HSBC Gift Card Balance Check

This article is going to explain how you can check your HSBC Gift Card Balance Check. HSBC offers one of the most premium banking cards. Customers can check their balance in three different ways, online banking, calling HSBC customer care or by the mobile banking app.

We have explained three simple ways to check your gift card balance. This article will be giving you more information on HSBC Gift Cards and the methods of checking your balance. To know about HSBC and its gift card continue reading the article below.

About HSBC

HSBC is a multinational banking and financial holding company. HSBC is headquartered in London at the Canary Wharf. From the past 150 years,  HSBC has maintained its foundation, value, and strategies.

Being one of the leading banks in the world, HSBC covers 66 countries and territories across the globe. They have over 39 million customers across the world. 235,000 employees work with HSBC Holdings Inc. worldwide.


HSBC, the name is derived from the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation’s initials. The bank was first active in 1866. It continues to see Hongkong And United Kingdom as its ” home markets”.

HSBC Gift Cards

We all like gifts and rewards but wouldn’t it be great if you were rewarded for spending? Yes, you heard it right. HSBC offers rewards or gift cards to their customers on purchases. You can know more in detail about it from here. 

What do you do with the gift cards? Well, keep it for yourself or gift a loved one. There are various types of gift cards from HSBC. You can get a gift card for Golf Town, Apple iTunes, Amazon, Bath & Body Cards, Cineplex/movie cards, Costco wholesale, Earls Kitchen, Hudson Bay and Many more.

gift cards

Let me brief you on how to collect the reward or gift points. HSBC gifts/ rewards you on the following cases:

  • The Classic cardholders will receive one reward point for a purchase of Rs. 250.
  • For every purchase of Rs. 100, the Gold cardholders will get 1 reward point.
  • Platinum credit cardholders will get 2 reward points whenever they purchase above Rs. 150.
  •  2 reward points will be given to Premium cardholders for every purchase of Rs. 100.


movie card hsbc

You can redeem these points from a wide variety of jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, airlines, home appliances and many more.

So basically if you have HSBC Gift Cards, you will be rewarded with points. you can later redeem the rewards received for anything you like.

HSBC Gift Card Balance Check

There are benefits of using HSBC Gift Cards, just in case you do not have one, you should apply for one straight away. For those who have read below, how you can check the HSBC Gift Card Balance.

Now, in order to check your HSBC Gift Card Balance, you have to follow a few simple steps.

gift cardsAs we mentioned above, you can check your HSBC Gift Balance or any other card balance through online banking, mobile banking or by calling HSBC customer care.

HSBC Gift Card Balance Check through Mobile Banking

mobile banking for balance check

The HSBC mobile banking services allow you to stay updated on your transactions and any other activities. The new modified mobile application has made mobile banking more intuitive and consumer-friendly.

Simply log in using your account details and username to avail the mobile banking services. In case you forget your username or password, you can call the customer care number of HSBC at 1800 266 3456 or 040-67173406.

Mobile Banking is very helpful if you do not have time to visit the branch or its just about as little as checking a balance which otherwise would consume a lot of time.

HSBC Gift Card Balance Check through online banking

HSBC has made personal banking very efficient. The new and enhanced features on the page have made users manage and finance their transactions easily. Their new internet banking page will show you a redefined page of your account making your banking with HSBC even better.

HSBC’s internet banking provides you a wide range of transactions such as bill payment, fund transfer, E-statements, and many more. Internet banking with HSBC is actually quite easy, secure and time-saving.

Below are the steps through which you can check your gift card balance:

  1. Firstly, you’ll have to register with the bank for internet services.
  2. You will be provided by a username and an OTP
  3. When you log in the first time use the OTP to create a password that is strong enough.
  4. Once you login into your account you can view your gift card balance.

registration gift card balance

HSBC Gift Card Balance check by Telephone banking

You can check your HSBC Gift Card Balance by calling the customer care number at 0345 600 61 61. This helpline number is available 24/7  for the premium customers 0345 600 61 61. There are a number of benefits of using telephone banking. You can check your balance, make payments, transfer money as well a set standing offers.

To check your HSBC Gift Card Balance, simply call on either of the numbers provided and do as they ask. Provide them your card number and registration number or the account name. In case you are new, you will be provided with a telephone banking number to make it easier for you.

If you’ve have lost or do not remember your internet or mobile banking security number details, you can retrieve it by calling 03456 00 61 61.

Remember to call them from 8 am- 8 pm unless you are a premium customer. If you have any doubts further you can comment in the comment section below.


I hope this article has helped you with your doubts. Just in case you still have questions or we have not covered any section, you can always suggest in the comment box below.

We have tried to cover most of the HSBC Gift Card Balance Check procedure in this article. How you can avail your gift card, how you can check the balance in three different ways and also how you can redeem your gift points.

It is very easy to redeem your HSBC Gift Card Balance to use the rewards in any other purchase benefits, so if you do not have one kindly apply for one because you are missing out on a lot of offers.

Hoping my article could help you understand the process of checking the HSBC Gift Card Balance.

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