Fred Meyer Return Policy Explained

Welcome to Fred Meyer Return Policy page. Here we will dive deep into the return policy and the procedure of returning any product or item back to Fred Meyer. Although returning a product is a pretty simple task, we still have explained the whole process in detail.

A company’s growth is directly proportional to the transparency and relationship with its customers and this also reflects how the former deals with the queries and problems faced.

We shall discuss more Fred Meyer Return Policy in a more engaging manner. As the name suggests, Fred Meyer is not just one store but it is a huge chain of hypermarket superstores located across the nation.

Understanding Fred Meyer Return Policy

Fred Meyer Return Policy is pretty easy to understand and implement as well. If satisfaction regarding the quality of the product is not up to the mark, you can definitely return them within 90 days. The reason will be asked to you. If your reason is legit then your request will be accepted.

To make sure the return procedure goes smooth, return the item back in its original packaging and initial form. You can return the products in their original packaging and condition along with the Rewards Card.

You will need to present your reward cards along with the item(s) you wish to return. Refunds are completely based on the original form of the payment used. This holds true for the following cases:

  • All transactions are either in refunds or in credits
  • Purchases made via credit cards are credited back to the same
  • Cash returns in case of Debit Cards
  • Cash returns in case of personal checks

In case you do not have your rewards card, the receipt will do just fine.

Fred Meyer departmental section and returns

Fred Meyer Return Policy provides exceptional assistance regarding returns, exchange and refunds on the goods and products purchased.

This retail giant has everything ranging from branded footwear to books, magazines, power equipment, international branded clothing, food and much more. In addition to that, Fred Meyer covers almost every age group.

Multimedia and software return policy

Interested in music but are challenged by frequent mood swings? Visit a Fred Meyer store and get your hands on latest collection of music and audio programs.

Music and other related items such as CDs, DVDs and audio files and records can be returned as long as they are unopened and you have the valid purchase receipt. Just bring along the item and a customer care agent will take care of the rest.

The following items can be returned:

  • Kids who love to play video games can easily return game CDs and DVDs
  • Movie lovers can return movie DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  • Those who are old school can also return or exchange vinyl records

Power equipment and machinery return policy

Fred Meyer also deals with supplying power equipment, electric powered equipment and gas tanks. In case you are not satisfied with the performance of a product, you may return it easily. Following terms should be kept in mind while returning a powered equipment or a gas tank:

You may return or exchange gas-powered or electric-powered equipment if

  • The item(s) to be returned must be in unused condition
  • It will be checked if fuel has been added to the tank
  • You must either have the sales receipt or reward card along with all the packaging materials and accessories

Shoe and footwear return policy

  • Unworn footwear will have to be returned within 30 days of the purchase
  • Damaged articles with defects and other signs of wear and tear cannot be returned
  • In case of defective goods, you can return them for an exchange or refund

Books and magazines return policy

  • Defective or damaged merchandise can be returned for an identical title only
  • Within 30 days you can produce unused books along with the valid receipt
  • You cannot return used books showing signs of usage such as broken spine, torn pages

Fred Meyer Corona Virus Response

Fred Meyer is open for customers but they are taking all kinds of precautions possible therefore it is also a request to all the customers to take preventive measure from your side as well. It is not about just a single person it is about everyone and we need to stand together and make smart decisions to fight off corona virus. Fred meyer is taking precaution while customers come to shop or pick up or even while delivering to their house.

Odds and exceptions

You can return a product or item within 90 days from the date of purchase. Although, most of the items are eligible for returns and refunds within 90 days, there are some exceptions and special cases:

  • A defective or damaged item is eligible for exchange against an identical item only
  • A return is declined in the case of another return request without a valid sales receipt
  • Very first return without a receipt is eligible for a maximum amount of $75

Procedure to return

Unlike other supermarkets and retailer giants, the procedure to return items and goods is quite simple and easy to follow. You need to have these at the time of return:

  • Sales receipt
  • Item, of course with all accessories in original packaging
  • Your rewards card

There is no need to worry if you do not have your rewards card or your sales receipt. Support team is there to assist you with all the return and refund procedure. Furthermore if customer support agents are unable to find your original transaction, you will be required to produce these at the time of return or refund:

  • Your valid driver’s license or personal identification card
  • The item to be returned will be refunded at its lowest price
  • All the returns above $5 which are produced without a receipt will be credited to a Merchandise Return Card
  • Very first return from a customer without a receipt is accepted top a maximum of $75
  • If the Customer presents another return request without a sales receipt, it will be declined

For returning any defective products at the store click here and locate a Fred Meyer Store near you.

Fred Meyer return, refund or exchange policy

Certain items can be returned, refunded or exchanged. Besides, Fred Meyer Return Policy covers the following pointers:

  • An item which is damaged completely and shows signs of heavy use, can not be returned
  • Items and products to be exchanged can be only be exchanged if the identical item is available at the time of return
  • In case of reception of damaged goods or products, a refund may be generated

Fred Meyer Return/Exchange Policy

Return policy is completely crystal clear and you can return almost any product. However, you can exchange some products for identical items.

Unopened Products

Unopened or unused items can be returned along with a valid sales receipt. Such products can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Refunds, an exchange or credit to Gift Card
(Fred Meyer gift card) is possible.

Opened Products

Opened products which are like new and do not show any signs of usage are considered eligible for return. You can return the these products with all the packaging, necessary documents and other peripherals. Besides the packaging, you need to return them within 30 days.

 List A: Exchange/Refund Items

  • Computer accessories
  • Calculators
  • Telephones
  • Storage items
  • Audio/Video & phone accessories
  • iPod accessories
  • Cell phone accessories
  • TV wall mounts
  • Headphones
  • Clock radios/alarm clocks
  • Camera bags/accessories
  • Video game accessories (except points and subscription cards)

List B: Exchange Only Items:

  • Computer hardware
  • Computer monitors
  • Printers
  • Tablets & Readers
  • TVs
  • DVD & Blu-ray players
  • Portable video items
  • Home theater systems
  • Portable audio devices
  • Cameras, camcorders & GPS
  • Video game hardware (see sales associate for details)
  • Apple iPods and iPads


Your queries stand tall to Fred Meyers. Customer service support is always there to assist you in every walk from purchasing to returning and receiving items and products.

I seek customer support number

It is 1-800-576-4377. Customer care is open from Monday through Friday 8 am to midnight EST

What are the hidden charges regarding delivery?

There is nothing hidden. Charges contain a minimal amount of $5.95 as delivery charge and $6 as the service charge at the time of placing an order.

Do you accept coupons?

Fred Meyer mostly accepts Digital Coupons for delivery orders. Loading these digital coupons to your Shopper's Card is possible. You can apply these coupons at the time of the transaction within 48 hours.

How do I maintain my shopping list?

Maintaining your shopping list is real easy and with an internet connection, you manage your cart or shopping list. Click here to go your shopping list or cart and manage the items of your interest. Using the quantity rocker (plus and minus sign) you can easily add or remove the items.

What mode of payment do you accept?

We accept only credit or debit cards like American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

I do not find a product I need.

Our systems are frequently updated and you can order the particular item.


This post is all about Fred Meyer Return Policy and the procedure for returning a product or getting an identical one against an exchange.

You are most welcome you to explore more such return policies. Some of them are Boomingdales, Nike, Sears , Michaels, Petco, Costco, ALDI Nord, Walgreens and many more.

Had a troublesome time, shopping? Received a damaged product, let them know. They are always ready to offer you assistance. Share your experience and write down your views in the comment section.

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  1. received 2 bras with incorrect cups material; WACOAL 855170 Sport bra 32C. The cups are made with a polyester material too weak to do its job.

    WACOAL # 853209 I got 3 of them last year,2019, that have the cups made with the correct material.

    Tried your Customer Srv phone listed turned out to be incorrect (Kroger). I asked and said Macy’s. she said not on her list. It may a while before I try to online shop

  2. I had no idea I couldn’t return a blouse that is too big I bought last month. I couldn’t try it on in the store and it still has all the tags on it. I was told when I tried to return it had to have been purchased in the last two weeks. The employees at customer service and at the checkout had no idea why. If it’s about covid 19, which it obviously is, and contamination, there is no difference between 2 weeks and 2 months. I’m very puzzled and disappointed with you Fred Meyer.

    • Hey Alice,
      As per the return policy if Fred Meyer returns policy you can return the product within 90 days. Contact the customer number It is 1-800-576-4377.

  3. I purchased clothing required for my job as a Kitchen Manager at Kalles Jr. High for the Puyallup School District. in April. The schools closed for the year at the end of April due to the pandemic. I returned the clothing to the store I purchased them at and was informed that Fred Meyers would take the clothing back at a later date. I have checked with Fred Meyers weekly to return my clothing and now have lost my job with the district. The clothing is uniform type clothing I have no use for. Because school was temporarily closed poo see at the time of the purchase the clothing has remained in the original bags with all the tagging. Please hold up the promise I was told in April that Fred Meyer would take back this purchase at a “later date”. Please don’t add insult to injury at this time for issues out of my control including becoming jobless.

    • Hey, Vicki Fale,
      You can exchange or return the product within 90 days of the purchase and the product must be in unused condition. As you told you bought it in April, so you are not eligible for the return.
      Thank you.


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