Belk Gift Card Balance Check | Simple Ways Shown Step by Step

If you want to check your Belk Gift Card Balance, then please read on in this article. You will get to know about the same in this article many times. We have described all the ways through which you can do the same. Along with this, you will also get to know more about the Belk Gift Card, benefits of it and how you can purchase the same.

Hence please read it and get to know about both these topics in detail. If you like it, then please comment down below and tell us about it. The next paragraph will first tell you something more about Belk.

About Belk

Belk Logo

1888 was the year when Belk was founded. That is, Belk was founded 131 years ago, making it a really old company. William Henry Belk was the founder of Belk, after whom the company was also named. Belk was founded under the name ‘New York Racket’. It was later renamed as ‘Belk Brothers’. And then finally they named it Belk. It was founded in North Carolina, in The United States of America. As per latest reports, it has nearly 30,000 employees. Belk offers a variety of gift cards, and we will tell you more about the Belk gift cards later. We will then also tell you how you can check your Belk gift card balance.

Lisa Harper is Belk’s current Chief Executive Officer(CEO). Along with her, Scott Hurd is the current Chief Financial Officer(CFO) of Belk. Sycamore Partners is the current parent company of Belk. Charlotte, North Carolina, The United States of America is where the current headquarters of Belk are located. In order to visit their official website, please visit this link Now that you know almost all the important information about Belk, we will now discuss about the Belk gift card. Along with that, you will also get to know more about how you can check your Belk gift card balance.

Belk Gift Card

Belk Gift Card

Now, Belk Gift Cards are one of the best thing that you can get from Belk. They are easy to carry, you can make payments and they have a wide variety as well. It’s almost like you are carrying cash around with you. Except that it is much easier to carry around than cash. For example instead of carrying around $150(for which you will have to carry a bundle of notes), you can simply carry around a Belk gift card which is worth $150. Hence it is much easier to carry around these than cash. Read on to know more about how you can check your Belk Gift Card Balance.

Now is it that you are really excited after listening to these things. And now you want to buy a Belk gift card? Well if you want to but do not know how, we will tell you how to do so. this is the website that you will need to visit in order to purchase a gift card from Belk. Once you are there, you simply have to select the card that you want by filtering from the options and then click on ‘add to cart’ and then purchase it.

Now only this, you can also customize the gift card according to your needs. There are a total of 9 colors which Belk offers for its gift cards. Along with that, you have different brands to choose from as well as different prices to choose from. Hence please enjot shopping Belk Gift Cards from this website. Read on in order to know how you can check your Belk Gift Card Balance.

Belk Gift Card Balance

Now, you can check your balance in multiple ways. All of these ways are written down below in simple language and steps. You simply need to follow them and then do what you want to. At the end of this, I am pretty sure that you will be able to check your balance. Hence to know more, please read on.

Belk Gift Card Balance Online

Belk Gift Card Balance

To check your balance online, please go on the website that we ask you ti. The website that you need to go onto is Once you are there on this website, you will see tons of offers around you asking you to buy gift cards. Hence you can also purchase a gift card on this website. Once you are done with that, you simply need to scroll down. You will there see an option that says ‘check your balance’ there. Once you click on it, a small tab will open in that window itself.

There you will need to enter some of your details. Enter your Belk gift card number, as well as your PIN number in the two boxes given out there. Once you do so, click on ‘check balance’. In case you are having issues finding these two things, they will most probably be found at the back of your gift card. Hence this is how you can check your balance online.

Belk Gift Card Balance Through the Phone

Through this method, please call on 800-474-6102. You will there need to enter the details that they ask you to. It will probably be a recorded message. You will be able to check your balance as and when you provide them with your details. Hence this is how you can check your balance online.


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