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Tried any of our latest electronic products from Sony? They have launched many products which are a must-try.  After you have bought any of their products and a defective product has reached you, there’s nothing to worry about. We would guide you to change that defective product back.

Sony will help you in many ways such as you can also return any of the products which you don’t like much. As well as you can also exchange any of the defective products and in exchange, you can get the new one.

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About Sony Return Policy

Sony Return Policy states you can return your product if it is defective in nature. You will have a 30 days time period to make your return back to Sony. You may ask for an exchange as well. Sony follows a process through which they determine your return/exchange request.

Methods To Return

You can easily return your product back by any of the ways as mentioned. The product can be returned easily by using an online service or can also be returned by visiting any of the SONY shops near you. Sony Return Policy will help you to make your return process easy, the same as Xbox.

Online Returns

Return your product easily, by using any of our Online return services. Sony has pride in its quality of products and services and we also value it. After purchasing in case you think that you are not much satisfied with the product, you can easily contact us to know more about the return, exchange, or credit for the product back within periods of 25-30 days from purchase.

For any of the queries in your mind don’t worry you can easily contact us at [email protected]. Please contact me between 9 am to 5 am (AEST)(Monday-Friday) Sony Return Policy is always there to help you out.return policy

Steps to return your product back:

  • Contact any of the Sony stores near you within the time period of 25-30 days from purchase. Contact at [email protected]to to get more information related to returns/exchange or refund. Have advice (RA) generated and the original item returned before refunds or credits generated.
  • Returned product must be in its original packing. Opened items such as movies, music, games, and software cannot be returned.
  • Charges for shipping and handling are not refundable unless a replacement item that is shipped is being damaged, or faulty when it opened out from the box which is Sony’s responsibility.
  • Product purchased from Sony online also contains Sony Online order reference Id.
  • Accordingly, to the original price, refunds and exchanges will be issued.

Online Return To Stores

If any of the items purchased online and you want to return them back to the store, in that case, please contact Sony Customer Service in order to proceed with the returns.

Sony Covid-19 Response

  • They established the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19,” for those who are suffering from covid-19.
  • They maintained proper guidelines at the workplace for the safety of the customers and employees.
  • Proper sanitization is done.
  • Mask and gloves are made compulsory.

Damaged Products In Transit /Faulty Products

We understand the level of disappointment when you get a damaged product out of the box or the product is not working properly. So in all that situations, no other extra additional charges will be considered, Same as Lenovo. For more information related to the Sales terms please contact at [email protected] to get your exchange or refund. Damaged products must be sent back to the company in that particular condition only. Along with all the original payment slips and other original accessories.

Exchange Online Purchase

You can also exchange your online purchased product easily and can get a new one in its exchange. To Exchange  your product follow the below steps:

  • Contact Sony Store within a period of 25-30 days from the day of purchase at [email protected] to start your exchange process. All the Returns, exchanges, or refunds will be generated accordingly to the  (RA) return advice for the original item returned before refund or credits are generated.
  • exchangeIf possible, our team will come and pick the product by courier pick up for items from you. Sony will not assume any of the liability lost for the items. A shipping method that can be traceable is recommended. Keep documents along with you at the time of return.
  • A refund will be generated only after the product is been received. You will get your refund back in your account within 7-10 working days from the purchase.


Your refund will be issued once the item is been received by Sony.  Within 6-10 working days from receipt, your refund will be issued.

  • If you receive a faulty or damaged product out of the box, then, in that case, Sony will give you service for replacing your purchase with a new item.No other additional charges will apply for your product.  And also Sony will arrange a replacement to ship back.
  • Replacement for an item with incorrect style or color can be easily returned or exchanged back by Sony. You will get your refund, only after the product is received back.
  • While exchanging with Sony, some additional shipping charges can be charged depending on the size.
  • The customer will get the refund in its original form of payment only.
  • Gift cards and Other Sony Entertainment Network vouchers cannot be return or exchanged.

So the above mentioned are the points by going through which you can easily complete your refund process. There not much change between the Samsung and Sony refund policies.


Does Sony have International Warranty?

Sony has a limited International Warranty. Which covers some of Sony's manufacturer's warranty outside the country of purchase.

How long is Sony warranty?

Sony simply provides 1 year warranty period for any of the items purchased from Sony.

Is Sony warranty transferable?

Yes, you can transfer your Sony warranty. All you need is original documents related to your product.

How many days we get for returning the product?

You will have a 30 days time period to make your return back to Sony.

In how many days refund will be generated?

Refund will generate only after the product is been received. You will get your refund back in your account within 7-10 working days from the purchase.


We believe in providing satisfaction to our customers. We believe in giving genuine service to all our customers. If having any of the query related to the content please share your reviews in the comment section.

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  1. I purchased a SONY DVD player – UBP-X700 the first time I played it – it stopped after just a few minutes playing – I tried another DVD and the same thing – starts then goes into a fog type screen. I purchased from Walmart June 3, 2019 however, this is the first time I tried it – is this defective or will only play BLU-ray? 928-486-8245

    • Hey, larry lambert, I would like to help you but you have already missed the return date, as per the Sony Return Policy if the purchased item is defective then go for the immediate return within 30 days from the date of purchase.
      Thank You.


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