Savers Return Policy Made Simple

Do you want to return the Savers product? Then definitely you are on the right page. We have tried providing every minute detail about Savers Return Policy. You can easily buy the product and in the same easy way, you can return the product by following the return process mentioned in Savers Return Policy.

About Savers Return Policy In Detail

The Savers Return Policy states that the product you purchase from can be exchanged within 7 days of the purchase date if you are not satisfied. Savers do not provide cash refunds. Basically, Savers works for the social cause of people. You can see and select the product online but you cannot purchase online.

Visit the Savers Store to purchase the products you like to have. And the MOST important remark is that Savers do not have any Return Policy. You cannot return the product to Savers instead you can exchange it. So no refunds will be provided to you. You can choose the product you like instead. Also, if you want you can donate your stuff to Savers as they accept donations of products on behalf of local charities.

No Refund Exchange Only

All the clothing, accessories, and small household products along with the original tags attached to it are acceptable at Savers.  And you must have the Original Invoice of the purchase for an exchange. To receive the full dollar amount you paid to purchase the product, you must return it on the same day.

If the product you purchased was discounted, the discounted price will be while you exchange the product.

After getting the brief idea read furthermore to learn about the process to return and Exchange Policy. Exchanges will be done without a hassle if you fulfill all the conditions.

Apart from this, we have also mentioned more refund policies on our website such as Samsung. If you have any query you can click on it to know the way to return the product.

Savers Return Policy
Return Period28 Days
Return MethodIn-store & by Mail
Exchange Period28 Days
Exchange MethodIn-store
Refund Period5 Days
Refund MethodOriginal Mode of Payment
Official WebsiteSavers Return Policy
Contact Number1 928-526-1066

Know More About the Exchange Policy

Savers Exchange Policy is mentioned below. Savers makes every effort to make you people satisfied by selling good quality products.

Exchange Policy

If you feel like you are not pleased with the product you can contact the manufacturer directly to know more about the product. And if you do not want to keep the product you can exchange it with another.

Saver Exchange Policy states that you are free to bring your product for an exchange within 7 days of purchase date. And if you want to claim the full Dollar value paid for the product you can get it too by exchanging your product on the same day of purchase date.

If you received a discount while purchasing the product, in that case, you will receive the discounted price while exchanging the product, and not the original price.

You can get the full value paid for the original Product only when you exchange the product within 7 days of the same amount value of the Original Product. But that this is an exception and Store management will take the decision to grant you with this facility or not.

Exchange Process

The Savers Exchange Process is very easy to understand. Read the following points to exchange your product.

  1. Make sure the product is in the Original Condition.
  2. All the tags must be attached to the product.
  3. You must carry the Original Invoice at the time of exchange.
  4. The Product must be in a resellable condition.
  5. Also, do not forget the reason for the exchange.

Do not Mail the product to any of the Savers stores.

The above was the Exchange policy and process to exchange your Savers products. You can read further about the Refunds and some of the Exceptions.


As mentioned above in the Savers Return Policy that the returns are not accepted at the store. You can only exchange one product for another.

Coming to discounted products, so the products you purchase at the discounted price, and exchange that product then you will get the discounted amount for that product, not the Original Price.

Also, a refund of the full purchase price will not be given when the product you purchase is on sale.



Savers Return Policy mentioned some exceptions of the products that will not be accepted for an exchange as well. Those exceptions are:

  • Furniture
  • Large Products like sporting equipment
  • Computer Systems and its Accessories
  • Books and Printed Literature
  • Music and Videos
  • Jewelry
  • Lastly, the products that are marked as “Clearance” and “All sales are Final” are exceptions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Savers Customer Care Number?

You can call at 1-844-409-9655 to get in touch with the Savers Customer Service Team.

2. Can anyone sell clothes at Savers?

No, you cannot sell the product at Savers but if you want you can donate them to Savers for nonprofits.

3. What is the Savers thrift store?

Family of stores is a for-profit, global thrift retailer that offers great quality, gently used clothing, accessories, and household goods to you.

4. Can we get refund of full purchase price when item is bought at sale.

A refund of the full purchase price will not be given when the product you purchase is on sale.

5. In how many days can we return the product?

The Savers Return Policy states that the product you purchase from can be exchanged within 7 days of purchase date if you are not satisfied.



After reading this article on Savers Return Policy, hope you got more informed about the returns. And now you can return your product in a hassle-free manner. We also made our level best in finding all the relevant details regarding the returns, refunds, and exchanges of Savers Company.

To make your task easy to returning any product, we also came up with the return policies of various other companies. The companies which are in our list include Ross and Zara.

If you have any doubts left regarding Savers Return Policy, then you can ask us in the comment section. We would be glad to solve your queries.

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  1. I purchased a used Dyson vacuum without attachments for 85.00. I assumed since the tagged price was so high it must be a good purchase. I cleaned it and used it on the 4th time a very loud noise and stopped working. Nothing I did while vacuuming caused this. I’ve had the vacuum for 2 weeks.

    I feel that 85 dollars was high but now the vacuum doesn’t work at all.

    Please review my request for credit as this was a total loss for me and now I’m out 85.00 plus tax. I cannot afford this loss.

    Please do the right thing in my case and at least provide a credit.

    Sincerely, Steve West

    • Hey, Steve West. According to Savers Return Policy, in this case we can’t help you. Try to return your product unused and before the return period.
      Thank You.

    • Hey, Jaimie,
      You can exchange at a different store but there are some exceptions where you must return the item to the same store.


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