CVS Pharmacy Return Policy | Prescription & Non-prescription returns

Whether it is a beauty product or medicine, you can purchase them from the CVS, you can even return the items to CVS if you didn’t find it good for you, or due to any other reason.

The CVS Return Policy provides the rules, methods, and steps involved in returning the product.

We have listed these things on this post to make it convenient for you to find the complete process regarding the return policy of CVS.

About CVS Return Policy

According to CVS Return Policy, you can return most of the unopened items in a new condition to the CVS pharmacy store within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. This rule is applicable for items purchased online from CVS as well. Due to legal restrictions, CVS does not accept returns of prescription items. however, you can return it in case you received a damaged product.

In order to return to CVS, you have to provide them the receipt (or packing slip for online purchase) while returning the items at the store. You also have to present your credit card (which you used during purchase) and a valid Photo ID to easily process your return.

While returning an item at CVS it has to pass through a third party returns verification process.

CVS Corona Virus Response

CVS being a pharmacy has maintained the health and safety measures very carefully and they have been monitoring the environment for Corona Virus and its risks. CVS has been preparing to come up with every need of their employees and customers. They have also been spreading knowledge about how to be safe and healthy in this tough time. They are keeping up with the demand, there might be a little delay but they come with the products for their customer at all cost.

CVS Products

return CVS brand products

All CVS pharmacy and CVS branded products come under a 100% money-back guarantee. CVS return policy mentions that you can return the CVS branded products within 60 days to CVS Pharmacy store (or by mail). You can return these products in both opened and unopened condition.

CVS provides you such privilege that you can return these items even if opened because there are few products of which the quality you come to know after opening it. Remember that you need to present your invoice or receipt while returning the items.

Beauty Products

The CVS Return Policy is very liberal for Beauty Products which you purchase from CVS. The beauty products sold at and CVS Pharmacy store come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can return these to CVS Pharmacy store (or by mail) you are not completely satisfied.

There are certain beauty products of which the compatibility with your skin could be known only after opening it. In this case, CVS gives you an opportunity to return these items even if you have opened it to check whether it suits you or not. On returning the beauty products you have to provide an invoice (for online purchase) or receipt (for in-store purchase).


There are also certain exceptions to the CVS Return Policy. These exceptions are to be considered beside the general rules of the return policy.

Due to legal restrictions, you cannot return prescriptions medications purchased from at CVS or pharmacy store. In case the item you received was already damaged when you received the order, immediately contact CVS customer service.

Return Non-prescription Items

Non-prescription items including Vitamin supplements, Over the Counter drugs, non-prescription glasses, beauty & personal care products, Health Care devices, etc can be returned to CVS within 60 days of purchase.

You have two methods for returning the items purchased from; returning at CVS Pharmacy and return by mail.

Items purchased from CVS Pharmacy store can only be returned at the store.

Return in storeCVS Pharmacy store

There are certain exceptions and special consideration which you need to take note of while returning to CVS:

  • First and foremost, you need to verify whether the item which you want to return is eligible for returns as per the CVS Return Policy.
  • While returning the items you have to present your Photo ID at the CSD.
  • You cannot return opened or damaged items.
  • You may be denied the return if you do not have the purchase receipt.
  • Returns made at CVS also pass through a third-party verification process which monitors the return.
  • On returning the items, you will be provided the refund in the original form of payment. (viz. you will get the refund in the same card which you used for the payment while purchasing.)

Return by Mail

You can return the items purchased from to CVS Pharmacy store as well as by mail. While returning to CVS by mail, firstly contact the CVS customer service and then proceed further.

The return address may be provided in the invoice which came with your product, you have to return at the same address. Once CVS receives your return, they will process it and credit you the refund in the same form of payment method which you used while purchasing. You will find the same as it is been mentioned for Walmart.

Special Consideration

Few points to be taken into consideration while returning the item at CVS store are as follows:

Photo ID verification

Why CVS asks for Photo ID while returning the items?

You have to provide your Photo ID for returning the items in case you have lost your receipt.

CVS uses your Photo ID for the verification purpose required by their third-party verification process in order to process your returns. Without ID verification the return process is not possible, it also happens with Nordstrom. It helps them to monitor your Returns by keeping your Photo ID in their secure database along with your return activity.

Prescription Purchase

Generally, you cannot return prescription medications purchased from, however in case if you are required to return then it may be possible to return it by mail.

Furthermore, it is advised to contact the CVS customer service center to know more about the returning process and rules for prescription medications.

This CVS return policy is not applicable to prescription medications purchased from CVS Pharmacy store. In order to know the return policy on prescription medication at CVS store, you can get the hard copy of the policy from the store itself.

Damaged package

If you received a damaged product while the order was delivered to you then immediately contact the CVS customer service on 1-888-607-4287. Once you inform them about the damaged article, they will further provide you with the steps to return the item.

Non-receipted Returns

Heres the CVS “No Receipt” Return Policy. These rules are applicable while returning your products to CVS without a receipt.

You can even return your items purchased from CVS in case you have lost the receipt. CVS accepts returns without a receipt within the timeframe for non-prescription products only.

On returning the non-receipted items, you have to present your photo ID at the CVS Pharmacy store. Once you provide your eligible return and the Photo ID then it passes through a third party verification process.

CVS has this third party return verification process in order to monitor the returns for any suspicious returns or return policy abuse.


CVS Pharmacy phone number?

You can contact CVS at their customer service number on 1-888-607-4287.

Can I make a return to CVS without a receipt?

Yes, You can make eligible returns at CVS Pharmacy by providing them your Photo ID.

Can you return opened medicine to CVS?

No, you cannot return opened medicines to CVS, however, there are certain non-prescription items which you can return them.

Can I return to any CVS store?

An item purchased from or store can be returned (if eligible) to any CVS Pharmacy store.

Can I return an opened item to CVS?

Yes, there are certain items like CVS branded products and beauty products that you can return even if you opened it.


We hope that all your queries regarding the CVS return policy have been solved. Now it would be easy for you to purchase (and return) the items from CVS Pharmacy or If there are still any queries still unresolved with you then you may ask them in the comments section below.

Also, Read the return policy provided by us on the following merchants to make a generous shopping decision: Best Buy, Home Depot, & DSW. Finally, don’t forget to add your comment regarding any experience you previously had with CVS Pharmacy. You can also suggest your views on this post, which would help us in improving it in a better way.

33 thoughts on “CVS Pharmacy Return Policy | Prescription & Non-prescription returns”

  1. I purchased a pack of 3 pregnancy tests and the box is defective.
    The store told me to call he customer service line due to your policy. Purchased on 6/2/2019.

    The first test did not work at all. The fluid never made the blue line show up; I even dipped the test into fluid to test the blue strip and nothing.
    I opened another Test and that one worked immediately.
    I have not opened the third test because I believe the box is defective.
    Please let me know what I should do.

    • Hey, Angelica rubio. If the product you bought is prescriptive then you cannot return it but if it is non-prescriptive then you can return it as per the CVS Pharmacy Return Policy. So first check the product and call at the customer service executive.
      Thank You.

  2. Well its me again trying to get down south to Miami. I found another 24 he CVS in south of where I got denied for my return. This one does returns but if its cash they won’t give you cash unless the return is under $10.00 anything above that they will give u a money card.

    • Hey, Eden Fantasys. You can contact the customer service number of CVS Pharmacy Return policy which is 866-436-3393. Or you can email to a higher authority.
      Thank You

  3. On the 21st of August, I picked up a drug that was ordered by mistake. The doctor was unaware, that she had ample supply. The cost was 50.38. When I got home my wife said she just got some in less than 30 minutes. Can I return the product?

    • Hey Robert Lanagan. According to CVS Pharmacy Return, check the drug you bought was prescribed drug or non-prescribed drug then you go to the store.
      Thank You.

  4. I had my receipt and was still required to show my ID when returning unopened hair care and soap (both of which were still sealed) why is this?

    • Hello Evie,
      It is stated in Cvs Return Policy that they can ask for id. Also, because the company is pharmacy and for everyone’s safety, they can ask for your id.

      Thank You.

    • Hey Donna, According to the CVS Pharmacy Return Policy you cannot return food items Or You can contact CVS at their customer service number on 1-888-607-4287.
      Thank You.

  5. I purchased rogaine for my teenage son and after reading the inside instructions decided not to use it. Its an opened box i paid cash and cant find the receipt. Can i return?

    • Hey Denise, As per the CVS Pharmacy return policy the product is prescriptive then you cannot return the product or if the product is non-prescriptive then you can return within 60 days from the date of purchase.
      Thank You

  6. I bought a hair straightener and I’m not satisfied with the product. I have the box, receipt and even the bag. Can I return it in store?

    • Hey Isabel, If the product you have purchased is prescriptive then you can easily return the item at the CVS Pharmacy Return Department.
      Thank You

    • Hey Rebecca, If your product is one of these which includes Vitamin supplements, Over Counter drugs, non-prescription glasses, beauty & personal care products, Health Care devices, etc can be returned to CVS within 60 days of purchase as per the CVS Pharmacy Return Policy.
      Thank You

    • Hey Kylie,
      As per the rule book, you can return the product within 60 days of purchase. So if your purchase has taken more time than you are not eligible and if less than that then you can return the product.
      Thank you.

  7. I have a return on the online order. Unfortunately, the store will not accept the return since I ordered it on line. Why is it so difficult to return an item which is not opened, its a one-touch verio flex which I needed it asap and did not arrive in time?

    • Hey, SSS,
      As per the return policy, you can return the product purchase online to the store or by mail within 60 days. You can contact CVS at their customer service number on 1-888-607-4287.
      Thank you.

  8. When can I return the unopened N.B. fish oil (exp. date 8/21) that I bought on 4/13/2020. I charged it and might dispute the billing.

    • Hey paul Hartzell,
      As per the policy of CVS pharmacy, you can return the product within 60 days. You can contact CVS at their customer service number on 1-888-607-4287.
      Thank you.

  9. When can I return the unopened N. B. fish oil that I bought on 4/21/2020? It expires on 8/21. Your “no return” has made me cut back on my buying.

    • Hey paul Hartzell,
      As per the policy of CVS pharmacy, you can return few product which are returnable within 60 days. As you bought it on 4/21/2020, you are not able to return the product,
      Thank you.

  10. Hello everyone, it’s my first pay a quick visit at this site, and the article is truly fruitful in support of me, keep up posting these types of posts.

  11. Can return phentermine? I picked it up but decided I no longer want to take it anymore. I haven’t opened it. No receipt given since I thought wasn’t needed.

    • Hey, John,
      You can only return the products which are non-prescribed and within 60 days as per CVS pharmacy return policy. If your product has not covered 60 days. Then you are eligible for the refund.

    • Hey, Richard Hulse,
      You can return the items within 60 days in open but new condition with receipt. But if it is any prescribed thing than you are not eligible for return.
      Thank you.


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