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Reading Books is Love for some people. Did you wrongly purchase Book from Half Price Books? If yes then no worries, you can return the book for an exchange or refund. Worried about the process to return your product? It’s easy to do so just go through the guide mentioned here so that you can easily return your wrong purchased books. Here is the Half Price Books Return Policy presented to help you read your favorite book.

About Half Price Books Return Policy

Half Price Books gives you the benefit of reading your favorite topic books at only HALF Price. Somehow you ordered the wrong book you can return it within 45 days of the ordered date. If you order internationally, you get 60 days to return your order. Half Price Books Return POLICY applies only to HPB.com purchases. Returns for Store purchased products are not accepted by mail.

Half Price Books Store

If you find the defect in any product or if there is any error of Half Price Books, the full refund will be issued on the product purchasing price along with appropriate sales tax, the original shipping, and handling fees (if applicable).

The reason for your returns is the change of mind, then the refund for the purchase will be given with appropriate sales tax. The handling fees and Original Shipping charges, if any, will be deducted from the total of your refund unless there is an error on the HPB part.

Some Facts

There are some criteria to keep in mind that is a part of the Half Price Books Return Policy before you start the refund process:

  1. Return Packing Slip: Return Packing Slip must be included in the return package. Otherwise, the refund will not be issued. You will get Packing Slip on the Orders page.
  2. Track your Returns: HPB will not be responsible for the loss of any of the products during return shipment by the carrier. So keep tracking your returns till they reach the destination.
  3. Original Condition: If you purchased a new product from HPB, but want to return it, so keep that in mind that the product should be in its Original, Shrink-wrapped, and Unopened condition when you return it.
  4. Online Purchased Gifts: If the product you want to return was gifted to you, and was purchased from HPB.com, then the original buyer can mail the product, and a refund will be issued to the original card used at the time of purchase.
  5. In-store Returns:  The items purchased from HPB.com or other HPB outlets will not be accepted for Refund or Exchange at any of the HPB stores.
  6. Marketplace Seller: Products purchased on HPB.com from a marketplace seller may only be returned when the item is not as described or damaged.
  7. For software, Half Priced Books offers only store credit, and the return must be made with the receipt within 30 days of the purchase.
  8. Half Priced Books follows copyright law.

Half Price Books Store Covid-19 Response

As per the government guidance, they closed the stores for the safety of their employees and the customers. Though they closed the stores they allowed curbside pick up of books and, in some markets and also makes delivery at peoples home. They use the own store inventory to source the order from the inventory. When they open back the stores they continue to take certain precautions. Here are some of the steps they continued to take care of.

  • Masks are made compulsory.
  • Proper social distancing must be made.
  • Hand gloves are made compulsory.
  • Sanitization of the shops is done on daily basis.

In-store Return Policy

Half Price Books Return Policy is different for the store and online Purchase. If you purchased from the store, then read further.

The Books that you purchase from the store and for any reason want to return it, and you’ll have to visit the store to return.

Take the product along with the receipt to your local store or to the store you purchased from. Do include the Original Packaging and the Price Tag while returning the product.

If required you’ll have to provide your Photo ID and your Mobile Number. You cannot MAIL the product purchased from the store.

Process to Return

Half Price Return Policy gives you the right to return your book that you don’t want.

There are TWO possibilities of purchasing the book, i.e., Online or In-store. Here’s what you have to do to return your book if you purchased it Online.

If you purchased online and want to return the book. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and go to the “Orders” page.
  2. If you checked out as a guest the click on “Returning Guest” on the login page. If you have an account, skip the next step.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and the order number; the details of your order will be on your screen.
  4. Click “Return Item” from the of your orders on the one you want to return.
  5. Follow the instruction to receive a printed Return Label and Return Packing Slip.
  6. Keep the Return Packing Slip in the package with the product you want to return.
  7. Affix Return Label and postage outside the package.
  8. Mail it.
  9. Address to mail the product is mentioned on the Return Label.

NOTE: Return addresses vary by seller, but don’t worry: your printable mailing label will automatically contain the correct return address. Keep TRACKING your product till it reaches to the warehouse.

Once the product gets back to the warehouse, afterward you’ll receive your refund within 3-5 business days.

Please contact Customer Care for international return queries. If your order was shipped outside the US.


Half Price Books Refund Policy will refund the amount in the original method of payment used for purchase.Refunds

  • Refunds for Products purchased from HPB.com will not be issued at the stores.
  • The refund value for products you return purchased using any type of discount, promotion, or coupon will be reduced to reflect the value of any free gift, discount, or promotion that was used for the original purchase.
  • For international shipping, there may be refund limits for the products. You can contact Customer Service at (800) 883-2114.
  • Products if Opened, Unsealed, or Damaged will not be accepted for refund.
  • If you return the product within 7 days of purchase with the Original Receipt then cash refunds or charged card credits will be issued for all the returned products.


The purchasing of books can be done from the store or Online. Half Price Books Exchange Policy is different for both the purchase options.Exchange Books

If you purchased the product from the store, then you cannot mail it, to exchange with another. Return the product to the store within 30 days of purchase with the Original Sales Receipt. Depending on the Book the exchange or Merchandise Credit will be given.

Online exchanges are not possible. Due to the uniqueness of the product, exchanges for items purchased online are not performed.


Half Price Books Return Policy states to return the product the Original receipt is a must.

The receipt can becash or gift receipt.Receipted Books

  • Return the product with the original receipt within 7 days of purchase refunds will be issued by cash or to the charged card.
  • If you purchased your product using Credit Card, then the refund will be issued on the same.
  • Returning the product within 30 days of the purchased date with a sales receipt will result in store credit or you can exchange the product.
  • Cash refunds will be issued after 12 business days for the purchases made by check. That will be only possible if you return the product at the mentioned time.
  • If you return the product with a Gift Receipt, you’ll get options for a refund.
  1. Exchange with another product.
  2. HPB merchandise card will be issued along with a Gift card Receipt within 30 days of the purchase date.


Exceptions are the main topic to talk about. Because this topic talks about the restrictions that the policy holds. Even the Half Price Books Return Policy has some exceptions. Let’s see what are those:

  • Half Price Books reserve the right to limit or decline refunds.
  • Cash Refunds will not be given for HPB Gift Cards, except as required by law.Exceptions
  • Half Price Books Outlet locations sales are all final. NO RETURNS or REFUNDS.
  • Products purchased from other Half Price Books locations will not be accepted at Half Price Books Outlets.
  • No exchange or refund will be given if you return the Product without Return Packing Slip.
  • If you return the product after 45 days, no refund or exchange process will be carried. (For international orders after 60 days.)
  • Damaged or Incomplete products can be denied for returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Customer service number for Half Price Books?

You can call on (800) 883-2114 for any queries regarding Half Price Books.

Is there Gift Card Hotline number for Half Price Books?

Of course, just give a call at (866) 615-2665 for any queries regarding HPB Gift Cards.

Is there any price difference in products at HPB Online Purchase and HPB Store purchase?

Yes, possibly prices may vary between Half Price Books Outlets, and Stores and HPB.com. Actually, HPB.com may sell some products that are provided by third-party marketplace sellers. And these are the only sellers who decide the price of their products, HPB does not set any price for these.

Is there any Half Price Books near me?

Store near me. Click on this to know the stores near you and the distance.

Does Half Price Books accept the books purchased using Coupons?

Yes, Refund will be given on the purchase price, the coupon or discount will be deducted from the original purchase price.


We hope you can now easily return your products following the Half Price Books Return Policy and avail of the refund or can exchange the products. Now you can enjoy the products that you like.

If you have queries regarding the Return Policies of other companies, you can see them on our website. We have helped you to know more return policies of other companies like SearsStaples, Urban Outfitters, GNC, and Whole Foods Market as well.

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