TellPizzaHut Survey

Pizza Hut survey allows the organization team for considering some differences in the outlet as per your desires and ambitions. They have a concern for pizza lovers so for improving their services they have organized an online TellPizzaHut Survey. This will help them in knowing their thoughts and inside feelings for your order and give a desirable dining experience on your visits.

This a great opportunity which will help you to share your inconvenience with them. If your complaints are appropriate then the management team will assure you that to improve in those mistakes and changes in not time. In the below article you will get every piece of information regarding the Pizza Hut Survey. And also you will get the chance of winning a Pizza Hut Coupon as a reward in form of thank you.

Pizza Hut UK Details

In this section you will find few details which will help you, to know more about Pizza Hut details, so just have a look at them;

  • Survey Name: TellPizzaHut Survey
  • Is Purchase Required: Not Required
  • Survey Reward: Free Pizza Hut Coupons
  • Offer Valid At Valid At More Than 16 Stores
  • Age Limit: You Must Be 16 Or Above
  • Language: Basic English

So this is a small brief about TellPizzaHut Survey, which will help you know more about it. Now will proceed ahead with what rewards will you get after completing the survey.

Survey Rewards

After finishing your TellPizzaHut survey, you will be eligible and get an opportunity of winning a reward. And as a reward, they will give Free Pizza Hut Coupons. Once you complete your feedback you will receive a free coupon in form of a Promo Code. By using this code, you have a chance of receiving around 10 chances of winning £1,000 in the daily draw.

There are daily prizes such as USD 1,000, CAD$1,000, £1,000, DKK 8000, or 1,000 Euros (“Daily Prize”).

NOTE: The rewards for completing survey can be changed anytime without any prior notice. Your “Survey Reward” depends on what is exactly printed on your receipt. Check your reciept for more detials.

TellPizzaHut Survey Rules And Regulation

In this section, you get to know a few important rules and regulations which are a must for taking part TellPizzaHut survey. Go through the below points to know more;

  • The customer must be a legal resident of the United States, Columbia District, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, and Korea.
  • Your age must be 16 or above years
  • Basic knowledge of the English language is required
  • PC, Laptop, or Computer with an Internet connection
  • A receipt is required for completing the survey
  • Pizza Hut employees or worker are not allowed to take part in the survey
  • This offer is not transferable
  • Your valid email address will be required

So this is few important rules and regulation for completing your TellPizzaHut Survey. Now in the next section will have a look at what are required things for completing your survey.

Required Things For Completing TellPizzaHut Survey

Below you will get a list of required things that will help you in completing your TellPizzaHut Survey. You should have all the below-listed things, requirements are as follows;

  • Pizza Hut Survey official website link
  • Original bill receipt with survey code
  • Secure internet connection
  • The basic idea for the English or Spanish language
  • Computer or laptop in working condition
  • Your valid email address for participating

Once you are ready with all these details then you can continue with the TellPizzaHut survey. Now will be looking forward to a step-by-step guide for participating in an online web survey.

How To Participate In TellPizzaHut Survey

If you are eligible and fulfilling all the above-mentioned rules, then it will be easy for you in participating TellPizzaHut survey. Now do as guided in the below steps;

1. Visit the official website of TellPizzaHut Survey, click here

2. Now enter your “Receipt Number”, “Amount Of Purchase”, “Server Name(Located On Receipt)”

3. Click on the “Arrow Button”

4. After that you need to answer a few bunches of questions related to your last experience at the restaurant

5. Rate accordingly to your satisfaction level as per your visit

6. Answer all the questions genuinely and scale between, satisfied to dissatisfied

7. All the questions will be related to your experience in a restaurant, such as services, Menu, food, staff help, etc

8. Then it will ask you to enter your personal information such as name, address contact number, email address.

9. After completing this survey you will get a free Pizza Hut Coupon which will give a discount on your future visit

After completing all the above steps your TellPizzaHut will be successfully completed. Just make sure that the details which you are typing are all correct. To avoid any kind of error in your survey.

About  Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an American chain of an international franchise that was founded by Dan and Frank Carney, in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. This company is mainly known for the Italian American Cuisine menu, which includes pizza and pasta, as well as some sides and desserts. There are about 18,000+ restaurants worldwide according to December 31, 2019 survey. Which make it world’s largest pizza chain in term of locations.


After following all the steps or participating in the TellPizzaHut survey, but still not able to complete it. There can be a few reasons behind it such as some troubleshooting methods. Some of them are listed below;

Working Device:-  It is required to have a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile. So if you are not having a working device, you can switch to another device for accessing the online survey.

Cache and Cookies:- You must also accept the cookies in order to login smoothly.

Internet Access:-  A great and secure internet connection is the most required for accessing the online survey.


So this is all about TellPizzaHut Survey. The above article will help you in participating and completing your survey. Just do as guided in the above article. In the above article, you will get what are required things for completing the survey, and how to participate in an online survey. If have any query related to the survey then write it down below in the comment section.

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