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Foot Locker Return Policy describes the rules for returning the products you purchased from Foot Locker store or online. At Foot Locker, you can purchase various types of footwear and sportswear products of your choice. You can easily exchange the items which you want by knowing the Foot Locker Return Policy.

About Foot Locker Return Policy

inside Foot Locker Store

For the items which you purchased from Foot Locker, you have 45 days to return it. On returning the products online, if they receive your product after 45 days then the return will be sent back to you. While returning the items you should keep in mind that it must be in its original, unworn and new condition. The item to be returned must have all its price-tags and hang-tags attached to it. If your returned merchandise does not fulfill the conditions mentioned above, then your return would be denied. Returns

Foot Locker provides you two ways in which you can return the merchandise to them. The way of returning any product is by visiting the nearby Foot Locker store.

If there is no Foot Locker store around you then you have the second option by which you can return the product. The second method in which you may return to Foot Locker is by sending back the items by mail.

Return by visiting storefootlocker store

Products purchased from Foot Locker in-store as well as can be returned to any Foot Locker store. The main benefit of returning the items at the store is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for the return shipping.

In order to return the products to the Foot Locker store, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure that your item is eligible for the returns as per the Foot Locker Return Policy.
  • Cross check whether the product has its price tags and other tags attached to it. Also, make sure that the items must be in unworn, original and new condition.
  • Locate the nearest Foot Locker store, and take your item(s) in the original packaging along with the receipt or shipping invoice.
  • Once you reach there Foot Locker guest service would assist you with the further steps to return the item.

Return by Mail

You also have an option to return your Foot Locker online purchase by mail. This option is useful if there are no Foot Locker stores nearby.

Foot Locker also provides the facility of Pre-paid return label to return the items. The return shipping charges are deducted from the refund value in case you return the product for a refund.

For returning the items to Foot Locker by mail follow these simple steps:

  • Put the return form (page on the reverse side of shipping invoice) along with the merchandise to be returned inside the packaging box.
  • If you have misplaced the return form for or lost it, then simply fill out this Printable return form and keep it inside the packaging. In case if you are unable to get a Return Form, simply mention your name, contact number and the reason to return the item on a sheet of paper.
  • If you want to exchange the item with another one, simply mention its style number, size, and color of the product.
  • Use the Pre-paid Smart Label to return the merchandise.


USPS SmartLabel
Sample of USPS SmartLabel
  • Once Foot Locker receives your returns, they will examine it as per the Foot Locker Return Policy and initiate the return after it.

It should be noted that in case you returned the product for a refund, then $6.99 would be deducted from your refunded amount as a SmartLabel fee.

Expedited Returns

You can also opt for UPS expedited return in case you want to return your products to exchange it early. However,  you have to pay a few more bucks in order to use this service.

Foot Locker Expedited ReturnsTo return within 3-5 business days, the return shipping label costs $9.99. Similarly, you have to pay $14.99 for 2 business days returns, and $24.99 for one business day return. All these return labels include the charge of SmartLabel of $6.99, so you do not have to pay extra for it.

The process, however, remains the same for expedited returns, only the difference is the return label which you have to attach to the packaging box.

You can order the Expedited returns from here, if you order on or before 4 pm CT then you will receive the Return Label by email on the same day itself.

Footlocker Corona Virus Response

You will find that footlocker has closed it stores because it was a necessary step against corono virus. It is very necessary that we maintain social distance so that we eliminate the chance of spreading corona virus. Keeping the store will not help the cause and so footlocker will open their stores once the situation is much better and not a threat to the community.

Return in-store Purchase

You can return your in-store purchase at any of the Foot Locker stores in the USA(for regions other than the USA refer to “International Returns”).

The process for returning your items is the same as “returning an online purchase at a store”. Simply take your item(s) to be returned along with its purchase receipt.

Items purchased online from can be returned to any Foot Locker Inc. store in the USA. Following are the Foot Locker Inc. stores in the USA: Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Footaction, or SIX:02.

Foot Locker Exchange Policy

The Foot Locker Exchange policy is simple. They state that “OUR GUARANTEE: IT WILL FIT OR WE’LL EXCHANGE IT FOR FREE!” on the top of their Return Policy Page. This simply means that you can exchange your products by mail and in the store for free.

exchangeWhen you exchange the items by mail, you do not have to pay the return shipping charges, it is the company(i.e. Foot Locker) which will pay the return shipping charge.

However, the returns made at Foot Locker are subjected to stock availability. You will only be provided the exchange for an item if the required product is available in stock at that time. If the required product is not available in stock, then Foot Locker will credit you the refund.

Foot Locker Refund Policy

Items returned at Foot Locker usually take 10-14 days for the refund to be processed. This applies to the case when you return the products by mail. However, in the case of in-store returns, refunds are initiated immediately.

Once Foot Locker credits you the refund, it may further take few days for the amount to be reflected in your bank account. The number of days may vary from 1 to 10 business days which is purely dependents upon your bank.

When you return the items within the timeframe along with the receipt or shipping invoice, the refund is credited to you in the original form of payment.

Exceptions & Special Consideration

There are certain exceptions and few points to be taken into consideration in the Foot Locker Return Policy while returning the items:

  • If you return any in-store purchase way of returning, then the refund would be provided to you at the way of returning of that product. The refund would only be provided in the form of store credit. You can also exchange it with another item at your choice.
  • Online purchase made using PayPal can only be returned by mail. On returning these items, the refund will be provided to you in PayPal itself.
  • If you return a Gift article along with the Gift receipt, then you would be provided the refund in form of store credit. You can also exchange the gift item with another product.

Foot Locker in European countries

The Foot Locker Return Policy is different for the European countries. Most of the products may be returned within 28 calendar days from the date of purchase (for in-store purchase) or date of receipt (for online purchase).

Foot Locker also has its e-commerce and offline stores in many European countries. The Countries in which Foot Locker e-commerce service and offline stores are present:

Italy flagFoot Locker Italy: 179 stores.

France flag Foot Locker France: 146 stores.

Germany FlagFoot Locker Germany: 83 stores.

UK flagFoot Locker United Kingdom: 79 stores.

Spain flagFoot Locker Spain: 60 stores.

Netherlands flagFoot Locker Netherlands: 41 stores.

Foot Locker Belgium: 20 stores. 

Foot Locker Denmark: 6 stores.

Foot Locker Sweden: 6 stores. 

Foot Locker Norway: 3 stores.

Foot Locker Luxembourg: 2 stores.

Foot Locker is also present in the following countries, but there is no dedicated website for these countries. You can simply visit the European website of Foot Locker to make an online purchase.Foot Locker Europe

Europe FlagFoot Locker in Europe

Portugal: 16 stores, Czech Republic: 10 stores, Switzerland: 9 stores, Austria: 8 stores, Ireland: 7 stores, Poland: 4 stores, Greece: 3 stores, Hungary: 1 store.

International Returns

In order to return your merchandise to Foot Locker from any region other than the USA go through this process. First, check whether your item is eligible for returns or not according to the Foot Locker Return Policy. If your item(s) is eligible for the return then send the package to the address mentioned below:

Return/Exchange DepartmentShipping Return
Foot Locker
500 N 72nd Ave
Wausau, WI 54401


Frequently Asked Questions


Foot Locker USA Customer service number?

From USA you can contact the Foot Locker customer service on their tollfree number at 1.800.991.6815

Foot Locker International Helpline Number?

From anywhere in the world, you can contact Foot Locker on this number: 1.715.261.9708

Can you get a refund at Foot Locker?

Yes, For receipted and qualifying returns, Foot Locker provides you a full refund on returning the products to the Foot Locker Store. On returning the products by mail Foot Locker will deduct the return shipping charges from the refund value.

Can you exchange shoes without a receipt?

Yes, You can exchange your shoes at Foot Locker store without a receipt within the time limit provided that it is in original, new & unworn condition with its original packaging.

How long do Foot Locker returns take?

It takes 10-14 business days for the products returned by mail to initiate the refund or exchange. On returning may immediately get the exchange(if available in stock)or refund.

Can you return sale items at Foot Locker?

Yes, you can return the sale items at Foot Locker unless it is mentioned 'No return policy' or 'Non-returnable' on it. Simply if your item qualifies the Foot Locker Return Policy, then you can return it within the time frame.


The f provides an easy way in which you can return the items to them. It also does not charge you any return shipping charge if you want to exchange the item by mail. Overall the service provided by Foot Locker is also up to the mark.

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