Understanding Dell Return Policy Easily (2021)

Here we will discuss everything about Dell Return Policy. Know each and all Dell Return Policy in a gist in this segment. Dell is one of the leading tycoons in the computer-generated generation. GO through this page to learn more.

For a company’s growth and development, one of the most target related arena is the proper relationship with the customer. To prosper in this manifesto, return policy needs to be adequately demonstrated.

As expected from the leading manufacturer of this IT fraternity, Dell provides excellentDell Return Policy. It also has all its roots covered in the software system.

Basic Dell Return Policy

The product purchased from the Dell company should be delivered back within its 30 days of arrival or within 30 days on the date of the packaging slip. If done so then and then only the reconsideration of the product for return will take place along with credit added on it.

The shipment of merchandise is possible only by giving prior information to the authorized dealer.  If not done so then, that product turns out to be unauthorized.  Such goods are not available for return.

Points You Should Care During Return

The following necessities you should take care when software of laptop and monitors are returned as per Dell Return Policy

The operating system or the application software which is installed by Dell and which has its terms and conditions applicable for the Dell return policy. The return of such products should be done within the notice period.

  • The media-based software, in any case, should be unopened in its sealed form, i.e. the purchaser should not click on the “I agree to these Terms and Conditions.”
  • Only after the approval of the publisher who has his licensing agreements for his approved volume based software, the return for the goods will be entertained.

Exceptions For Gift Merchandise

The exceptions for Gift Merchandise are as follows:

  • The mobile phone offers that are not offered by the Dell company but by Non-Dell Company or any third party, then for those merchandises the return period becomes shorter.
  • It depends on the type of discount availed by the product. Also what matters is the price at which the particular laptop or monitor or any other Dell affiliated product is purchased.

How to return a Dell product

As mentioned earlier in the above context, for the return of any Dell-branded merchandise a proper well informed understanding to the authorized person is essentially required. This authorized person would, later on, provide a Credit Return Authorization (CRA) number without which return of the product is not possible, and no entertainment will henceforth be permitted.

To get the CRA number for the merchandise, the customer needs to, first of all, go to  Dell.com/contact or by looking at the “Getting Help”/”Contacting Dell” section of customer documentation will also serve the purpose.

Within 5 days of the initiation of CRA number, the returning of the product is necessary along with the following steps.

  • CRA number is a necessity for the shipment of the merchandise. So ship only those products which have a valid CRA number.
  • Only those products will be considered for return which are in their proper state as in the merchandise should be in the same packed state and also if any additional document were present in it, then it should also be repacked.
  • The purchaser itself should do the shipment of the product. Also, the customer will only take care of the expenses. Also if any damage occurs during the shipment of the product, then the responsibility would be held on the customer itself.


Before the return of the merchandise backing up of data on the hard drive or any other storage device is strictly recommended. Dell Company in any way is not responsible for Data breach in any sense. Removal of all confidential and personal details is one of the criteria as per the Dell Return Policy.

Dell Corona Virus Response

As you must know that the situation around us in degrading due to corona virus pandemic. Hence Dell decided to close their stores temporarily. They are analysing the situation and when it best suits the community, they will reopen. At the meantime it is a request to take care of yourself and stay safe, stay home.

Non-Refundable Merchandise

The following Dell-branded products are not in the return segment according to the Dell Return Policy.

  1. Dell EqualLogic™                                                         
  2. EMC, EMC, and VCE
  3. Dell Compellent™
  4. PowerVault DL
  5. Dell Force10™
  6. PowerVault ML6000 tape libraries
  7. Dell KACE™
  8. Dell SonicWALL™
  9. VKernel™
  10. Dell Quest™, ScriptLogic™ and 
  11. Dell Wyse™
  12. The Dell Software
  13. Data Protection & Rapid Recovery
  14. Dell StatSoft

Dell Refund Policy

The Dell Refund policy stands as per the rules are as follows:

No credit will be added only if the mistake is committed by  Dell Company. Like some miscalculations or damage in boxing. Rest all cases 15% credit addition would take place on the original label of the merchandise excluding taxes.

It has to be noted that the refund of goods will not take place for merchandise purchased via gift cards or promotional events.


What is the customer care number of Dell Company?

1800 425 2067 is the customer care number of Dell company.

What is the maximum date period by which Dell products can be returned?

According to the basic Dell Return Policy the merchandise once purchased should be delivered back within 30 days on the delivery date.

What does CRA number defines as?

Credit Return Authorization (CRA) defines as the number given by the authorized dealer prior to returning of the product.

Can the merchandise be returned once the media based software is unboxed?

According to the Dell Return Policy, once the media based software is unboxed, then the return of the merchandise is not possible.

What is the maximum amount of credit added on a good?

As per the standard policy of Refund set by the Dell company,15% credit will be added plus the additional taxes on the original bill, which has to be paid by the customer.

Does Dell provide any Dell Exchange Policy?

According to the Dell Refund Policy there is no term coined as Dell Exchange Policy, henceforth Dell company does not provide any Exchanges for its product.

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