The Ideal Express Return Policy

Express is an online store where you can purchase clothing apparels of vast varieties. Anytime if you ever wanted to return the product then the Express Return Policy helps you in this scenario.

About Express Return Policy

Express Store

As per the Express Return Policy, Express will accept the return within 60 days of purchase. If you order the product and you are not satisfied with it then you can make a return easily. Express will not accept the return after sixty days as it is against the Express Return Policy. On returning the item with receipt full refund would be provided in the original form of payment. For the gift articles returned with a gift receipt, you would be provided the refund in form of Store credit.

The Ideal Express Return Policy
Return Period60 Days
Return MethodIn-store and Online
Exchange Period60 Days
Exchange MethodIn-store
Refund Period10 Days
Refund MethodOriginal Mode of Payment
Official WebsiteThe Ideal Express Return Policy
Contact Number1-800-934-4437

Exceptions to Express Return Policy


There are few exceptions in the Express Return Policy which are important to note.

  • Once a product is exchanged then it cannot be exchanged for the second time, but it can be returned back to Express.
  • Items like fragrances or any other kind of personal product are not eligible to be returned online. Instead, you can return these items in-store.
  • Products which have lithium-ion batteries cannot be returned online, but you can return these items to express store.
  • If the items are purchased at Express store or on Express factory outlet then it cannot be returned online. You can only return these items to the brick and mortar express store.

Non-returnable items

non returnable items

Gift cards are not returnable (you can return the gift cards in the countries where gift cards are returnable as per the law). And there is no other item mentioned till now which cannot be returned. If in the product description company has mentioned that the item is not returnable then you can not return the item.

Express Corona Virus Response

Express chose to close all its store due to corona virus pandemic. It is a very crucial time and we have to be smart. Once the situation is under control express will open the stores again for everyone. Till then just be safe and healthy. Follow all the precautionary measures.

Methods to Return Online Purchases

There are two ways to return the item or to exchange the products purchased from Express store or To easily return your item by mail using the “Return using shipping label” option. You can also return an item by visiting the Express store.

Return by mail

If you are returning through mail then there are again two ways through which you can return the product or exchange the product.

Return using shipping label

  1. Go on the start button for exchanging and returning the product.
  2. Then use your Order ID and select the item you want to return it back or you want to exchange it.
  3. Once you have done this review it and submit it.
  4. Then you will get the return label.
  5. Print the return label and stick it to the box you want to return and then drop it off at your local carrier.
  • Return by your own

If you want to return the product by your own using your preferred courier service then you should ship it at the address below :Shipping Return

30 Transport Drive
Walton, KY 41094

Landmark Global
4240 Harvester Road Unit 2
Burlington, ON L7L0E8, Canada

While returning the products by your choice of courier service provider, keep in mind to select a service which provides an option of tracking your order.

Return at Express store

Express Items returning at storeProducts purchased from Express can be returned within 60 days of purchase at any Express store. To return or exchange an item, simply visit the nearby Express store with your outlet to be returned along with the receipt.

It should be noted that the items on which “Return by mail only” is mentioned, cannot be returned at the store.

Gift Returns & Exchange

Gifts can also be returned to Express store as well as online by mail. On returning the gift articles the refund would be provided in form of merchandise credit.

The process for returning the gift articles at the store is similar to returning the normal products. Simply carry your gift article along with the gift receipt in order to exchange or return the gift at the store.

Online Gift returns

First, check the box that you have received on the order in front of the invoice. If the gift has “This was a gift: Refund Me” then you will receive a gift card to the address where the item was shipped originally. And if you specify the new address then it would be returned at that address.

But if the box has “This was a gift: Refund the giver” then the refund will be given to you in the original form of payment.

If you forget to check the box for the gift card then refund will be credited back to the account which was used for original payment.

Non-Receipted Return

In case you have lost or misplaced the receipt then Express will have an investigation through several ways and if the product has been originally delivered then within 60 days the return or exchange can be done. Return will be equal to the amount paid when you purchase the item in form of Payment. But if the information is provided wrong then Express won’t go for the process of Return.

If Express is unable to locate your address then you can exchange single item merchandise of equal value or greater value of the merchandise. The merchandise you are exchanging would be of the current selling price. If the item you will exchange is of greater value then you will have to pay the difference.

Items that have lower exchange price cannot be exchanged. Even the Express store won’t return the store credit card.

Express Return Policy has the right to refuse any kind of exchange or returns.

In-Store Returns

Items should be returned in the store within 60 days of purchase. Products cannot be returned outside US Express store and in Express factory outlet.

International Return

international returns

There won’t be free return in the international order. For further detail you can call at the company service number: 1-888-397-1980 and they will guide you with the procedure of returning the product. You can even Email express on [email protected]. Address for international  return is as below:

EXPRESS International Returns
30 Transport Drive
Walton, KY 41094

Frequently Asked Questions


What are my return/exchange options?

You can return the product through the mail or you can go to the store itself for returning the product.

When will be my payment credited to me?

On returning the items to Express store, you will be immediately credited the refund. However, it may take up to 14 for the Express to refund you the amount when you return the item online.

I've submitted my return/exchange online. What happens next?

You have to wait for 14 days as a business transaction will be held for that 14 days. After that, your return or exchange process will take place. Once the business refund process is initiated you will get the mail of confirmation. International exchanges will take more time in the refund process.

Express Customer Service Number?

You can contact Express on their customer service number at 1-888-397-1980.


It has been concluded that if you are not fulfilled with the item you received then you can simply return it to Express. Thus the Express Return Policy makes it easy for you to make your returns to claim the refund.

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Furthermore, if there are any queries still unsolved with you then do let us know in the comments section, we would be glad to answer your query.

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