Canon Return Policy Made Simple

Want to give back Canon a camera you bought from them? But do not know how to do it, the exact procedure? Well, here we have the complete Canon Return Policy. We will show to you, not only how to return a camera, but how to return any of their product(s). Please read the whole article and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

Canon Return Policy

Now, the Canon Return Policy states that you can return a product to Canon within 14 days. Provided, the product(s) must be unopened or defective. The online store of Canon, that is accepts returns, refunds, and exchanges for unopened items or defective items. Though, even after fulfilling these conditions, it should also come under these exceptions and timelines.

Conditions at the Time of Return

Customer Returns

  1. The product(s) must be in the original packaging along with all the accessories it came with(eg. cables, etc.)
  2. Above all, the product(s) at the time of the return must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice/packaging slip. This has to be kept in the package. Only this will lead to its qualification for return.
  3. According to the Canon Return Policy, the shipping and handling costs are to be borne by the customer. They will be borne by Canon only and only if they were found to be defective, or not in a good condition. This will be decided solely by Canon itself.

Exceptions to the Canon Return Policy

  1. Undamaged CDs, Read Only Memory(ROMs) and instruction manuals are not eligible for exchanges or returns.
  2. If you want to return the custom-made set of items that were selected from Build Your Bundle, then all of the products have to be returned altogether. They cannot be returned separately.
  3. Canon will not bear the shipping and handling costs of the return. The customer will bear them. Canon will bear them only and only if they were found to be defective, which will again be decided by Canon.

The Process of Return or Exchange


Firstly, to return any product(s) to Canon, its Return Policy says that you must have an RMA Number. An RMA number is a Return Merchandise Authorization number. After that, the buyer must get the RMA number within 14 calendar days of the date on which he/she accepted the delivery. The product(s) then must be sent out to the Online Store of Canon. This must be done within the time given from the date of the issue of the RMA number on it. The location of the Canon Online Store may be written on the peel-off label that is present on the packaging slip. You can call the Canon Online Store to get the Return Merchandise Authorization Number. You can call them on their toll-free number 1-800-385-2155. The call should be between 8:00 am-Midnight ET, Monday through Friday, not including holidays.

After that, you have to clearly write the Return Merchandise Authorization Number on the shipping packaging’s outside. It is recommended to send the package through FedEx, UPS or any company giving out the insurance and tracking information.

Please Note

  1. Canon will not be responsible for the loss that takes place in transit, that is while shipping it to the Canon Online Store. This responsibility is solely of the customer.
  2. Once the return period is over, Canon does not return or exchange the product(s). You will have to look at your item’s limited warranty. For more information, you can visit their Service and Support website here.

Canon Corona Virus Statement

They are doing everything possible and maintaining the social distance protocol along with all the other precautionary measures. They have been working for their employees and customers in any and every way possible. They only need your support and want to make it through just like everyone. In any updates you can get updated from their website.

Basic Warranty Terms and Conditions

The under-written is the basic warranty terms and conditions for the products of Canon.

Camcorder Products and Digital Camera

These items are covered for the one-year basic warranty, adding to it a one-year extra warranty from the date at which the item was purchased. The validation or period confirmation of the warranty can be done through either Online Warranty Serial No. Tracking system (Service Edge) or Warranty Card and Customer Invoice date. In case of transfer of the ownership of the item, the transfer of the warranty period will also take place.

Please Note

  • The warranty will cease to exist if the product is damaged,modified,repaired, or suffering from a malfunction. The serial number sticker of the product is also not to be removed or tampered.

Printer Products

The products in this are covered within the one-year standard warranty from the date of Product(s) purchased by the customer. Again, if the product is transferred in this period, the warranty period too will be transferred.

Document Scanners

The given product come under the standard warranty of one year from the date of the purchase. The transfer in the ownership of the product will again lead to a transfer in the warranty of the product. The buyer must bring at the time of availing the warranty the proof of warranty. The proof of warranty includes the Warranty Card of the Product.

Network Video Surveillance Camera

This product comes under the three-year basic warranty from the purchase. The confirmation can be done through either the Online Warranty serial no tracking system (Service Edge) or Warranty Card and Customer Invoice date. Here also, if the rights of the ownership of the products are transferred, so will be the warranty period.


What is Canon's CSR number?

The CSR number of Canon is 1800-180-3366

In how many days can I return a product to Canon?

You can return a product to Canon within 14 days of the purchase

Where do I find the serial number of my printer?

You can find the serial number on a white sticker that is attached to your printer

What is the standard warranty period of my document scanner?

The standard warranty of a document scanner is that of one year from the date of the purchase

To Sum Up

So here, we have written everything about the Canon Return Policy. We have put a lot of efforts in this and we hope that this was helpful for you, removing all the doubts you had about the Canon Return Policy. In addition, if you want us to write the Return Policy of any particular company that you want, then please let us know in the comments below. We will try our best to write on it.

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  1. I have a canon 180 camera that the lense cover will not open plus sometimes the lense will not project out from the camera to focus position. I would like to return this camera for repairs.

    • Hello Robert,
      You can certainly take this problem to cannon and ask for their help. If the problem is in manufacturing they might help you for an exchange or maybe refund of some kind.

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