Discount Tire Return Policy In Brief

Bought the wrong or improper product from the Discount tire? Then for what are you waiting for go and return it. Worried about the process for returning? Don’t worry here we have mentioned all the things worth knowing. Yes, you are at the perfect place as here you will get all the information related to Discount Tire Return Policy In Brief. Just ensure that you are returning it at the time mentioned here. Here, we go, keep reading this article and simultaneously complete your return process.

About Return Policy

Discount Tire wants to make sure that you stay pleased with the products. In case, you are not then Discount Tire Return Policy gives you 30 days to return your purchase. Providing the Original Receipt. Make sure that the product you are returning back is n Orginal Condition only. You can visit the store to return the product purchased from the Discount Tire Stores.

Some important points should be kept in mind before returning any product. If you purchased the product from

  • Tires must be in the original condition. Tires must not be used (driven).
  • Wheels must not be driven on or mounted on the vehicle(used).
  • The product must be properly packed. If possible packed in the Original Packaging.
  • If you want you can request the new Packing material, in case you don’t have the original one.
  • For the protection of the product, it is recommended to track the product during shipping.
  • Try not to mail via the US Postal Service.

Discount Tire Covid-19 Updates

Discount Tire is highly worried about the customers and their employees. So, they start taking various precautions so that they can save their employees and the customers. Proper hand sanitization is done, they make face masks and gloves compulsory for all those who arrive at the store and who is there in the store. Sanitization of the store is made regularly and when the customers arrive they have to sanitize their hands. The social distancing between the customers and employees are maintained.

Process To Return

There is a certain process to return the purchased product from the Discount Tire as per Discount Tire Return Policy. If you don’t want the product, you can return the product, or if there is any defect from the manufacturer end, you will get the full refund. Same as Walmart used to provide you. You can follow these steps to finish the return process according to Discount Tire Return Policy.

  1. Pack the product in the Orignal Packaging.
  2. Affix the Return Label on the Package.
  3. Make sure to write the name, and the product was purchased under clearly on the Package/Label.
  4. Send it to the address clearly written on the package and the label.
  5. Try avoiding the US Postal Service for shipping the product, for product safety.
  6. Call at 1-800-385-3322 for any others doubt to process the returns.


Refunds process will start once the Returns Department receives the returned product. Discount Tire Refund Policy will provide the refund in the same payment method you made during the Original Purchase.

If you return the Tires or Wheels the refund credit will be given. But the freight charges will be deducted from the amount to be credited in your account.

Returning the Tire/Wheels Packages, the freight charges will be deducted from your credit amount, apart from this $40 will also be deducted for cleaning and dismounting.

When Will You Get Full Credit?

In case if Discount Tire is at fault, Full Refund will be credited for the product returned.

  • The product is wrongly shipped; in that case, you will get a full refund.
  • The merchandise you received is defective.
  • During shipping, if the product gets damaged.
  • The Discount Tire approved the fitment, but the product does not fit properly in your vehicle.

Improper Packaging

According to Discount Tire Return Policy, if the packaging is improper, then the full refund will not be credited.

If the packages are without proper packaging and not treated gently during the shipment, the merchandise can get damaged. It is your prior responsibility to make sure the products you return are protected, be it tires or wheels.

Remember: The returned product is your responsibility until it reaches the warehouse. If the product gets damaged due to your mistake, Discount Tire will not accept it in return.

Guidelines To Remember When You Return

To return the products you must keep some things in your mind that can help you return the product easily and with the maximum refund. Follow the same rules and guidelines of Target. Tires or wheels purchased separately or in a package, the returns must be in the new condition. Discount Tire Return Policy states that the products will be accepted only when it is in a sellable condition.


Tires, Wheels, And Packages

  1. If any loose materials were delivered to you while purchase, secure it. Such as lug nuts/bolts, center caps, and valve stems. Keep them in a separate package.
  2. Keep a piece of cardboard in between, if you are willing to ship two wheels in one box.
  3. Staples that may damage the product during shipment must be removed.
  4. You must reuse any Styrofoam packing material that you received with the product.
  5. Please request for new packing material if any of the boxes was damaged during the shipment. Especially the box of Wheels.
  6. Wheels must have a foam sheet pad to protect the wheel from any cardboard chafing.
  7. Please use a high strength tape instead of Nylon bands, In case you are returning any package of tire/wheel.
  8. The package you return must be clearly labeled with the address for Discount Tire and yours as well.
  9. This can help to specify the Distribution Center near your location.

Original Packaging Consists

While you return the product make sure to return all the products mentioned below. This list will help you to send the product properly.

  • Three cardboard layers (one for the back side of the wheel and two for the face of the wheel).
  • The package will have a Padded envelope containing lug hardware and valve stems.
  • Foam layers to protect the face of the wheel from cardboard chafing.

When you return the product, make sure to check the list and keep all the items received along with the product.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Customer Service Number for Discount Tire Returns?

The customer service number is 1-800-385-3322. You can call for any query. Also when you start the return process.

Does Discount Tires take the old tires?

Discount Tires can help you to dispose of old tires. Not all states have the disposal facility of old tires. When the old tires are recycled, the internal metals will be removed, and tires will be broken down into rubber.

Is any kind of replacement of tires possible in Discount Tires?

If the tire is damaged due to a road hazard or a manufacturer defect, Discount Tire offers a customer-friendly tire replacement program. In this program, you can replace the tire free of cost.

Will the replacement of tires be free?

If Discount Tires supplied the tires and they are defective in quality, materials, or any kind of installation unsatisfactory, then Discount Tire Centers will repair or if needed will replace it for free of charge for 90 days or 3,000 miles.

In how many days can we return the product?

In case, you are not then Discount Tire Return Policy gives you 30 days to return your purchase.

Let’s Take A Quick Recap

Quick Recap

The Discount Tire Return Policy is Simple and Straightforward. It becomes effortless for you to return the Products when you know the return methods and rules completely. You can Return the product within 30 days of purchase date. The returned product must be in the Original Condition.

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Also, share the experience you had with Discount Tire, as it may help someone to make a generous shopping decision. And if you have any doubts left, you can let us know in the comment section.

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