Winners Return Policy Described

Want to return Winners product? Here is Winners Return Policy studied and presented for you. You can easily return any of the product just by following the steps given below. And to know more read further.

About Winners Return Policy

As per Winners Return Policy, you get 10 days to Return the product you are not pleased. You also can return the product after 10 days, but for these returns, you will be credited the refund in form of Gift Card. There are some other points as well to keep in mind while you return the product. The merchandise whether purchased from Winners store or from must be returned keeping the following points in mind.

Winners Return Policy
Return Period10 Days
Return MethodOnline
Exchange Period10 Days
Exchange MethodOnline
Refund Period10 Days
Refund MethodCredit Card Or Original Mode of Payment
Official WebsiteWinners Return Policy
Contact Number1-800-646-9466
Return Policy

  • Returns must be the Original Condition. That is, it can be in a resaleable condition. If not returns will be rejected.
  • Tags should be attached otherwise the returns might be denied.
  • If you don’t want a refund as cash, you can ask for the Gift Card instead.  The best thing about the Winners Gift Card is they do not expire.
  • Merchandise returned with the gift receipts can be exchanged or you will receive the store credit only. Some other restrictions may also apply on the returns.


Winners Return Policy have some limitations to accept the product you return. If the product you return is not as per their need limitations may apply to them and those products will not be accepted.


The products that are not in sellable condition will not be accepted while you return them. Any kind of damage to the product will be the result of rejection to accept by Winners.

Winners Corona Virus Response

Corona Virus has been tough to deal with and the way it can spread so fast is making it difficult for stores to be open. We are required to do the opposite of it and maintain social distancing. Therefore the stores are closed till the environment gets unders control.

Non-Receipted Returns

Winners Return Policy accepts the product with a valid receipt. But if you return the product without a receipt, possibly your returns might be rejected by the company.

If you return the product without a Register Receipt, a valid government-issued Photo ID will be asked. The Refunds will be provided in the form of Gift Card.

In some cases, returns may be rejected or limited, while you return the product.

Replace Your Product


Exchanging the product by visiting the Winners store located anywhere has made it easy for the customer. All you have to do is carry the Original Receipt and the product undamaged. You can exchange or return the unopened product.

For exchanging the product, you will have to give the information about each item number, description of every item you want to exchange, and quantity with the item number, description of the item and quantity of the products you want in exchange. As a result, the difference in price in your account will be billed or credited.


Refund Policy

Winners Refund Policy is simple to understand and the refunds you will get will depend on the payment method you used at the time of purchase.

As soon as the Return Department will receive your product, the returns will be processed. Once this step is finished, your refund will be provided to you.

To get a full refund in the Original payment method, you must return the product with the Original Receipt.

If in any case, you don’t have the receipt, you still can return the product providing a valid government-issued Photo ID. The refund will be given in the form of Gift Card.

Process to return

Two possible ways are to purchase your product, same ways two different ways are provided as per Winners Return Policy to return your product to claim for a full refund.

In-Store Purchase

The products that you purchase from the Winners store can be returned to the store only. All you have to do is to keep the product in the Original Condition.
Winners Inside Store

  • All the tags must be attached.
  • The Original Packaging is needed must while you return the product.
  • The Original Receipt must be provided.
  • Store Purchased product should not be mailed.

Online Purchase

The purchases made from are to be mailed to the Returns Department. Here’s what you have to do to mail the product.

  1. Pack the product you want to return.
  2. If possible provide the Original Packaging and the Original Packing slip with it.
  3. Make sure no damage has occurred to the product.
  4. Mention the reason for the returns.
  5. If you receive any extra product with the Original product, return that too with the product to claim for the full refund.
  6. While you have received the product, also you must have received the Return Label along with it.
  7. Attach the Return Label with the returns, Address to ship the product must be on the Return Label.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Customer Service Number for Winners?

You can call at 1-800-646-9466 to have a word with the Customer Service Team.

Can the product be returned at different Winner?

Yes you can return the product to different Winner. Usually, as per Winners Return Policy, you can return the product within 10 days of purchase for a full refund, but if you find the product defective you can return the product within 90 days and with the Original Receipt to get a full refund.

Does Winners accepts jewelry in return?

No worries, if for any reason you want to return the product, return it within 10 days of purchase. To claim a full refund providing the Original receipt also make sure you keep all tags attached to the product.

Are bras accepted in return?

Yes, bras are accepted within 10 days of the purchase date along with the original receipt plus all the tags must be attached to the item you want to return. If you return without a receipt, provide a valid government-issued photo ID, and the refund will be credited in form of Gift Card.

Does winners accepts the returns on Boxing day?

Depending on the store policy, some stores accept the returns on Boxing Day. While some of them will ask you to wait. Also if you return the merchandise along with gift receipt, some stores, such as The Bay and Sears, will provide the gift card only, not cash, as a refund.


We hope you got more knowledge about the Winners Return Policy and all the answers that you were looking for. This article contains all the details regarding the return, refund and the exchange policy of the Winners.

We have also created a simplified return policy of various other companies as well. The companies like the Staples, GNC, Avon, Best Buy, Target, The Home Depot, Office Depot and many more. If you face any trouble in returning the of mentioned companies, please read them too.

Lastly, if you have any doubt regarding the Winners Return Policy, ask us in the comment section. We will try our best to clear all your doubts. Also, give us feedback about our page. Our reader’s opinion matters a lot to us.

22 thoughts on “Winners Return Policy Described”

  1. Hi, I bought two bras in Winners Fredericton on May 16. They fitted very good at the store and tried again at home. Good!
    I washed them as recommanded and cut the tags as they were long. I wear the beige one the next day and as the day pass, one side began to open. That made a curve in my t-shirt.

    I washed it again thinking it could be allright. No, it`s like a curve. I wear the white one more than once and it`s not the same as the beige.

    When I read the policy return, I don`t think I qualify for a refund. Could you confirm me if it`s possible for return? It`s a default I think.

    Thank you,

  2. Can i return something from a month ago that I didn’t wear and it has the tags attached and everything, but i lost the slip. The thing is I bought the product with cash.

    • Hey Manmeet Gill. According to Winner Return Policy, you can return your product but it will consider in a Gift Card Form. And Return without a receipt, provide a valid government-issued photo ID, and the refund will be credited in form of Gift Card. You can call at 1-800-646-9466 to have a word with the Customer Service Team.
      Thank You.

    • Hi Casey, You cannot return the gift card but you can purchase the product using gift card at Winner Return Policy.
      Thank You.

  3. I bought a pair of a size S active wear gym pants a week ago and found the exact one in size M today at the same store. I have not worn the size S yet, but the tag has been removed. Can I exchange it for a size M?

    • Hey Mary, According to the Winners Return Policy the tags should be attached with the product otherwise the returns might be denied. But you can contact customer care service number 1-800-646-9466.
      Thank You.

    • Hey Anna, Yes you can return the product but make sure the product is in its original condition and the tags should be attached to the product. But you will not get a refund after the 10 days but you will get a refund in form of Gift Card.
      Thank You

  4. My husband purchased a pair of earrings for me in Winnipeg winners and the woman told him that she was stamping the receipt “final sale” because Winners does not allow returns on Earrings? Can you please tell me if this is correct? When he gave them to me, I tried to put one of them in BUT the metal post is way to thick and could not get it through the hole in my ear, so cannot wear them. What should I do please.

    • Hey Tracey, If your product is in original condition and you have a receipt with you then you can go for the return at Winners Return Policy department.
      Thank You.

    • Hey Neha, You can exchange the product by visiting the Winners store located anywhere as Winners Return Policy has made it easy for you.
      Thank You

    • Hey Truc Tran, As per the Winners Return Policy you cannot return the damaged product but as the product was damaged from the starting then you can go for the exchange policy along with all the original tags.
      Thank You

  5. Hi ! I have just bought a new snow jacket on sunday from winners . It was perfectly fine and today on Wednesday it suddenly rips off. I don’t know what happened. Is there any solution to this ?

    • Hey Parul,
      As per the policy, you can return the product that is in a resealable condition. You can call at 1-800-646-9466 to have a word with the Customer Service Team for getting information related to it.


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