Nike Return Policy for your Sports Items

At Nike, you will find new and innovative sports items. Especially Nike is for athletes so it has a variety of products online or at the store where you can buy and return the product as per your convince and choice.

About Nike Return Policy

Bought something from the Nike store and if you are not satisfied with the item then you can return the product within the timeframe. Nike Return Policy has a method so that as per your wish you can return your product. Nike provides you a return timeframe of 30 days for returning most of the items, there are certain exceptions to the general policy which would be further discussed in the post. According to the return policy, you can easily return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Holiday Extension

Orders placed between 1st November 2018 to 14 January 2019 has a special holiday extension that is for 60 days. This extension of the timeframe is not valid for exceptions and non-returnable products.

Nike Return Policy for Apple Watch Nike+Apple Watch Nike+

Apple watch can be returned in 14 days if you have any problem with it. To return an apple watch are:

  1. The watch should be unpaired: when you return your watch you should make sure that you unpair it with your iPhone. If it is a pair then also you can return it but it would be better if you unpair the watch.
  2.  Contact Nike so that they will make sure that your watch is unpaired and further they will provide you with a return label that is prepaid.
  3. Drop your box with the return label to the UPS store which is near you.

Special consideration

There are few special points to be considered in the general Nike Return Policy:

  1. Gift cards of Nike cannot be returned.
  2. If the product has been purchased by gift card then you can even not cancel the order.
  3. Shoes and clothing can only be returned after 30 days and only if they are unworn and unopened.
  4. While returning you should also check all the tag are attached as some products of Nike has guarantee or warranty so it would be required while returning.
  5. Customize converse shoes cannot be returned in the store.

Nike Corona Virus Response

Nike has closed their stores as well. It is necessary to maintain the social distancing protocol and this will only keep the community safe. Along with this Nike has also made it a content marketing of corona virus situation and are encouraging everyone to stay home and be safe. They will be reopening as soon as the people in the community are not in danger.

Non-Returnable Items

Express Items that cannot be returned

Gift Cards cannot be returned except for the regions where required by the Law. Furthermore, items which have mentioned “non-returnable” tag cannot be returned in any case.

Process to return at Nike

To return an item to Nike, the steps involved in the process are as follows:

  1. You have to first click on the button “GET YOUR RETURN LABEL ”  and after that click “MANAGE RETURN” button.
  2. Once you complete giving your order number and email address then further enter your return details.
  3. Pack your product securely, attach a return label with the packaging and enclose the forms you received.
  4. The agent of Nike will come to the location that you have selected for picking the product so that you can return your product.

You can also return the products purchased from at the Nike store. In order to return your merchandise at Nike store simply take your item along with the receipt to your nearest Nike store.

Once you return the product, your refunds would be initiated and the amount would be credited in your bank account.


refund policy

Once you have done your refund, you will receive your refund in your credit within 1-2 cycles. Once the refund process will start we will give the confirmation through the mail for the same. Nike will issue the refund in the original way of payment with 4 days of business.

You even have to note that it may take 10 more days of business to reflect the refunded amount in your account. And even you have to be in contact with your bank for the details for refund.

Special Benefit For Member

NikePlus member has special benefits in Nike Return Policy. Benefits are as follows:

  1. You will enjoy easy returns
  2. They have the benefit of doing the return receipt less.
  3. They can even download return label so that they can ship the product and they do not have to go to the store. This point is only valid if the member has purchased the item from the store.

Non-Receipted Policy

If your item does not have the receipt then you should get the approval of store manager. And you should have valid ID for the trust factor. And the product should be unworn and it should also be unwashed so that it can be returned.

Nike Receipted Policy

Nike is a huge online store generally for sportswear and shoes are famous as we all know so it would be good if you have the receipt with you. The return method for Nike is based on the receipt you have. If you have an orignal receipt then refund or exchange will be done in the original form.

And if you have gift card receipt then you can do the exchange of the Item or you can have store credit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Nike Customer Service Number

You can contact Nike on their customer helpline number at 1800-102-6453

When will I get my refund?

Once Nike receive the return note we will start processing for refund and you will receive the confirmation. It can also take few additional days for the refund to be reflected in your bank account.

Can I return the product if I don't like it?

Definitely you can return your product if you are not satisfied with it.

Can I return Nike Store Purchase Online?

No, if you have purchased the product from the store then you have to return it in the store only but if you want to return the product in store that you have purchased online then you can do that.


It has been concluded that if you are not satisfied with the item then you can return it to Nike without any hassles. Even if the product is been damage you can return it or can have an exchange with another one.

Products can be returned with receipt or without a receipt. If you do not have the receipt then there are exceptions for some items which cannot be returned.

You can use our website to know the return policy of other merchants. Further information will be provided on Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx, Walmart, and Target.

Please do share the experience you had with Nike. We would be glad to know about it in the comment section below.

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      • Hi , i bought sneakers at Nike Shop in Plan de Campagne in Cabries,France, for my 5 year old child.They were small so I went back the following day for size exchange but I haves missed placed my receipts they told sorry they can not help even though I explained I was there a day before.So what are the rights of the customer?

        • Hi Tony,
          I am sorry this happened Tony, but if they have declined your request, you can only request again for them to check their system proving your purchase.

          Thank you.


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