Walmart Gift Card Balance Check | Simple Way To Check Your Balance

If you are a daily shopper at any of the Walmart stores, then I am pretty sure that you all have an idea about the Walmart Gift Card. If not then don’t worry will discuss a little about it as well. Along with the procedure of Walmart Gift Card Balance Check. Just follow as written below and you will be simply able to check your balance. But before it let me brief you a little about Walmart Stores.

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About Walmart Store

Walmart is a chain of the store from which you can find any of the product you want to purchase from pen to pen-drive. You can also purchase grocery items such as meats, frozen food, etc. From the electronic section, you can buy a mobile, camera, etc. Office section from which you can buy items such as office supplies. It also sells product such as DVD movies, music, books, also. You will also find Baby products, Toys, Fitness Items, Health products, Gardening Items, and Pharmacy also. Now will gather some information related to the Gift Card as Well.

About Walmart Gift Card

What do you mean by a Gift Card? It us prepaid money card which is been used in some of the stores. It is known as the digital way to transfer money to the merchant’s account. The gift card comes along with the huge amount of discount offers. Also, provides you some special offers on daily bases as well. Discount provided by using the Gift Card is really very popular in some of the parts of America.
The one which is been provided by the Walmart Corporation is been widely used for purchasing item along with the huge discount offers, and also in the festival time as well. A gift card can earn you up to $100 of discount showers. So without wasting much time Go and enjoy your shopping using these Gift card. But along with it let me teach you the Walmart Gift Card Balance Check process. The gift card is a prepaid stored value card similar to any other card. But you can only use these gift card for purchasing any kind of gift or online store product only.

Process Of Walmart Gift Card Balance Check

Here will learn that how to check Gift card balance for the Walmart Gift Card. There are many uses of Gift Card such as anyone can easily purchase any of the things from the stores easily with lots and lots of discount offers. Purchasing of Walmart Gift Card is available from the retail store also. You will get instant discounts and offers on Walmart Gift Cardgift materials as well to the cardholder.
To know how to check balance, transaction history, or any other kind of the purchase. Just follow the below given simple steps to check the balance for the cardholder.
  • You can open any of the browsers forms any of the devices such as Android, IOS, or PC as well
  • Visit by using any of the browser services
  • When you visit the official website, always remember that it is a secure an and protects it from the privacy of the cardholders
  • Once you visit on the first page where you need to enter your 4 digits customized pin Along with the Gift Card Number
  • Then enter the correct Captcha to complete your verification process
  • After the completion of the above steps, you will be easily able to see your balance along with the transaction history

So these are the simple steps by using which any of the cardholders can complete their Walmart Gift Card Balance Check Process. There is also one another by using which you can check your balance which is been explained below.

Walmart Gift Card Balance Check Using Phone Number

If you are not having any kind of the Internet connection then you can easily check your balance by using Gift Card verificationregistered cardholder’s mobile number as well. It is a more reliable and efficient way of checking your Gift Card balance. All you need to do is just follow the below given simple steps.

  • Call on 1-888-537-5503. From cardholder’s registered mobile number with the Gift Card
  • Just do accordingly as instructed on the call by customer care
  • Give the input using the keypad as instructed by the officials
  • Once all your steps are correctly done you will be easily able to hear your balance.

Once you have followed all the above-given steps, the process of Walmart Gift Card Balance Check will be completed easily and you will get to know your balance. Walmart also provides the eGift Card to know more about the same continue reading below.

About Walmart eGift Card

eGift Card is the best solution for not using the hard plastic Gift card. You can get more benefits of using the eGift Card some of which are been mentioned below:

  • Applying for the card is really very much easily. You can apply for it online also from Walmart Gift Card website Carrying a card is not required.
  • Just card number, expiry date, and a pin is enough to check the access payment for any kind of purchase of online or offline products
  • Instantly check your balance from using online websites or from the retail store as well at the time of purchase
  • You can easily apply for eGift Card online and also you can add balance online too

So this was a, in short, the explanation about eGift Card. It is somehow much better than using a physical card.

Get Free Walmart Gift Card

You can easily opt for a physical card which is known as the Gift Card. There are many of the benefits of using these gift cards in some parts of North America and Canada also. But there are different types of choice in the Walmart Gift Cards. You can earn a Walmart Gift CardWalmart gift card image. Just follow the below given simple steps to know more about the benefits of the Gift Card:

  • You will find a wide range of Gift Card  with variety of designs related to the birthday wishes or anniversary as well
  • Also, it provides the choice of many colors, along with some of the premium colors
  • No need to carry cash along with you, replace it with a Gift Card Facilities to check your balance online is also available. Visit

So this is some of the basic benefits of using the Gift card.


We hope that now you are cleared with the Walmart Gift Card Balance Check. Just follow as written above and you will be easily able to complete your balance check process. Still confused or have any kind of doubts then write it down below in the comment section will revert you back with the solution.

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