Estee Lauder Return Policy Analyzed

Have bought things from Estee Launder and the product is not the correct one? Then what are you waiting for just go and return it? Don’t have information about returning it, then here is the perfect place as here you will get everything about Estee Lauder Return Policy. Returning the product on time is necessary for you, so make sure to return on time. Read further to clear all your queries regarding Estee Lauder Return Policy. We hope, after that, you will have no doubts left with you.

About Estee Lauder Return Policy

Estee lauder store

Estée Lauder tries to satisfy the customers by giving various beauty products. In case you aren’t pleased with the product,  Estee Lauder Return Policy has made it too easy for the customer to return the product for an exchange or to claim the refund within 1 year of the purchase date if purchased Online. Returns are absolutely free.

Below some scenarios are given in what conditions can you return the product and How:

  • Call on 1.877.311.3883 if you didn’t receive your online order as per your expectations.
  • If you want to return or exchange the gifted product, then fill up the back page of your invoice attached to the package, that you received as a gift. Include your phone number, So that you can get the call to ensure the returned package at their warehouse is received.
  • Inspect your package properly as it’s normal for the shipping package to get some wear, however, if you see any damage happened to the product, Retain the product received, its package, and the packing slip. In this case, call immediately on 1.877.311.3883.

NOTE: Please provide the Order number of the damaged product, your email address and mobile number along with the damaged product that you return.

Estee Lauder Covid-19 Response

As the covid-19 is expanding globally they are highly worried about their customers and employees. So, to help them out they took out the following steps.

  • They took action to optimize the cost structure.
  • Started online sales.
  • Many of the branches are open with correct precaution measures.

ForeMost  Data

We are discussing the Estee Lauder Return Policy here. Information about the returns is what are we trying to provide you. Before starting your Return process, go through these steps to make it easier for you to decide where can you send your product.

  • If you purchase the product from make sure you mail the product to the nearest UPS location or request a pickup. The product purchased online is not accepted at the Estée Lauder store.
  • Return Policy for products purchased online is made very easy for you. Read further to know about Return and Exchange Policy.
  • You are not supposed to return or exchange the product to if you purchased from the Estée Lauder Store counter be it retail or departmental.
  • Returning the product to the place of purchase is the only best and hassle-free solution.
  • If you still have any issue returning the product to the place you purchased, so for further help you can contact the Consumer Communications Department at [email protected].
  • If you are not satisfied completely with the Estée Lauder Online purchase, you can return the unused portion to get your full refund or exchange that item.
  • Cards and eGift Cards are not returnable or nor can be exchanged.

Steps to Return

Purchased Mail us the product. Follow these instructions to mail as per Estee Lauder Return Policy.

  1. Call on 1.877.311.3883.Call on
  2. Online Service Team will provide Pre-Paid return label on your email address.
  3. Print that label.
  4. There is the Return Merchandise/Exchange section on the other side of the Original Invoice that you received with your order. Fill it up with all the information asked.

    Note: If you are not able to find on the package, do check the gift box if received.

  5. Pack and Seal the box. Include the original Invoice in the box. And affix that label outside the box.
  6. Drop the package to any UPS location near you.
  7. If you can’t go then, you call on 1-800-PICKUPS and request a pickup.Pickup Request
  8. If you still have any doubts refer to the Return Label emailed to you, which includes every detail.

Exchange Your Product

Estee Lauder Exchange Policy is very simple if you follow the steps.

  1. If you want to exchange any product follow the Return process.
  2. While returning the products mention information about the Product Name, Product Code, and Size(if applicable).

The process is completed in 2 steps when you return your product for exchange:Exchange Image

  1. A credit will be issued for the returned item.
  2. A new order will be processed for the products you want in exchange.

In this case, Two transactions will take place in your account.

  1. You will get credit for the product you return.
  2.  The charges for product exchange will be deducted from your account.

Note: No matter which source you choose to make the payment, you have to fill in the details on the back of your Invoice and include the information about the payment method you used (Credit card information, if used). Exchanges cannot be processed directly on your respective account.

If you return any product for exchange, then the credit transaction and the billing transaction will take place at the same time. Product exchange is subject to payment authorization in the Billing transaction, and Once you accept the transaction, it will post immediately to your account. Depending on the bank’s processing time for credits, it may take more time for the credit to post to your account.


Returning the product without receipt becomes very hard sometimes. Here you will find the receipt attached to your package. Somehow, if you misplaced it, you can search for your e-mail address.

The receipt is always sent through e-mail. But if you could not find it in your e-mail, the left out option is to call the Customer Service Number. Either they will send you a copy of the receipt, or they will look up your order by e-mail.


There is always one question going on in your mind after returning the product is, When will I get a refund? Read Estee Lauder Refund policy for your answers.Refund Policy image

  • Once the Return Department receives your order. Then it may take 7-10 business days to process your Return packages.
  • After that, you will get your Refund.
  • The time may vary to credit your account as it depends on the issuing bank.
  • If you didn’t receive the refund, please contact the issuing bank.

Frequently Asked Queries

1. What is Customer Service Number for Estée Lauder?

For questions related to returns Call on 1.877.311.3883.

2. Can a gifted product be returned without letting the gift-giver know?

YES, If you want to return the product you received as a gift. There is an Invoice available behind the box, fill it up and include it in the package you are going to return. Don't forget to mention your mobile number on the Invoice. You will get a call to ensure and to let you know that your return is processed, once the return package receives the product.

3. Are used products accepted in Returns?

Yes, the Estee Lauder Return policy accepts the product in return or for exchange. For any reason, if you want to return the product purchased from, return the unused portion for an exchange or refund.

4. What is the time period to return the product?

, Estee Lauder Return Policy has made it too easy for the customer to return the product for an exchange or to claim the refund within 1 year of the purchase date if purchased Online.

5. What is the time period to get the refund back?

Once the Return Department receives your order. Then it may take 7-10 business days to process your Return packages.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Estee Lauder Return Policy has been explained in this post. It is very convenient for you to return or exchange any of your products that if you are not satisfied. We have tried giving all the information here, but if you still have any questions, so call on the helpline number given.

You can also visit Petco, Petsmart, The ideal Express, Walgreens, Staples, and The Home Depot to know about the Return Policy if you have any queries regarding it.

You can comment on your suggestions and queries in the given comment box.

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  1. Regarding EL return, I was told I must have to return products together with small gifts I received at that time. I told her it’s not impossible to get back those finished and empty tubes or bottles together with my return product. Then she said I could not be able to get the credit back without all stuffs return. Please advise what the best way to return.

    • Hey Mei,
      As per the policy, you should return all the items together. As you told you don’t have gifts that you have got with it so you are not eligible for the return.
      Thank you.


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