Meijer Return Policy Decoded

To know about the Meijer Return Policy, scroll down the page. Know about the Meijer Return Policy in a better way. To understand the policies of Meijer Company, go through the page.


According to the Meijer Return Policy, return the product within 90 days. Return of Electronics and similar products should take place within 30 days. After the time period, the warranty applies to the respective product. Only the products in their original conditions are allowed for return.

These are some of the basic Meijer Return Policy as mentioned. Now is the time to understand the other factors of the return policy.


There are many possible ways for the return of Meijer products. One of the methods is by returning the product at the store. Let us know about this topic in detail. Below are some of the points.

  • Above all, the return should take place within 90 days.
  • Return is possible without a receipt as well.
  • Return your product in the original condition.

 Food items

  • You can simply return your food item at our store.
  • But the need of a receipt is not a must.
  • You can also return the WIC products as well.
  • Government ID is necessary for the return of WIC products.

Above are some of the points for the return of food items.

Online returnonline orders

You can also return your product online. For that, you have to follow the below points.

  • Prior to all report the issue. To report the issue, click here.
  • Try to return the product before the merchandise is shipped.
  • If the payment is made then follow the store policy.
  • To know more contact the customer service.

Return of pickup orders

To return the pickup orders, follow the below instructions carefully.

  1. Firstly, go to the Your Order Section.
  2. Search the item you want to return.
  3. Provide reasonable feedback.
  4. Finally, add a complaint note.

To know more about the return policy, go to the official website of Meijer.

Return through courier

You can return your item via the courier service sa well. Just provide the details to the company about the same. Also, do the necessary requirements for the courier.

Meijer Corona Virus Actions

Living through this difficult time, Meijer is trying the best to provide a safe environment for their customers to shop. Therefore they have taken the following precautions:

  1. Contactless home deliveries
  2. You can just scan your mobile for checking out
  3. For pharmacy, they have a drive through.
  4. You use the mperks just with a scan.

This way Meijer tries to reduce the Corona Virus effect as much as possible. They are dedicated to help their employees and their valuable customers.


Now is the time to understand some of the general Meijer Return Policy mentioned in the system.

  • The lowest rate is considered for product returned without a receipt.
  • Return of coupon is not necessary.
  • Return of consumable items does not need a receipt.
  • Electronic items have a return period of 30 days.
  • Return all the items in their unopened stage.
  • As per the Meijer Return Policy, Terms and Conditions are applicable.

These were some of the general rules. If you want to return Gift merchandise then do the following.

Gift merchandise

There are no such rules mentioned in the Meijer Return Policy For Gift Merchandise. But for the return of Gift merchandise, only store method is possible. Government Id verification is also necessary. Return the item within the time frame.


Now there are also items which are not in the Meijer Return Policy. Some are below.Exceptions

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Nictonine goods
  • Tobacco
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Ammunition
  • Phones
  • Blood glucose monitors
  • Opened goods
  • Gift cards and
  • Collector cards

Above are the items which are not in the return section.


Generation of the refund will take place in the original form of payment. 100% refund is generated for the return of food products. Normal time of refund is within 21 days.  Apart from this, the terms and conditions are applicable to the product.

As they have not mentioned any in-depth analysis of refund, there are only these many points. These were some of the refund policies. Now is the time to know some of the Exchange policy.


Exchange on only the same item is applicable. The time period for exchange is within 90 days. For electronic and similar products, the time period is 30 days.

Only if the merchandise is defective and opened, the exchange is possible.

On defective products exchange on the same item is applicable. Apart from all these as per the Meijer Return Policy, Terms and conditions are valid.

Above are some of the points on the exchange policy. These are some of the basic Exchange policy given in the rule books of Meijer Company. Now is the time to solve some of your doubts.



What is the customer care number of the Meijer Company?

The customer care number of the Meijer Company is 1-877-363-4537.

Can I cancel my Meijer product online?

As the Meijer Return Policy says you can cancel your product before it is shipped. Cancellation later is not possible. If you have made the payment then contact the service number.

What is the time period for the return?

You can return your Meijer product within 90 days. But electronic goods have a return period of 30 days only.

Can I return my Food Items?

Yes, you can return your food items. Also, the refund on food items is 100%. Only WIC products have a different policy.

What are the rules for the return of the damaged products?

You can return your damaged products in an opened manner. Only it should be given back in its original condition.


In this post, we have tried our level best to include all the relevant points about the Meijer Return Policy. For your convenience, we also covered the points on the Exchange and Refund Policy of Meijer. So hopefully, after reading this page you got more informed about the Policies of the Meijer Company.

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