Petsmart Return Policy Summarized

Petsmart ensures easy and viable return measures for the products purchased. You may not worry about browsing plenty of pages of the Petsmart Return Policy. To get your product returned or avail refund or exchange, simple steps are as follows.

Petsmart Return Policy

If you have bought the product from Petsmart and not satisfied with the product then you can go for Petsmart return policy or exchange policy within 60 days from purchase. The refund mode of payment is equivalent to purchase payment. If the duration exceeds 60 days, you need to carry a valid id along with you. Returning of products includes submission of products, papers, and accessories.

Petsmart is home to various dog products, cat products, birds, small animals, horse products, etc. You can easily return the online purchased products at the store or by mail.

Petsmart Products

Return of Products With a Receipt

When the receipt of the purchased product is handy with the customer, the return or exchange of product can be carried out by the below-mentioned steps:

  • It is valid until 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • Depends on payment mode opted by the customer; if paid in cash: refund will be made in cash.
  • If paid via any other modes; then the refund will e credited to you in form of merchandise credit.
  • In case of credit card transactions, the refund is made through an original card or merchandise card.
  • If debit card purchase payment transaction was made, cash refunds are made by the Petsmart.

PetSmart Corona Virus Update

In this tough time fighting with Corona Virus, they are taking every possible precaution possible. They are adapting with the pandemic and trying to take precautions like reduced hours, handing out masks and gloves to their employees and taking extra care with the pets while maintaining the social distancing protocol. They have been focusing on disinfecting their stores more frequently and extensively. For this reason, PetSmart has stopped the adoption process for the time being.

Returns After 60 Days Of Purchase

At Petsmart, you can readily return the product even after 60 days of purchase. Even if the receipt is unavailable, the product can be returned or exchanged.

In this case, while returning or exchanging the product, you’ve to simply carry a valid ID-proof along with the product. You’ll be provided with a current credit containing merchandise card.

Exceptions For Consideration

Certain products purchased from Petstore specifically require the valid receipt for exchange or return. For the following products valuing $10 or more, the same is applicable:

  • Electronic merchandise.
  • Grooming tools.
  • Filters or pumps.
  • Non-prescript medications or vitamins.

Online Purchase Returns

If bought from the official online website, you may return the product (however; shipping, wrapping charges won’t be considered while paying the buyer the refund amount). Tampered packing won’t be entertained. In case of prescribed medicated products or vitamins, the return is not an available option. You can return the product through the mail or by physically at any Petsmart store.

Via Mail

The product needs to be sent through any accessible and traceable source. The slip needs to be attached along. You may save a copy of slip for personal reference. The charges are to be beared by the buyer, Petsmart won’t pay for the same.

The steps to be followed by the buyer are:Shipping Return

  • You have to mention or mark the reason for returning the product.
  • Contact Petsmart Customer Care Team which functions daily from 7am-midnight ET.
  • RMA (Return Authorisation Number) is to be necessarily included
  • Save the slip for future reference.
  • A transaction generally gets processed within 3-7 days of submission.
  • Efficient mail service increases the pace of the process and tracking of the product proves to be very helpful.
  • E-mail-notification indicating the same is sent to the buyer once the process initiates.

In-Store Returns

online return policy

Petsmart return policy for store purchase returns comprises of absolute easy steps. You may walk-in to any nearby Petsmart stores. Don’t forget to carry the original slip and card used to make the prior payment transaction. If the credit mode used prior is currently unavailable with you, you’ll be given a merchandise return card credited with the appropriate amount (cannot be redeemed for cash).

Returning Products Purchased at Store

Returning items at Petsmart Store

The products bought from the Petsmart can be returned easily by submitting the product, tags intact and bills. The product should be in its original form. Seals are not to be tampered. The product needs to be in a salable form otherwise the return or exchange of the product is not possible.

Return of Damaged/Defective Products

damaged item delivered

In case of return of damaged or defective products, you need to inform the Petsmart about the same within 30 days of the delivery. You may contact the customer service center and avail assistance. Kindly keep Product number and Order number available.

Packing Specifications

While returning the product, a few considerations are to be kept in mind. The product needs to be well-packed. Handling of products such that no damage is incurred during transportation is to be done.

  • As per the Petsmart Return Policy, ensure proper loading and packing of products along with the accessories and parts.
  • Records are to be noted on the top portion.
  • If the packing slip is not attached along, the buyer needs to provide address and contact information.
  • Required paperwork details including name, bill, payment mode etc. are to be sent along.
  • The product needs to be returned in its intact original form.

Return Essentials

In returning the product via mail or any other service, certain steps are to be ensured.

  • You cannot return using the option Cash on delivery (COD).
  • You have to pre-pay the return shipping charges.
  • Party City would credit you the return shipping charges if the product is found faulty. with respect to manufacturing errors.



Petsmart Customer Service Number

The Petsmart Customer Service Number is: 1-888-839-9638

Can I return products at Petsmart without a receipt?

Yes, you need to carry a valid ID proof along with the product to exchange or return it.

Does Petsmart provide adoption facility?

Yes, Petsmart provides an adoption facility.

Can I return prescribed medicated products or vitamins?

Yes, you can return prescribed medicated products and vitamins. You need to present a valid receipt for that.

Can I redeem merchandise card for cash?

No, you cannot redeem your merchandise card for cash


This post was about returning or exchanging products at Petsmart. As per the Petsmart Return policy, the product may be returned via mail at the store. You may also read: Walmart Return PolicyIKEA Return PolicyForever 21 Return Policy

We hope you found answers to the questions you were looking for, in case of any further unsolved queries, you may drop a comment in the comment section below.

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  1. I purchased an aquarium filter pump at a store in San Bernardino and it broke after two weeks. I went to the Redlands store to return the item and the manager 8/22/19 3:45 P.M. said I must go back to the store where I purchased it. I read your policy and it states I can return to any near by store.
    I am a bit confused way this manger dismissed me so easily. If this is a chain should they not be able to help me?

    • Hi Teddi Floyd. In the Petsmart Return Policy, yes it is mentioned that you can go to the nearby store of Petsmart along with your sale receipt or Id proof. Still, they are not responding then call on this number 1-888-839-9638 or email the higher authority of Petsmart.
      Thank You.

  2. How long is the wait for a refund to be credited to my debit card? It has been a week since I returned a merchandise and I have not received the money yet.

    • Hi, Luis Santos. Your refund process will take 28 days to reflect your amount in your bank balance. I hope Petsmart Return Policy is helpful to you.
      Thank You.

    • Hi Ashley, If you have bought the product from Petsmart and not satisfied with the product then you can go for Petsmart return policy or exchange policy and return the product within 60 days from purchase. So, yes you can go for the return.
      Thank You

    • Hey Mandela, In case of damaged or defective products, you need to inform the Petsmart about the same within 30 days of the delivery. You may contact the customer service center and avail assistance. Kindly keep the Product number and Order number available with you according to the Petsmart return policy. Thank You


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