Holiday Return Policy [Infographic]

We have made this Holiday Return Policy to make your shopping while winter holidays more convenient. After going through it you will easily figure out which retailer is right for making your gift purchases.

As we like to spread love to our close ones by distributing gifts whether it be Christmas day, New years or Thanksgiving day. We all purchase these gifts in bulk for distributing it to our friends and family from either online or offline retailers. Most of the bulk purchase is made on the Black Friday sale, as stores offer huge discounts on this day.winter holidays gifts

Almost every store observe their highest volume of sale (and return) in the December month itself. This high amount of sale is generated due to a huge demand for gifts. With the rise in the number of sales, the amount of return also increases.

Holiday extended return time limit


As we all know that the amount of sale and returns increase during the winter holidays. So, online and offline stores come up with an easier policy for the convenience of the customers.

Both online and offline stores provide an extended time limit for the goods purchased during the winter holidays. The day since when the holiday return policy comes into effect is different for different stores. Although, in most of the stores it begins in November and ends in December.

When the Holiday Return policy is into effect, then the Standard rules and the general return policy of that store is also applicable. If for any purchase the extended time limit falls before the general return time limit then the later would be considered.extended time limit for holiday season

Data Collection and Survey

We have tabulated the Holiday Return Policy of top stores based on the previous holiday season. We also conducted a survey in order to know the proportion of returns based on gender. As the holiday returns policy begins from different date every year, so they remove this data once the holiday season is over. Hence, we collected the previous year’s data from this website to tabulate it in our infographic.

We also collected the package returns data from UPS, Optoro and NRF.

The Infographic

Here let us take a look at the infographic which contains all the details regarding the holiday return policy. We have included the timeframe since when the holiday return policy begins, and the deadline 0for the same.

In the second half of the infographic, we have estimated and represented the trends of returns in the last holiday season. From our calculated data we found out the Clothing items were the most returned during the holidays, then comes the footwear products.

Holiday Return Policy

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