Discover Gift Card Balance Check

Now that you are here, let us get to know more about the Discover Gift Card Balance. I will here show you how to check your balance. Along with that, I will also tell you more about this gift card. As in, I will tell you its benefits, uses and a lot more. Therefore please continue reading in order to know more about all this.

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About Discover

Now, Discover Inc. is a bank that offers many types of accounts and mainly financial services. Along with that it also offers loans, credit cards, etc. Discover Financial Services Inc. is the owner of Discover currently. It is, as the name suggests, in the industry of financial services. It also offers payment systems as its products.

The company’s logo looks something like this

Discover Logo

Now, this company was founded in the year 1985, that is 34 years ago. At the time of the founding, it was the subsidiary of Sears, because it was Sears who founded the company. Dean Reynolds was the initial parent of this company. Then it was Morgan Stanley and then finally, the current parent is Independent. This company was founded in Riverwoods, in the United States of America. Read on to know more about the Discover Gift Card and how you can check your balance in the upcoming paragraphs.

Now, let us talk about the current standing of the company. Roger Hochschild is the current Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of this company. Along with him is David Nelms, who is the Executive Chairman. It is headquartered in the state of Illinois, in the United States of America. It is currently a public company, which implies that its shares are traded publicly. Visit their official website here

Now that we have talked enough about the company, let us talk about something else. In the next paragraph, I will tell you about the Discover Gift Card. Therefore make sure that you read that too. In case you don’t, you may end up not being able to understand a few things. Therefore do read them.

Discover Gift Card

Now, the Discover Gift Card is a widely used card. Tons of people use and accept it. That is exactly one of the main benefits of this gift card. Now you can read further to know more about this gift card. I will tell you the best benefits of the same in the upcoming paragraph. After that, I will tell you more about the Discover Gift Card Balance. Hence I have a lot to tell you. Please read all of it.

Discover Gift Card

One of the best benefits of this gift card is that you have a credit feature on it. You might wonder what that is. Well, don’t worry. I will tell you exactly what that is. In case you have to make a purchase that is more than the balance on your gift card, you can simply do as we say. If the case is so, you simply need to swipe your card and then select ‘credit’. This will result in an overdraft feature. You will then be able to swipe more than the balance available and then pay the extra amount later to Discover.

Along with this, you can make payments through this gift card. You can make payments at restaurants, gas stations, at merchants, etc. This gift card is accepted by merchants all over the United States of America. This is one of the best features of this card, for it has universal acceptance.

This was all that I had on the main benefits and features of the Discover Gift Card. After this read to know more about the Discover Gift Card Balance.

Discover Gift Card Balance

Here I will tell you how exactly you can check our balance. There are basically two ways through which you can check your balance. You can either check your balance through phone, or you can check your balance online. I have described both of these methods. You can then decide for yourself which you want to follow.

Discover Gift Card Balance Through the Phone

In order to check your balance through your phone, please call on 1-866-522-7026. Now, this is the number through which you can check your balance. Once you call on this, you will be able to check your balance. Now here please note that before calling on this, you must have some details ready. You must have details like your card number, etc. ready. This is because they will definitely ask for it.

Now please read further to know how to check your balance online.

Discover Gift Card Balance Online

Now, in order to check your balance online, please follow us carefully. Firstly, go on this website After you are there, please click on ‘check balance’. You will be able to find it at the top left of your page. A new window will then open. It will look something like this.

Discover Gift Card Balance

This is the place where you can check your balance. Once there, enter your card number as well as your cardholder ID in their respective boxes. Then you will have to complete the process by stating the letters. This is in order to prove that you are human. Finally, click on ‘log in’. Through this, you will be able to check your balance. Therefore this is how you can check your Discover Gift Card Balance Online.


This concludes this article based on the Discover Gift Card Balance. I hope I told you everything about the balance check as well as the gift card. In case I have missed out on something, then please let us know. I have knowingly written only some of the benefits here, for writing all of them would be tiresome for you to read. Therefore I have written the main benefits here.

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