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In this page, you will know the Asos Return Policy. You may find the return of your cosmetic item very difficult. Do not worry as here you will know the Asos Return Policy in complete detail.

Firstly, let us know something about the Asos Company. Asos is a British Company. This company manufactures fashion and cosmetic goods of high quality.

Before understanding the Asos Return Policy, let us know the Basic Return Policy of the company. Understand the below points to know the Basic Asos Return Policy in detail.


The basic time period to return your Asos item is within 28 days from the date of the purchase. Asos Return Policy will accept the return on the basis of your condition. You need to also take care that the return of your Asos item is in good condition only. Below are more points regarding the Basic returns of the Asos Company.

Easy Returns

  • Firstly, you need to return the item within 28 days from the date of the purchase.
  • Secondly, return your Asos item in the original condition only.
  • No return of damaged goods by the customer is possible.
  • Thirdly, you need to mention the order number for the return to take place.
  • Fourthly, you need to fill your return form.
  • Lastly, you will get a confirmation Email regarding the same.

The above are the basic return policy of the Asos Company. Now we will know the different return procedures of the Asos Company.

Asos Return Policy
Return Period28 Days
Return MethodOnline
Exchange Period28 Days
Exchange MethodOnline
Refund Period14 Days
Refund MethodOriginal Mode of Payment
Official WebsiteAsos Return Policy
Contact Number-----


There are different ways by which you can return your Asos product. You will understand the same below.How to Return

Method 1: Collect+  Label

To return your Asos product via the Collect+ Label, follow the below points.

  • You need to fill the Collect+ Label from the return label.
  • Fill the necessary procedure regarding the same and attach the label with the Asos item.
  • To get the Collect+ label, click here.
  • Secondly, take the Asos item to the nearby Collect+ location.
  • To find the nearby Collect+ location, click here.
  • You need to also ask the return receipt from the authorized dealer.
  • Lastly, track your return.
  • To track your Asos Return, Click here.

These are the method for the return of the Asos item via the Collect+ store.

Method 2: Doddle Store

To return your product via the Doddle store location, follow the below points.

  • Fill the return form completely and attach it with the Asos item.
  • Secondly, take your item to the nearbyDoddle Store.
  • To find the nearby Doddle Store, Click here.
  • In this case, also you need to ask for the return proof.
  • Thirdly, track your return.
  • To understand more of the Doddle returns, Click here.

These are the return method via the Doddle Store.

Method 3: Hermes Parcel

To understand the Hermes Parcel Shop Service, follow the below points.Asos Store

  • Firstly, fill your return form of the Asos Company.
  • An email regarding the same will be available.
  • Attach the Email with the item itself.
  • Print the return label.
  • Return the item to the nearby Hermes Parcel shop.
  • To find the location, click here.
  • Lastly, track your service.

This is the other method of return.

Method 4: In-Post Service

To return your product via the In-store method, click here.

  • Firstly, fill the return form as per the Asos Return Policy.
  • Your Parcel should have the size restriction of 38cm×38cm×64cm and the weight should be less than 15 kg.
  • A confirmation Emai regarding the same will be available for the same.
  • Attach the Email with the same.
  • Take your return to the nearby In-Post location.
  • Click here, to find the location of the same.
  • You need to do this stuff in the locker assigned to you only.
  • In one locker, one return is only possible.
  • To know more of the In-Post service, Click here.

This was the In-Post method.

Method 5: Toyou Service

To understand the Toyou Service of the Asos Return Policy, read below.

  • Fill the ASDA return form.
  • Secondly, complete all the necessary procedures of the same.
  • Drop the return to the nearby store of ASDA.
  • Ask for a return proof.
  • Track your Asos order.

These are the method of the Toyou Service.

Method 6: Royal Mail Service

In this method of the return, you will know the Royal Mail service.

  • Fill the Royal Mail Return Form.
  • Attach the form with the Asos merchandise.
  • You can take your parcel to any post office.
  • Do not forget to take your return proof.
  • Lastly, track your return.

These are the methods by which you can return the Asos item as per the Asos Return Policy. To know more regarding the different methods of the Asos product, click here.


Asos has decided to close their stores for the time being. This decision was made for the health and safety issues that the community is facing at the moment because of corona virus. Asos is analysing the situation around us and when it is safe for their employees and customers, they will reopen. Till then we all have to maintain the social distancing protocol and take necessary precaution.

DAMAGED AND INCORRECT ITEMSReturn of damaged goods

For the return of the damaged and the incorrect item, follow the below points.

  • Contact the customer care team of the Asos Company regarding the same.
  • Give them the information about your order. Like:
    • Order number, description of the item, Items name and number.
  • You will get the refund of the incorrect item as soon as possible.
  • To know more of the return of the Faulty item, click here.


Below is the Refund Policy of the Asos Company.

  • After 7 days from the return, you will know the refund status.
  • An Email regarding the same will be notified to the customer.
  • The Email will have the details of the refunds and the exchanges.
  • The refund generation will take place in the same way as the payment was made, as per the Asos Return Policy.
  • Normally the refund time period is 5-10 working days.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund for damaged goods.

The above is the refund policy of the Asos Company.


The Exchange Policy of the Asos Company is as follows.

  • You will know the exchange of your item within 7 days of the return.
  • You need to exchange your item in good condition only.
  • Lastly, all the Terms and Conditions of the Asos Company is applicable.

The above is the Exchange Policy of the Asos Company.


What is the customer care number of the Asos Company?

The customer care number of the Asos Company is 44 (0)20 7756 1000.

What is the time period of the return?

According to the Asos Return Policy, You need to return your item within 28 days.

What is the time period for the refund?

The time period of the refund is 5-10 business days.


Hope you liked reading our page on the Asos Return Policy. This page contains all the relevant information on the returns, refunds, and the exchange policy of the Asos Company.

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