QVC Return Policy Expanded

Want to return the QVC purchased product? Not getting proper answers? No worries. You are on the correct page. Over here the explanation of the QVC Return Policy is in a step-wise manner. We have tried providing every detail. The Returns are easily acceptable if you return correctly.

QVC Return Policy

QVC Store

QVC tries to satisfy you in every way. If you are not satisfied for any reason with the purchased product you can return your product for an exchange or refund. QVC Return Policy allows you to return your product within 30 days of the date you received and that must be in a resalable conditionRefund will be given of the purchase price, but shipping & handling and Q Return Label Fee will be deducted from the refund. If the return is due to a defect in the product, QVC will refund the shipping & handling charges and also Q Return Label fee will not be deducted as this was due to QVC error.

Let’s talk about Q Return Label

Q Return Label is a special bar-coded label. This Label is affixed on the packing slip of your purchased product. This Label can be used to return the product to QVC. Q Return Label covers most of the products. QVC Return Policy has given this label as an advantage.

Read all about it

Uses of Q Return Label

  • This label gives you the facility to return your product without waiting in line outside the Post Office or a Shipping Center to buy return shipping.
  • Apart from this, you can return your product without any assurance of your package. It will directly be sent to the warehouse.
  • Reason for this is, Q Return Label holds all the information about your order. This is how the return shipping fees are deducted from your refund using information that Q Return Label contains.
  • Q Return Label does not charge anything, if you return the product because of QVC error, want to exchange your product, or if there is any defect in the product and you return for refund or replacement.

Cost of Q Return Label

Q Return Label fee charges are based on the Original weight of your product in its original packaging. The changes in Q Return Label fees will occur at any time, without prior notification. Restrictions and limitations may apply.

  • If the weight of your product is 0 to 5 lbs charges will be  $6.95.
  • The weight is between 5.01 to 10 lbs fees will be $8.95.
  • If the product weight is between 10.01 to 150 lbs fees applicable will be $10.95.

Track the Return Using Return Label

When you use a Q Return Label you can also track the status of your returns. If you want to track the return then:

  1. Q Return Label of each product has its individual tracking number.
  2. Open the
  3. Click on Order Status.
  4. Then on the “Order Number” of the product you returned.
  5. Click “Track Your Return” link given in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

One Q Return Label for Multiple Returns

YES, is the answer for this headline. Many of you order multiple products at a time and want to return half of them. But the Q Return label received for this order will be only one.

You can return as many products you want to from the products that you received in a single box, with one return label. And you’ll be charged for only one return label fee. There are chances that you purchase products in parts. That is you order two products separately.

At that time you will receive two Return Labels, and if you feel like returning one product from each order, you can send it in one package using one Return Label. If you want to exchange the product, go to in that click on “Order Status” page and print a replacement return label.

Misplaced the Packing Slip/Q Return Label

Lost your Packing Slip? No worries.

By any chance, if you Misplaced your Packing Slip or Lost it, or the Packing Slip does not have Q Return Label on it, you can print that out from the QVC Return Policy provides you this advantage of having copies of your Invoice.

Go to Order Status and click on the “Order Number” of the product you want to return or exchange. Then, click on the “Print Return Label” link in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Follow three simple steps, to have your return label. Here’s what you do:

  1.  Choose a “Return Method” and click “Continue“.
  2. Complete the “Q Return Label information” and click “Continue“.
  3. Click on the “Print Return Label” button, and follow the instructions for returning the item.

QVC Corona Virus Statement

As we all know about the pandemic, QVC is also trying to help the community and be supportive at this crucial time. As a company they are doing everything possible and taking all measures of precautions and along with this they are donating money to those in need. They have also focused on the needs of the customers hence the return period of 30 days has been increased to 90 days. QVC also provides pick up services for their customers.

Return And Exchange Process

Questions in common

The process to return the product for Refund or Exchange is the same. Follow the steps to return your product to the QVC warehouse.

  1. Complete the Return Form that you received with your packing slip to start the process. Make sure you fill up every information, including the reason for your return, and if you’d like to receive an exchange or refund.
  2. Pack the product in the Original packaging. Don’t forget to pack all the parts (if received) with the product.
  3. Always return the entire set or product for an exchange or refund.
  4. Remove all the Original shipping labels on the package while you received.
  5. There are two possible ways to return your product:
  • Use the Q Return Label provided with your packing slip.
  • Use a shipping carrier of your choice.

Note: Please do not mix jewelry and non-jewelry products.

Returns Using Q Return Label

To return the product as per QVC Return Policy using the Q Return label you need to follow these steps.

  • Remove the label and affix it to the package you want to return.
  • Don’t forget to fill the return form of your packing slip, and detach it using the perforated line and send with the returns.QVC Return Label
  • Keep the remaining Slip with you, till your return is processed.
  • The package is to be returned to one of the carriers listed on the Q Return Label.
  • Charges for the Q Return Label appear right on the label.
  • Your return fee is deducted from your refund, or for check orders, deducted from merchandise credit.
  • Purchasing insurance is not necessary because it’s included with the label charges.
  • If an item is returned due to defect, QVC was in error, or request for exchange/replacement, QVC will refund the shipping & handling and will not deduct the Q Return Label fee.

Returns through a shipping carrier of your choice

If you choose the shipping carrier of your choice then:

  • Select ground service and ensure the item for the full value of the product being returned.
  • Remember to add the return form in the package and should be filled with details asked.
  • Keep the remaining Packing Slip for your records.
  • Return your package to the address provided on the Q Return Label or on mentioned below in this post.

How to Return?

Return the product for Doorway Delivery

To return the product, make sure it’s in the Original packaging and if not original put it in another, and contact QVC Returns Department. QVC does not provide boxes for returns.

Return an Auto-Delivery Product

QVC Return Policy allows you to return the product for refund or exchange, that is eligible for returns within 30 days of receiving date if you are not satisfied. Auto-Delivery product is something that is scheduled to be delivered to you after a fixed time interval. If you feel about returning any product from this plan of yours, read ahead.

  • Follow the Return instructions on the Packing Slip, or as we have mentioned above.
  • You may also call Customer Service at 888-345-5788.
  • If you return one shipment won’t cancel your entire Auto-Delivery plan; you’ll continue to receive future shipments according to the shipment schedule for your product.
  • If you want to make two consecutive returns for refunds in your Auto-Delivery plan but still wish to remain subscribed in the plan, please contact Customer Service for future deliveries.
  • Otherwise, QVC will automatically cancel your Auto-Delivery plan. Please call Customer Service before returning unstable products such as food or plants.

Where to return?

The product that you purchased from, and want to exchange or return then you can mail the product. Different addresses for different products are allocated to return products.

  • Mostly you’ll get the address to ship your product on Q Return Label added to the packing slip of the product. Follow the instructions and simply mail the product. In case you didn’t receive the Label, you can print a new return label given as an option in Order Detail click on “Print Return Label“.
  • You also can ship the product using your carrier option. You’ll find some Shipping Addresses department-wise.

To return jewelry mail us on:

QVC, Inc.-Jewelry Returns
2200 TV Road
Florence, SC 29501

For Apparel & Accessories (such as shoes, socks, scarves, hats, belts) & For Hard Goods,  Beauty, Handbags (includes home, electronics & kitchen products)

If you reside AK, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, AZ, UT, WA, WY, NM, NV, OR in these states, return to Ontario, CA address:

QVC, Inc.- Returns Department
853 N. QVC Way
Ontario, CA 91764

From any other state, mail on this address:

QVC, Inc.- Returns Department
1000 Stony Battery Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Hard Goods, Beauty, Handbags (includes home, electronics & kitchen products)

From any other state, use this address:

QVC, Inc. – Returns Department
100 QVC Boulevard
Rocky Mount, NC 27815

The product that you purchased from QVC store, and want to exchange or return then you will have to visit the store from where you purchased the product. You cannot mail the product purchased from the store.

Schedule your Pickup

You want to return the QVC purchased product, but you don’t have much time to visit QVC store to return or ship the product. You can Schedule a Pickup for the returns of your purchased product. To schedule a pickup firstly you have to check your eligibility for scheduling pickup as per QVC Return Policy. If you are eligible, simply schedule a pickup.

Check Eligibility for Scheduling Return

Check Eligibility

 If your Q Return Label states “Parcel Return Service” in the center of the label, then the US Postal Service will accept your return pickup your package. Your postal carrier will pick up your package at no additional cost and your return label fee will be deducted from your refund.  It is not necessary for you to be home at the time of pickup.

Scheduling Your PickupSchedule A pick up

To schedule a USPS pickup for your return, follow the below steps:

  1. Look for “Parcel Return Service” in the center of the label, on the Q Return Label on your packing slip to be sure a pickup can be scheduled for your item.
  2. If you lost your Packing slip, Print it and call Customer care to verify if your product can be picked up.
  3. Attach the Q Return Label to your package.
  4. Schedule a USPS return pickup here. Simply fill the details required in the online form.
  5. Once you complete the form, the pickup gets scheduled.
  6. Just be sure to leave your package at the designated pickup location.
  7. You’ll receive an email confirmation for your scheduled pickup. Also, the US Postal Service will leave a paper receipt in the location where you left your package.

Check the status of the Returns

There are three ways according to QVC Return Policy so that you can check the status of your returns:

  • Check online by clicking on Order Status.
  • To check through the Automated Customer Service line call at 800-367-9444.
  • You can also call at 888-345-5788 to speak to a Customer Representative.
  • Use the information of Q Return Label to track your Return.

Defective Returns

QVC will accept the Defective Products back, so if you find you can return it. QVC Return Policy has mentioned the return terms for Defective products as well to keep you satisfied and happy.

Defected Items Returns

Shipped Product

Defective Products is something that is due to QVC error. Or if the product shipped incorrectly is also the fault of QVC. If you are delivered such products, i.e. you received a wrong product or the product was defective when you received then you can return the product within 30 days using Q Return Label, no need of calling anybody to help you out.

All you have to do is fill up the return form. In that select “Exchanged for the same item in a new size or color”  if you want to exchange the product or “Replaced with the same item” if the product was defective.

When returns are received, the refund for shipping & handling will be given, and they will not deduct for the Q Return Label.

In-home or Doorway Delivery

If you notice any damage at the time of delivery, you can deny accepting the product right there or make a note in delivery paperwork. If you have already accepted, please contact QVC Customer Service Representative immediately and to resolve this issue. As mentioned in the QVC Return Policy all the damaged products can be exchanged or returned



QVC Exchange Policy gives you 30 days of the date of order received to return the product that you want to exchange with another. Follow the steps to return the article as mentions in Return And Exchange Process.

NOTE: If you paid by credit card while purchasing, and you request for an exchange, then your credit card will be charged for the additional costs of shipping of the product. If you made payment other than a credit card it may result in an order cancellation & a refund may be issued.

If the requested exchange is no longer available, including items on waitlist and advance order, QVC will issue a refund and not deduct the Q Return Label fee.


Details about the QVC Refund Policy is mentioned here.Refund Policy

Normally the process of refunds starts within 3 business days after the product is received by the QVC Return Department. Once the Product is received and processed, the refund will be made through the Original method of payment which you used will purchasing the product.

If you wish, you can ask to issue a credit to your QVC customer account for future purchase of the QVC products. It will take 3 additional business days for the refund to appear on your online statement or to be available in your QVC customer account.

Please grant two billing cycles for the refund to be visible on printed statements. Same ways credits to a credit card will be applied immediately after processing the returns, but may not appear on your statement up to two billing cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will QVC take for Return to Process?

It takes 3-6 business days depending on the bank you pay from. If the returns are hassle-free so in 2-3 business days, you will see the credits in your account.

Are QVC returns free?

If the product you return is defective or a QVC error, you will get Q Return Label fee as a refund and along with the Original Shipping Cost. But if your returns are due to dissatisfaction, then no refunds will be applicable.

Can food items be returned?

No need to return the food items. Just give a call to Customer Service, even they'll ask you not to send it back, and QVC will refund your account. Food Returns are not acceptable products.

What is Customer Service Number for QVC Return Policy?

The customer service Number is 888-345-5788.

Are the returns accepted after 30 days?

If you are not satisfied with the product, return it for refund and exchange along with the original receipt and in Original form within 30 days of purchase. Used, worn, torn or the product in unsalable condition will not be accepted.


QVC Return Policy is explained in step by step manner and very deeply. QVC allows you to return the product within 30 days of purchase. The product should be in resalable condition. You can return the product using Q return label or via your choice of shipment carrier. For any doubts call Customer Service anytime.

Meanwhile, if you have doubts about Return Policy for Costco, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Hollister, and Samsung. You can click to find an idea to return the product that you purchased with just one click.

Please share your feedback in the comments section below. And let us know if you have anything to say about the product, about us or if you have any queries, we are here to help.

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