World’s Leading Brands Return, Refund & Exchange Policy Explanation with Details

According to the researchers, more than 65% of shoppers review the return policy before purchasing any item from the merchant. It has also been found that a significant number of shoppers are not satisfied with the ease of making returns.

In-depth research was carried out by Shopify which made some astonishing outcomes. Under the study, it was recorded that 80% of consumers prefer free returns, yet only 25% of merchants provide this facility. It was also found that 71% of the shoppers forbid from purchasing due to restocking fees.

So, Return Policy reflects a lot, as it affects the conversion. And conversion affects the profit of merchants.

We at make things simple to go through both the merchants and customers. We wave the flag of customer satisfaction and merchants.

From the Users’ (i.e. Shoppers’) point of view, it is important to know about the return policy of any merchant before a purchase is made. You will be surprised to know that on an average about 20% of purchased products are returned to merchants.

The return policy of any merchant will describe to you the rules for returning an item, refund & exchange and the timeframe of return. However, most of the return policies also contain the method and process of return. Most of them depict all the information regarding each and everything.

To sum up, you should consider reviewing the return policy of the merchants before making a purchase. To be on a safer side, you should consider going through the return policy. Get yourself acquainted with the returns, procedure to return, refund or exchange. Choose wisely, live well.

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This is also the only platform available on the web where the return policy of different merchants is available at a single place.

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For example, you may take a look at the Return Policy Of Office Depot.

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Return Refund and Exchange Policy of top companies

With the advancement in technology, there rises a new e-commerce company every minute. With the passage of time, these startups, build a chain of subsidiaries. This results in a giant chain of warehouses, online stores, and channels. E-commerce is a huge dimension of stores and suppliers and day by day there is a definite rise in the customers. What to say about potential customers?

The whole chain is getting increasingly bigger with each second and there is a concrete need to explain the return, refund or exchange policy of the companies. People intend to buy goods and products but they do not have enough knowledge of the return policies of these numerous companies. They deserve complete rights to know how a company works regarding returns, refunds, and exchange.

Our job at is to explain the return policies of numerous companies in a simplified yet informative way. The main approach is completely transparent and we do not conceal any information. On the contrary, the main motto of the return policy of any company is to give out all the information and details to a seeker.

As discussed and known, there are numerous companies in the world, striving thriving and surviving. We make things easier for both parties. Customers visit websites or go to the stores to get their hands on products and items of interest. What if the former faces problems with returning any item? 🙁

Word of mouth is very powerful and words spread with the wind. 

As the above saying speaks volumes, happy customers bring in more customers and the growth of any company depends on the relationships maintained with the customers. It just takes one ‘S’ to turn Miles to Smiles. In that case, it gets important for a return policy to be exclusively reader-friendly.

There are more than 10 million e-commerce stores in the world with many having a physical presence in the form of brick and mortar stores. As this long list goes on, it becomes hard for shoppers like you to find a store convenient for your shopping experience. So here we have shortlisted the top companies in the world. Our systems are updated frequently and we also make sure that we do not miss to enlist any reputed or new startup company.

Our mission values the fluency of readers’ visits and queries. A visitor expects complete knowledge and information. Information is something that can be manipulated by anyone in any way. We make sure that the information provided is legitimate and 100% user-friendly.

A user or a reader may or may not read the whole post but will eventually come to know everything about the return, refund or exchange policies of different companies.

Here is the list of the Return policy of top online and offline stores in the world: