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About ReturnPolicyExplained

We have created ReturnPolicyExplained.com to provide you Return policies of popular online and offline merchants in the world. Our motto is to provide you with a feasible way to locate & compare the return policies of different stores at a single place.

We also provide an option to comment, so that you can share your opinions on these return policy. Furthermore, a major advantage of the comments section is that many of your doubts will be solved here itself, as you can post your questions as a comment. 

The return policies of all the popular merchants will be posted here, and there will be a frequent update provided so that you have the correct information. Questions posted by you in the comments section would be solved on a daily basis.


Why did we took the initiative?

Where did I get the Idea from for creating this website?

On a weekend I noticed my old Television (Yeah! It was a CRT TV), and it did not suit the Interior aesthetics of my modern room. So I finally decided to purchase a new flat screen TV. I was in a dilemma as I could decide from which store to purchase as I was afraid; whether would I be able to Return it or not if I didn’t like it, How much time frame is provided from different merchants.

To make my decision wisely I searched the internet but didn’t found any website where I could locate return policy of different merchants. As a clear sky cannot make faces of clouds, the same way I was left with a blank choice. Coincidently proverb struck my head “Necessity is the mother of invention”, this drove me crazy to build this web site.

Our Motto

Our motto is to provide you with complete and updated information which is easy to understand. All the posts provided here would be in an easy to understand language. Furthermore, we offer you an option to compare the return policy of popular merchants on a single website.