Food Lion Return Policy【UPDATED】

Return of the products is always difficult. But Food Lion Return Policy is very easy and swift to understand. And over here we additionally make your task easier. Go down the page to know about the Food Lion Return Policy in a gist over here.

Food Lion is a company of the United States Of America. It mainly manufactures the product in the Grocery section and the food items to be specific. You as a customer of Food Lion can understand the return policy very easily. Such is the transparency of the Food Lion Return Policy.

Firstly, to understand the return policy, we need to know the basic Food Lion Return Policy. Scroll down to know some of the basic return policy of the Food Lion Company.

Food Lion Return Policy


Here you will know some of the basic return policy. As it is a Food manufacturing company there is no particular time period for the return. All the returns are under the value of Terms and Condition.

Only the products in their original condition are for the return. Lastly, your returns are supervised by an authorized dealer, before the return, refund or exchange. After understanding the basic return policy, now is the time to know the road map for the return.


According to the Food Lion Return Policy, you can return your product at the store in the following way. You will have to read the below points to understand the return procedure of the Food Lion Company.

The Store Return PolicyFood Lion Shop

To return the products at the store do the following.

  • Firstly, you will have to return the product to your nearby Food Lion Store.
  • To find the location of the Food Lion Store, Click here.
  • Secondly, return your product as soon as possible.
  • As foods are perishable items, no specific time period is there.
  • Thirdly, return the product in the original condition only.
  • If possible bring the Original label and the packaging slip during the time of the return.
  • Only after the inspection by the Authorized dealer, you can return your product.
  • Lastly, all the Food Lion merchandise is under the Terms and Conditions of the company.

The above is the method by which you as a customer can return your Food Lion products at the store.

There are various policies under the Food Lion Return Policy. Let us study them.


In the double money-back guarantee Policy, the Food Lion company provides you double the money if you return the following product. Only on these products, the Food Lion Company allows you the special scheme.

  • Fresh and packaged goods.
  • Home 360 products.
  • Healthy Accents.
  • Nature’s Place.
  • Taste Of Inspirations.
  • Butcher’s Brand.
  • Sealed Fresh Beef.
  • In-Store Baked Products.
  • Food Lion Products.

The above are the products in the Double Money Back Guarantee Policy. Now there are also items which have the exception on their return, let us know about them.

EXCEPTIONSExceptions Items

Now there are items that are not in the Return Section as per the Food Lion Return Policy. Some products are not as per the Return Manifesto. There are two categories in this section they are.

  1. Alcohol and Tobacco.
  2. Baby Formula.

Alcohol and Tobacco

  • Firstly and most important, receipts are necessary for their return.
  • Their returns and exchanges are not possible in counties like Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.
  • The return of these products is possible only at the store of their purchase.
  • To know more, browse the Official Website of Food Lion.

Baby Formula Products

  • The return of Baby items is possible without a receipt as well.
  • Exchange on the same item is only possible.
  • With a receipt, the task of return becomes easier.
  • WIC products have different rules. Click here to know the WIC returns.

These were the items in the exception category, there are also items in the Excluded section as well. To know about them scroll down the post.


The items which are not for return and are in the Excluded category are listed below. Apart from the exceptions, there is a category of Excluded items. These are those following set of items.

  • Gift Cards.
  • Prepaid Phone Cards.
  • Prepaid Cards.
  • Postage Stamps.
  • Western Union Services.
  • Lottery Tickets.
  • Other Prepaid services.

The above are the products which are not in the return section. After knowing about the return policy of the Food Lion Company, now is the time of the Refund Policy.


The more flexible the Food Lion Policy is, the more is the Food Lion Refund Policy. The Refund Policy of the Food Lion Company is as follows.

  • A refund is possible only for goods in their original condition.
  • Refunds are given in the same way as they were paid during the purchase.
  • Baby items refunds have a different policy.
  • No change in this as per the Food Lion Return Policy is applicable henceforth.

Now is the time to know the Exchange Policy of the Food Lion Company.


The Exchange Policy of Food Lion Company is as follows.

  • As per the rules of the Food Lion Company, Exchange is possible only on goods in the original conditions.
  • The exchange of products depends upon the availability.
  • Baby items exchange can be made on the same type only.
  • No change in this application is entertained, as per the Food Lions Company

These were some of the basic Food Lion Return Policy along with their Refunds and Exchange Policy. Now in the next segment, you will come to know about some of the most asked FAQs and their relevant answers.


What is the customer care of the Food Lion Company?

The customer care number of the Food Lion Company is 1-800-210-9569.

Can I return my Baby products without a receipt?

Yes, as per the Food Lion Return Policy, you can return your baby items without a receipt as well.

What is the return policy of Alcohol?

According to the return policy of the Food Lion company, you can return your Alcohol from the store you have purchased it. Also, you cannot return Alcohol to various countries.


I hope you liked reading our content regarding the Food Lion Return Policy. We as such have tried the best to cover all the topics related to the return policy of the Food Lions. This content will make your task easy to return your items of the Food Lion Company.

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