MyHTSpace – Online Portal For Harris Teeter employees

Welcome readers, You are here as you are looking for a guide to login into Myhtspace. You are here so it means that you had search regarding the login step for Myhtspace. Your problems related to login can be solved here as you can get the exact information. To know more regarding this article you have to scroll down and read it carefully so you can successfully login into your account.

Myhtspace Benefits

This is the section that has covered information regarding benefits given to the employees by Myhtspace. As we have mentioned above this is an online portal for the employees that will help the employees to view special benefits, check the payment, look for new offers, and also manage their accounts. Now here are more benefits for them.

MyHTSpace Benefits

  • You will get better health insurance for you and your family too.
  • You will get Supplementary AD &D Insurance.
  • Work-life solutions.
  • Through this online portal, employees can log in through the existing account.
  • With the online portal employees can get every information regarding their work from anywhere.
  • Critical Illness insurance.
  • You will get a short term and long term disability.
  • Educational assistant.
  • Legal benefits.
  • You will get a work-life solution.
  • You will get a Myhtspace schedule that makes your work easy.
  • Employees can view the company profile and their work time along with many other factors.

Myhtspace Login Requirement

You are required to give your username and password given by the company. Let me tell you about some credentials needed for the Myhtspace login process. You will require this all thing than only you are able to login to the portal of Myhtspace

  1. The login page
  2. Myhtspace one Login user-id / Agent code and the password.
  3. Internet Browser.
  4. You will need a PC, Laptop, smartphone, or tablet with reliable internet access.

Online Registration For Myhtspace

There are many employees who face problems at the time of registration. So here, we have mentioned the steps in which you can register to Myhtspace.

Note: You will get the username and password from the company. 

MyHTSpace Registration Guide

  • Firstly, you are required to go to the official site of Myhtspace.
  • Now, you have to move the cursor to the login/sign up button that is given on the right side of the page.
  • Then, you have to move the cursor to the register button.
  • Now, you have to fill the form with all the information required.
  • Then, move the cursor to the “continue” button an click there.
  • Fill the details that re required further.
  • You will be provided with a username and password as soon as you complete the necessary information.
  • Now, as you have got the username and the password you have to save it somewhere so that you can’t forget one.

Myhtspace Login Guide

  • You are required to Go to the official page of Myhtspace.
  • Now, you have to move the cursor to the login/sign up button that is given on the right side of the page.
  • As you click on login, a page will open which is your login page as shown in the figure.

Login guide

  • Now. You have to type your username along with the password in the blank space as mentioned in the figure.
  • As you type your password and username, You have to move your cursor to the “Login” button.
  • By doing this your account of Myhtspace will open.

Guide To Reset The Password

 If you forget your password then you don’t have to worry as at this time many forget it. You can recover and get a new password, You have to follow the following steps so that you can recover your password and get a new password for login.

  • You are required to visit the official website Myhtspace for getting logging in. 

MyHTSpace reset password setting

  • Now, click on the button “Forgot your username and password” as shown in the above figure.

Reset Password Setting

  • Now, you have to enter the company key which is provided by the company, social security number or member id, and date of birth.
  • You have to fill all the fields.
  • After completing the necessary information, click on continue and do as directed.

Myhtspace Other Details

Here, are some details which you should know before logging into the Myhtspace account. Plz, note these details in order to secure your username and password. This information will help you to login with ease and safeguard your login details. Look at the points mentioned below to safeguard your details.

  1. When you are accessing or login to any public computer does not save your password. Logout before living the computer so that no one can use your account or login details.
  2. Do not share your password to anyone and if you think that someone has stolen your password, change the password immediately.
  3. If you open your account on your private computer than save the password so that you don’t have to login whenever you need it.

Reference links

Official website link: Click here

Google play store link: Click here

Apple Store link: Click here


If after changing your password also the trouble remains the same that it might happen due to the following reason. You face the problem due to the reason mentioned below. You have to solve the following issue in order to get a fast login.

  • Make sure that You have to be sure that the caps lock key is off.
  • Cookies and cache must be cleared.
  • Your internet connection must work properly and speed must be fast.
  • You must type your login details properly.
  • Sometimes server of the web is down then, you must wait for few hours so that it start working properly.
  • You must see that your internet browser must be updated.

Wrap Up

This is all about Myhtspace online portal. Now, you might get all the information regarding Myhtspace through this article. Then also if you find any problem in login then you can ask in the comment box mentioned below. We will be happy to solve your problems and give answers to your questions.

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