Marriott Gift Card Balance Check

Yes, cheers to all those who have the same thing called wanderlust. This article is for all the traveling geeks who resides somewhere and are found somewhere. So you being a traveler must have heard a great name about Marriott Hotels and Spa’s. Also, you must have come across the Gift cards available at the Marriott. If not yet then you can learn how to buy Marriot Gift cards from this article. Our major topic is to help those who have got Gift cards but wants to know the Marriott Gift Card Balance. So read this article ahead and get a brief introduction about Marriot before anything else.

About Marriott

Marriott logoMarriot International is an American Company that has a huge range of hotels and lodging facilities. This company was established 92 years ago in 1927 by J Willard Marriot and now is operated by his son Bill Marriot. It is known to be the largest chain of hotels in the world. Marriot has got about 30 brands and 7003 properties in about 100+ countries. Marriott has got its headquarters in Maryland, Washington DC. Marriot has got a style of luxury and hospitality for all the People residing in their hotels. They have also got a Facility of Gift cards available for gifting your friends and family for an exciting stay at their vacation.

Marriott Gift card

In Marriott International, there are Gift cards available of 2 types. Gift cards are something that could be used by you instead of cash. You can get your Gift cards used during the time of billing or while paying for the facility. Here below is a short description of the Gift cards available at Marriott.

Physical Gift cards

Marriott Gift cardPhysical Gift cards are available at the Marriot online store. They are the same as that like a Credit card or a Debit card. While ordering you need to decide the amount of cash you want to deposit in the card. You can use the card instead of carrying cash. But that too has got some terms and policies so it should be taken care of and could not be replaced if lost or stolen.

E-gift cards

Marriott e-gift card

E-Gift cards are something that could sound somewhat like the voucher and promo codes. An e-Gift card copy would be sent to you in 2-3 business days and the code would be mailed to you. In case of losing the card or it is stolen you need the keep the code readily available to get its transaction stopped.

So by this topic, you must have cleared your doubts with the Gift cards available at Marriott international. To learn how to check your balance read the article further to learn more.

Marriott Gift Card Balance Check

So you want to know about Marriott Gift Card Balance check than this is the topic you can get yourself helped. Follow the steps that are mention below to know more:

  1. First of all, you need to go to the gifts Marriott online store. The direct link to that is
  2. Now after that, you would be able to see Check Balance option available in the taskbar.
  3. Clicking on it would redirect you to the Check Balance page.Marriott gift card balance check
  4. Now enter the Card number that must be available to you behind the card. In E-gift cards you would be mailed the card number enter that.
  5. Now in the second textbox enter the 4 digit pin
  6. Get the Captcha solved
  7. Lastly, click on the Get Balance and get your available balance in the Marriott Gift card.

So by following these steps, you would be able to know the balance of your gift card. But if you have never bought a gift card and want to know about it then read the below topic to know how to buy a Mariott Gift card.

Note: If you are not able to get the balance check your Card number and PIN twice. Or you can call on 800-442-6132 for any queries you face.

How to buy a Mariott Gift card?

So if you are interested in buying the Gift cards available at the Mariott international. Or you want to gift it to your Friends and Relatives then you can follow the steps below to know how to buy Gift cards and E-Gift cards. The steps to buying them are:

How to Buy a Gift card?

  1. Go to the Mariott Gift store online by clicking on the link provided above
  2. Then after that click on shop Gift cards.
  3. Now click on the type of design you want on your gift card.
  4. Select the Amount by entering it ( the amount of the Gift card may range from $25 to $2000 ).
  5. Opt for the packing you want for the gift card.
  6. Lastly, enter the Recipients name and a message for him/her.
  7. Hit the buy button and there you go.

How to buy an E-gift card?

  1. Stay on the same page to buy an E-gift card.
  2. Click on Send Gift card button.
  3. Then select the method of sending the gift card (E-mail or SMS)
  4. Enter your Email address and later the recipient’s mail address.
  5. Now enter the amount and review and check out the E-gift card.

So from this topic, you must have got a quick idea of how to buy Mariott Gift cards. You can get your Gift card received in within 3-4 business days. E-gift cards would be delivered according to the date you have entered while ordering the E-gift card.


Finally done with the Marriott Gift card Balance Check? I hope you must have got a good help fro reading this article. We have given a brief description of the Mariott International. Also, we have covered about the Gift cards and E-Gift cards available at Marriott International. We have majorly discussed the Balance check of Gift cards in this article. You can also get an easy way and a quick method to buy a Gift card and E-Gift card with details. So I hope you have cleared all your doubts related to Marriott and Gift cards. But still, if you have any issues and problems and you want us to cover it then please mention it in the Comment section below.

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