CDW Return Policy Explained in Detail

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CDW Return Policy

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According to the CDW Return Policy, it offers a 30 days return policy on almost all of the products. The only requirement is that the products must be totally complete. At the time of the return, you must include with it all the packing materials, original boxes and the original boxes. CDW can refuse the return for incomplete products.

Packing your Return

To properly ship your order, please follow the underwritten steps:

  1. You should clearly write the RMA number, on each box’s shipping label. You can also write it on the shipping box. But kindly do not write it on the original manufacturer’s box.
  2. Please include all the items that came along at the time of the original shipment. This includes the packing, manufacturer’s box, accessories, manuals, etc.
  3. If you have more than one packages to return, tape a photocopy of the return address on each package that you are returning.
  4. Secure your package firmly, so as to prevent damage in transit. CDW is not responsible for the damage that takes place in transit.
  5. You can then send your return here:

Attn: Returns Dept. / RMA #
220 North Milwaukee Ave.
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

The Restrictions On Return

CDW has some reservations when it comes to returning their products back. The restrictions that are placed on the returning of some specific products are given below.

Defective Items


All the customers can return all the defective products within 15 days to the seller directly. You can return them at the credit, seller’s option, replacement, exchange or repair. Only after 15 days does the manufacturer warranty apply.

Non-Defective Items

Customers can return almost all of the non-defective items to the seller directly within 30 days of the purchase. Though here, an automatic restocking fee which will be at least 15 percent of the purchase price will apply.

Repair-Only Returns

Some of the CDW products can only be repaired after return. They cannot be exchanged or replaced. These items must be given back to the seller. Or these can also be directly taken to any service center that is authorized in the customer’s vicinity. If you want more information, you can get in touch with CDW customer relations or a seller account manager.

Restricted Returns

Some products bought from CDW are not eligible for return in case of whatsoever reason- without exception. To get any assistance, you must directly contact the manufacturer.

Special Orders

The return instructions of special orders will be provided at the time of sale. Such special orders may not be eligible for returns or may have special return instructions.

Return Of DVDs and Software


DVDs and Software are eligible for returns within 30 days of the purchase. Above all, the DVDs and the software must be unopened and undamaged. Products that are defective and returned within 30 days are eligible only for replacement. Similarly, items that are unopened and undamaged but returned after 30 days, too are eligible only for replacements. But you can replace these types of DVDs or software only for the same type of DVDs and software. You can return, refund or exchange multiple software licenses only and only if

  • The manufacturer in advance specifically authorizes you.
  • And, if the product is returned within 30 days of the purchase.

Shipment of Returned Merchandise

These are some of the most note-worthy points if you want to return merchandise to CDW.

Return Merchandise Authorization Number(RMA)

Without a unique RMA number, no returns will be accepted by the seller. After the issue of the RMA number, the customer has five days, within which he/she must return the product. CDW can refuse the returns that they receive after 5 days of issuance of RMA number or the returns without an RMA number. You may get your RMA number by simply providing the following to the CDW Customer Relations:

  • The Customer Name
  • The Invoice Number
  • The Serial Number of your product

Return Products should not be Incomplete

All the products that you are returning must be fully complete. They should be in the original packaging, boxes, the packing material, along with the warranty cards that are blank. All the accessories that came along, which were provided by the manufacturer should also be returned. The CDW Return Policy states that the returns are subject to a minimum of 15% fee of restocking on the purchase price. Above all, please note that CDW has all the rights to refuse the returns of products that are incomplete.

The Costs of Shipping

The CDW Return Policy states that only and only the customer is responsible for the shipping returned items’ cost. The seller will, therefore, be responsible though, for the cost of the shipping exchanges or replacements.

Shipping Insurance

CDW advises the customer to purchase full insurance for covering the loss or damage in transit of the items that you are returning. It is better to use trusted carriers like FedEx; carriers that provide proof of delivery. The seller will not be responsible in any way for any loss or damage in the transit.

Damage to the Merchandise in Transit

Damaged Goods

Above all, if you receive a package containing damaged items, then you should promptly refuse to accept the delivery of such products. If after that, you do accept the delivery of such products, then you can

  • Keep a note of the details of the damage, for the seller to file a complaint.
  • Preserve the product and all of its original packaging, just as it came
  • Quickly inform the seller by just getting in touch with the CDW customer relations. Similarly, you can also call the seller account manager and arrange for an inspection of the package, along with the damaged merchandise’s pickup.
  • In other words, if you fail to note the damage and save the returned merchandise without notifying the seller within 30 days of the delivery, it will be therefore assumed that you have accepted it as if it came undamaged.


All of the credit issued by the seller to the customer according to the CDW Return Policy must be used within 2 years from when the credit was issued. It can however only be used for purchases of products and services in the future. In other words, the credit left unused at the end of the given time limit will therefore expire.

CDW Corona Virus Response

CDW decided to close their stores as we have to maintain social distancing and stores cant stay open and be running by just a few employees. Therefore it was important to make this decision. As the situation of corona virus gets under control CDW will be thinking of opening their stores while taking necessary measures.


Where can I find their official website?

You can find their official website here.

Where can I find a CDW store?

You can find it here.

What is the CSR number of CDW?

The CSR number is 800-838-4239.

How to change the shipping address?

To change your address of shipping, you will have to submit a billing address change request or get in touch with the customer relations.

How can I get my original invoice?

You can get them in your 'recent orders' in your CDW account.

In how many days can I return my product?

You can return your product within 30 days.

Summing Up

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