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Firstly, let us know what Google produces and delivers. It manufactures a large range of electronics and its subsidiary goods. So let us start by understanding the Basic Google Return Policy.

Google Return Policy

Return PolicyThe basic time period for the return of Google items is 15 days from the date of purchase. If your return item is Nest Thermostat or Nest Protect then, you can return the item via 30 days from the date of purchase. Google Return Policy states you should return your item in the original condition only. Below are some of the points on the same.

  • First of all, return your Google item within 15 days from the date of purchase.
  • Secondly, return your Google item in the original condition only.
  • During the return of your item please make sure that you put all the accessory goods with it.
  • Return of Google Nest Thermostat or Google Nest protects have a return period of 30 days.

The above are some of the Basic Google return policy, for the return of items. Now we will know about the different ways of return of your unsatisfied Google items.


To return your Google merchandise, you need to follow the below points. There are three segments for the return of your item.

  1. Tell Google regarding the return of your item.
  2. Secondly, make sure that before the return of your item you wrap it in an original way.
  3. Thirdly, return your item to the Google Company.

Step 1:

In this step, you need to do the following steps.

  • First of all, go to the support section of Google.
  • Then, find the order which you want to return.
  • Afterward, select the order you want to return and go to the detail section.
  • If you find that your order is not eligible for the return, then possibly your return period gets over.
  • If the item has not shipped yet, then most probably you can cancel your order.
  • Lastly, you have to follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Within the span of a few hours, you will get a confirmation email regarding the same.

These are the methods you have to follow in the first step of return.

Step 2:

In step 2 of the return procedure, you need to do the following.

  • You will have to pack your return with the box.
  • Along with the accessories and devices.
  • Any documents if any.
  • The confirmation Email.
  • Your device serial number.
  • To know your device serial number, Click Here.
  • You do not need to return the items which are not with the original item.
  • You need to make sure that you erase all the personal details beforehand of the return.
  • If you want to know, about how to back up the device, then go to the Pixel Help Centre or the Nexus Help Centre.

These are the points you should keep in mind during this step of return, as per the Google Return Policy.

Step 3:

In step 3 of return, you need to do the below points.

  • You should take care that the device arrives in the original condition only.
  • If you are returning multiple items, then you need to package each item separately.
  • Mo faulty returns are possible.
  • If you want to know more then go to the Official page of Google.

These are the methods you need to follow to return your Google merchandise. As per the Google Return Policy, these are the best ways of return.


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RETURN OF DEFECTIVE ITEMReturn of damaged goods

To return your defective item, you need to follow the below points.

  • Firstly, if you think your item is defective make a note about this to the authorized dealer.
  • Then you have to visit the warranty center regarding the same.
  • Or you can simply contact the Google service center.

These are the methods you need to follow during the return of your defective Google item.


Refund Policy

The Google Refund Policy is as follows.

  • The Generation of refund normally takes around 14 days.
  • As per the Google Return Policy, the generation of the refund will take place in the same fashion as the purchase was made.
  • Taxes are not considered in the refund section.
  • The shipping and the handling charges are also not in the refund category.

The above are the points on the Google Refund Policy.


There is no exchange policy for Google. You can only return your item and get a refund for the same. So these are the returns, refunds, and the exchange policy of Google. Now is the time of the FAQ segment.


Here you will know about the most asked questions on the Google Return Policy and their most relevant answers.FAQs

What is the customer care number of Google?

The customer care number of Google is 8558363987.

As per the Google Return Policy, what is the time period of return?

The time period of the return as per the Google Return Policy is around 15 days.

What is the time period of the refund?

The time period of the refund of Google Items is around 14 business days.

Is there any different return period for the Nest Items?

Yes, the return period of Google Nest items is 30 days from the date of purchase.

Can I exchange my Google merchandise?

No, you cannot exchange your Google merchandise.


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