Zealand

New Balance guarantees the satisfaction of the customer. If you are still not satisfied with the product you purchased you can return it within 30 days of receiving your product.

Return Instructions for Australia

Follow the steps to return your Product:

  1. The product must be unworn, in a new condition with original packaging and tags.
  2. The Returns Form that is located in your parcel is to be filled by you or you can download (attached) to print from the website.
  3. Don’t forget to place it in your return package.
  4. Visit the Australia Post website, print your return label by filling up the details to secure your return parcel.
  5. Drop off the parcel at your local post office within 30 days of receiving your order.
  6. Return postage is free if within an Australian location. Important:  The return address is not a retail location, all returns must post and cannot be visited in person.

Return Instructions for New Zealand

For Return in New Zealand

  1. Call Customer Care at 0800-451-063 or email us to obtain a Return Authorisation Number.
  2. Enter your Return Authorisation Number on your return label on the enclosed packing slip and attach it to your return shipment.
  3. New Balance cannot process items returned without a legible Return Authorisation Number.
  4. Drop off your item at your local post drop within 30 days of receiving your order.
  5. Return shipping is free when you use the return label enclosed in your package.

Freepost Number 212830
New Balance New Zealand Ltd
C/- DSL Logistics Ltd
PO Box 201080
Auckland 2150
Important: This address is not a retail location, all returns must be shipped. No drop-offs, please.

Return Process

New Balance Return Policy has mentioned the return process.

Return Process

  1. Log in to your New Balance Account.
  2. Click on “My Account”.
  3. Look for “My order”.
  4. Select the order you want to return, click on return request.
  5. Fill in the reason for the return section and the other information that is asked.
  6. When your return request is accepted, contact Customer Service to submit the valid return delivery information. It can save your return Processing time.
  7. While returning the product don’t forget to place the warranty card (if any) with the invoice.

To return the product purchased from the mall, you need to visit there and request the returns. The mall will inform you via SMS within 24 hours. If approved, you’ll receive the return address, detail about each item to return, and customer service number via SMS.

Call customer service to submit your information.


New Balance Refund Policy states that after receiving the returns, the refund process starts. Here are some guidelines for it.


  • The refund will be in the Original Payment method you used during purchase with applicable taxes. It might take 5-10 business days for the credit to reflect on the statement of your account.
  • If the returned product is new and is full, so, the product will be covered by Return Insurance. In this situation, the shipping cost will also be refunded.
  • Delivery charges will not be refunded if the product is not received as new and in its entirety.
  • In the above case, payment of delivery charges will be limited by the New Balance to the least cost method of delivery.
  • If you choose the Express Delivery method, you will be refunded the same as the amount of the Standard Delivery.
  • If you return a product you have received as a gift, the refund will be credited to the payment method used at the time of purchase.

Attention: No refund can be made if you do not follow the return instructions.

Payment made by bank slip: The full or partial refund of the purchase will be made via DOC in the account you used at the time of purchase and in the account of the same person responsible for the order. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the CPF used at the time of purchase.

Payment made by credit card: Cancellations and refund/refunds will follow the rules of the card administrator used in the purchase. The refund amount may take up to two (2) months to appear on the card, depending on the due date or closing of the invoice, after returning the product.

Defective Products Returns

New Balance ensures that the product you receive is always in good condition. The product is tested by various methods before selling. But if you find the product defective, then according to New Balance Return Policy states that the product will be taken back and replaced with the other product.

Defected Items Returns

There are some more details to know. Read below:

  • Exchange or replacement of your product will be done in case you purchase the product from
  • You get 90 days from the date of purchase to register the product that you found defective.
  •  The shipping charges will be waived off, as it’s the manufacturer’s fault.
  • For returning the product you’ll have to use the UPS prepaid stamp.
  • The defective products that are returned to the warehouse without approval will not be refunded.
  • To get the authorization of the return defective item for the refund or replacement you can contact the Customer Service Team.

Returns for Mexico

New Balance Return Policy accepts the defective returns as well. New Balance wants its customer to stay satisfied and always remain a part of its family. As soon as you find any defect in the product you purchase, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, contact the Customer Service Team at 080-66084007 or email or post your query on the website.
  • You get 90 days/3 months to replace the product as it will be in warranty.
  • Send the picture of the defective product.
  • Also, send a copy of the Original Invoice within 7 days of delivery of the product.
  • You will be refunded or will be allowed to replace the product once the decision taken.
  • The worn & dirty shoes will not be replaced.

Defective Returns for Brasil

If you find any defect in the product purchased from New Balance you can return it within 90 days after the purchase date. You can exchange the product or you can return it as well.

  • While returning you must provide the Original Receipt
  • The product must be in its Original PackagingDefective Product
  • There must be no evidence of misuse of the product
  • To report the defective product you can call on 3003-7779 or else you can email at [email protected]
  • You must inform about the defect of the product. If possible send the pictures of that defective product
  • The product you return will be analyzed and processed, if a manufacturing defect is found. Then a new product, equal or similar to your product will be given to you.
  • As it is a manufacturing defect so the shipping cost will be upon the company
  • After the processing is done and New Balance did not find any defect, in this case, New Balance holds all the rights to reject your returns. In such a case, the return charges will be at your expense.

Defective Product Africa

A 6 monthly quality guarantee is given on products, if you find the product defective, you can return it to get a full refund. Provided:

  • You must have proof of purchase with you as the original order number.
  •  The product is within 6 months of the receipted date.
  • You will get the refund only if there will be a manufacturing fault.
  • The product is used for what it was made for.
  • If you took care of the product according to the wash/care label.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Customer Service Number for New Balance?

We have provided a link to each country, you can click on it to look for a respective number.

What is New Balance return policy?

The product if returned within 30 days of purchase date, with the Original New Balance receipt. Apart from this, the product must be in the original box to get a full refund. If you return the product after 30 days 10% of the restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.

Will New Balance replaces defective shoes?

Worn shoes will only be replaced if they are determined to be defective. You get 90 days to replace if the product is found defective as per New Balance Return Policy.

Can you return New Balance online orders in-store?

The products purchased at a retail store must be returned to the store. To return the product gifted to you, you can call the Customer Service Number and you will be issued a credit for If not this then the refund will be credited to the original method of payment used for purchasing the product.



After reading this page on New Balance Return Policy, hope you got more informed about the returns of the New Balance Company. We also tried in finding all the relevant details regarding the returns, refunds, and exchanges of the New Balance Company situated all over the world.

Now you can go through the exact procedure for returning any items for the New Balance. The procedure to return the product to New Balance is hassle-free.

To make the task easy for you, we also have tried helping you with the return policies of various other companies as well. The companies which are on our list include Walmart, Petco, Avon, Samsung, Whole Foods, and many others.

How was your experience?  Tell us about your experience, shopping at New Balance. Write down your views and feel free to share your problems and queries. Also, share your suggestions with us in the comment section given below.

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