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So if you are using the American Eagle as your Fashion clothing regularly. Then surely you would be Getting surprised by various vouchers and gift cards. So here we are providing you a total detail about what is a Gift Card and how to get known to your balance in the Gift Card. You can read the Article further to know the steps to Check American Eagle Gift card Balance. But directly heading to the Balance Check First Let me Give you a brief introduction to American Eagle.

About American Eagle

American Eagle is an American styled Clothing retailer that is also known by the name of American Eagle was founded in the year 1977 by Jerry Silverman, Mark Silverman. The headquarters of this Company is located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It has a big brand name in the Southern American States and also worldwide. American Eagle has a variety of Customers worldwide. The popular products sold by American Eagle Jeans, Polo t-shirts, Graphic tees, etc. To know more about Gift cards read the Article Further.

American Eagle Gift Card

What exactly Gifts cards are? So Gift cards are somewhat an online currency that can be used while buying the products online or from the stores of American Eagle. Gift cards are something that you can buy from the store to gift someone. They may cost from $5 to $125.The Gift cards of American Eagle might appear to you like.American Eagle Gift Card

So this is how the gift card might appear like that you can either order online or buy it from the stores or malls.

American Eagle E-Gift Cards

So American Eagle also provides you the Facility of E-Gift cards. This E-gift cards can be used by you to buy products by redeeming the code that you may receive by E-mail or SMS. The E-Gift cards may vary from $20 to $500.You can Gift this by the means of Email or Text of the recipient.

American Eagle Gift Card Balance Check?

So here in this topic, you Would get to know about how to Check the balance of your Gift Card or E-Gift card. To know the steps to check your Gift card balance you can go through the following steps and get yourselves helped.

  1. First of all, Go to the website of the American eagle Gift card.
  2. There You must be able to locate the option of Check your Balance. That might appear to you like:Check your balance
  3. In here click on the Check Your Balance button.
  4. Then you would be able to see the dialogue box like:Balance Check
  5. Now enter the code of the Gift Card on the First Textbox. You may find that Behind the Gift card
  6. After this enter the PIN that could be of 4 digits in the second textbox.
  7. After this, you need the face the Captcha Challenge for security purpose or else get yourself verified by the automatic check.

So by following the steps above you can get your balance of the Gift card Checked easily in a snap. By this, you must have cleared your doubts related to American Eagle Gift card balance check. But if a first-time buyer then you can get yourselves helped by reading further. You can get to know how to buy a gift card by reading the article below. The direct link to check the balance of your gift card is here.

How to buy American Eagle Gift Card?

So here is what we provide you the steps to know how to buy the American Eagles Gift card. You can refer the steps below to know how to buy a gift card, Corporate Gift card or E-Gift card. Firstly Let me show you the steps to know how to buy a Gift Card.

How to Buy a Gift card?

  1. Firstly you need to go on the page on American Eagle Gift card page. You can directly redirect to the page link I have given in above topic.
  2. There you must be able to see an option to buy a Gift card like:Shop American Eagle Gift Card
  3. Click on this and you would be redirected to a page for buying a gift card. There you may need to select the amount of gift card. Provide and fill the details asked for and then you may get your gift card delivered home and then could use to buy the ap[plicable merchandise of American Eagle.

How to buy an E-Gift Card?

  1. Locate and find the option to buy an E-Gift card on the AE page.
  2. You can find that on AE or Aerie gift card page that might appear to you like:Shop American Eagle Egift card
  3. Now once you click on this and you are done, You need to select the type of card and enter the type of convenience you would like to receive the gift card by. That can be Either by Mail or SMS. This E-Gift Card can be gifted to your friends and family by just entering the recipients’ email or mobile number.

How to buy a Corporate Gift Card?

  1. You can make your coworkers and employees happy by gifting them a corporate gift card.
  2. To buy locate and click on the Buy Corporate Gift card option available on the AE online gift card store.
  3. The option may appear to you like:Corporate gift card By reading this topic you are must be known to the process of buying an American Eagle Gift card. So this is how you can buy a gift card. And can surprise your friends and family by gifting them. Also, you can use this Gift cards to gift your coworkers and employees. The terms to use this Gift cards are: You can use them only on the AE merchandise.


So from this Artical, you must have cleared all your doubts related to Gift cards. In this article, we have given all the information about the types of gifts cards available. Also, we have covered how to check the balance of your Gift Card. You can also get to know how to buy a Gift card. Still, if you are facing any issues related to the Gift cards you can use the helpline number: 877-824-3567. If you want us to update anything related to the Gift cards, you can mention them in the comment section below.

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