Vistaprint Return Policy Expanded

Not happy with the visiting cards you ordered?? Then you can return it back. Worried about the procedure to return the product? No worries, we have provided every information of Vistaprint Return Policy in this article. Just scroll down and resolve all your queries. The information about returns, exchanges, and refunds is provided to you in this article.

Vistaprint Return Policy Explained

Customers will have 30 days to make their return. Vistaprint Return Policy has set up some criteria under which your returns will be assessed. As per the Vistaprint Return Policy, there is no need to return the product. Either you can keep it with you or if you want you can recycle it. If the product you received is damaged then you’ll get it replaced, Free of Cost.

Vistaprint Store

The full refunds will be given if there the merchandise is defective. You will get the refund in your account or if wish store credit will be given to you.

You can visit the store for returns if you have ordered the product from the Vistaprint store that is only in Toronto. For orders, you can contact the Customer Service Team.

Refunds might takes 3-5 days once your returns request processing starts.


As mentioned in the Vistaprint Return policy, there are some products that once delivered to you will not be edited later. Here are some.Exceptions

  • Checks
  • Mailing Services
  • Digital Products
  • Some kind of Photo-books
  • Design Services
  • The products you ordered mentioned on the Promotional Products section

If you want to make any changes to the above-listed items, you can contact the Customer Service Team for the solution.

The above are some of the basic and the general rules for the return and some exceptions of the Vistaprint Return Policy. Now you will understand the different methods by which you can return your Vistaprint product.

Vistaprint Covid-19 Update

There are certain precautions that are taken by Vistaprint for the safety of the employees and the customers. Here are they.

  • Thermal screening at the Entry and Exit Gate.
  • Face masks are made compulsory.
  • Frequent Sanitisation of complete Facility.
  • They educate the staff for maintaining the proper social distancing.

Return Process

The Vistaprint Return Policy accepts the product back until the printing gets started. Once the printing is started it will be a bit difficult to return the product. You can read more to know more about the Return Process.

There are some major points to keep in mind because Vistaprint Return Policy is a bit different than any other Policy.

There is no need to return the product. You can recycle it or if you wish you can keep it with you.


Vistaprint Exchange policy is actually applicable to the items that are until the printing process take place. You can make changes in design and text edit on the product you ordered only before the printing has taken

To edit the items that you have already ordered, follow the steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on “My Account”
  3. Go to “Order History”
  4. If there are chances that you can edit your product, you will be able to see a link “View/Edit”.
  5. By chance option to edit your item is not available then you can contact the Customer Service Team.

If you want to edit anything in your item or you want to change some other aspects of your product like ship speed, quantity, or paper stock/finish anything like that. But the option to edit is not there, you can call Customer Care for an inquiry.

Consequently, after exchange and return, now is the time of Refund. The above return and exchange policies are hassle-free. You will get assistance regarding the return in just a call to the Service Number.


Vistaprint Refund Policy states very simple rules. You are not supposed to return the product. There are two options for the returns, read more to know more.

Refunds will be given to you, once the process for your returns is finished. It might take  3-5 business days to process the refund.


Defective Product

You can edit your product before the printing has taken place. Once Vistaprint finishes the printing process, soon you get your product at the address you provide.

If there is any defect in the product or any damage has happened to the product, you call on Customer Service Number if you have purchased from There is no need to return the product. You will get a full refund in this case, as mentioned in Vistaprint Return Policy.defective

The product purchased from the store, if found defective return to the store.

You will get a refund in your account if you purchased the product online.  You will be getting the store credit if you wish to have it and also when you have paid by cash.

Not Pleased With Product

You can contact the Customer Service Team, by any chance you are not happy with the product purchased. Possibilities are that you cannot get the refund in this case, but if something can be done with it, Vistaprint will surely help you.


What is Customer Service Number for Vistaprint?

You can call on 800-961-2075 for any queries regarding Vistaprint Returns.

What is the process to return to Vistaprint?

Vistaprint gives satisfaction guarantee on their products. The company wants to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the products you order from Vistaprint. Vistaprint Return Policy states that if any product you ordered is defective or damaged, you are free to call the Customer Service Team for resolution.

Can the ordered product be canceled on Vistaprint?

Yes, you care surely cancel your order. To cancel the order you can visit, in that click on My Account. You can go to the history section, if the cancellations are possible you'll get a cancel button there. Click on it to cancel your ordered product.

How many days we get to return the product?

Customers will have 30 days to make their return.

How many days might be taken for getting refund?

Refunds might takes 3-5 days once your returns request processing starts.

Sum It Up

We hope you liked reading our content regarding the Vistaprint Return Policy. And we have helped you get all the answers that were looking for. That will help you return the Vistaprint product.

We have tried the best to cover all the topics related to the return policy of the Vistaprint. This content will make your task easy to return your items to the Vistaprint.

Also, we created a return policy for companies of various other companies as well. The companies we include are Staples, Petco, Avon, Winners, Big Lots, and many more.

Lastly, if you have any doubt regarding the Vistaprint Return policy then you can ask us in the comment section about the same. Your comments and feedbacks value to us.-

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