BevMo Return Policy Broken Down For You

Read the BevMo Return Policy and found it too confusing? Cannot understand how to return the product(s) or where to return the product(s)?

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About BevMo!

Bevmo Store

Now, BevMo! is a company that has its headquarters in California. It was founded by Steve Boone and Steve McLaren in January 1994. In its first year itself, the company opened six stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a private company, that is its shares are not traded publicly. BevMo! mainly sells alcoholic beverages. At the time of its original founding, its name was Beverages & More!, back in January 1994. It was then renamed was BevMo! in the month of January in 2001. As of September 2013, BevMo! has nearly 150 of its stores across Arizona and California. Among these 150, are included 9 stores in the state of Washington. Read on to get to know about the BevMo Return Policy.

Though the expansion of the stores has not been without controversies. The stores of BevMo! in Nevada and Florida were later shut down due to financial issues. Santa Barbara is one such city for example, which has resisted BevMo!’s stores’ establishment, giving possible effects ranging from small business decline to increased traffic patterns.

Now, BevMo! has much more than 3000 types of wines, 1500 types of spirits, and 1200 types of beers to offer to its customers. They usually conduct wine and beer tasting events once a week in an attempt to do service for the community. All of this happens at an extremely nominal charge and obviously keeping in mind the governing laws. Now, as it has a large number of alcoholic beverages in stores, its store policy is that to enter the store either you must be over 21 or must be accompanied by someone who is above 25. Now, here we will tell you about the BevMo Return Policy.

BevMo!’s Main Information


Privately held company
INDUSTRY Retailing
FOUNDED Concord, California, U.S. (January 1994)
FOUNDER Steve Boone,
Steve McLaren
148 stores (September 2013)
California, Arizona, Washington
Dimitri Haloulos, CEO
PRODUCTS Wine, Spirits, Alcoholic beverages
REVENUE “well over” US$500 million (September 2009)
OWNER TowerBrook Capital Partners
1,600 (September 2009)

BevMo Return Policy

In case you have purchased something and want to return it to BevMo!, then you will have to do it within 30 days of the purchase date. Still, if you have any doubts regarding the BevMo Return Policy, then you can simply call on their customer help number, which is 1-877-772-3866. You can get the full information on the BevMo Return Policy there.

Now, the most important part of this is that to return your product you need the original receipt of your purchase. Unless you don’t have the receipt, you will not be able to exchange your product(s).

Returning the product(s) in their store

Bevmo Logo

Now, the BevMo Return Policy states that you can only return their product(s) to their store. So firstly you need to find a BevMo! store near you. You can find a BevMo! store near you here. Now, to return a product(s) in the store of BevMo!, simply follow the underwritten steps:

  1. Firstly, find a BevMo! store near you on the link given above.
  2. Then you will have to go to the store. You must carry with you the purchased product and its original receipt. In case you don’t have a receipt, you are not eligible for a return.
  3. Then, along with the product and its receipt you can go to their Product Return Desk or get in contact with their customer help desk.
  4. There you can simply return the product(s), after which you will soon be refunded.

BevMo Corona Virus Response

BevMo has learned to work through the corona virus situation and made some changes that would see them taking all the necessary precautions against it. They have prioritized the health and safety of the community. Therefore they have made the following changes:

  1. Reduced timing of the store.
  2. Limited customers allowed at a time.
  3. Monitoring social distancing protocol.
  4. Providing masks to all the employees.

BevMo Refund Policy

According to the BevMo Refund Policy, the refund will be made to you in the form of which the original payment was made. If you made the payment in cash, then you will be refunded in cash. If you made the payment through a credit or debit card, then it will be refunded to you in the same form.

Please Note

  • Here, you need to know that there exist some terms and conditions of the Return Day of any product. To know them, you must contact BevMo! on their customer help number.
  • If you’ve purchased brand new items then at that time of purchase you can ask BevMo! about the number of days you have, until which you can return the product(s). 


What is the customer support number of BevMo!?

The customer support number of BevMo! is 1-877-77

Where can I find the official website of BevMo!?

You can find the official website of BevMo! here.

How can I check the balance of my BevMo! gift card?

If you have an account registered online with BevMo!, then you can check your gift card balance by simply logging into your account. In it, go to 'My account' and then to 'Gift Card Balance'.

How do I purchase Gift Cards?

Gift cards are available only for shipping if and only if you purchased them on In order to purchase a gift card, you first have to select the desired design/denomination and then add it to your basket. At the checkout, you will be asked for a shipping address. Alternatively, you can also purchase gift cards at your local BevMo! store.

Can I pay with my BevMo! gift card online?

Yes, you can use BevMo!'s gift cards as a payment for an online order. You just have to simply enter the gift card number and pin (which is on the back of the card) into the Gift Card Information field during the checkout process.


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